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A Pyramiding Rage (596)

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Regarding the "Jindai-san" thing, remember that this is the series that has Oak refer to a close friend as "Satoshi no Mama-san" (that's "Ash's Mother" or "Mrs Ash's Mother") even though they've known each other for years and take vacations together. And according to one of the writers, Oak "takes care of her like a daughter" (something I think is bull, but still).

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
His choice of pokemon were probably for battling candice, paul would've been unaware of brandon being in snowpoint and so just used the pokemon he had on him. shame about him being unable knock him just one regi, since when are frontier brains allowed to switch out in battle?

i doubt the battle was official, if it had been then i'm sure the stipulation of Brandon not being allowed to substitute would've been put into effect, but it was more of a personal battle from Paul's veiw than a battle for a symbol.


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I've gotta say, this is all quite the surprise. It's been about 60 episodes since we first spotted the missing symbol in Reggie's collection, and now it all pays off. I'm impressed, writers.


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Just from all that's said here, it seems like this episode is well worth it. ^_^ Sweet!



Thank you, SPPf! :)
Suzuna gets a 3rd episode after all!
That's all I care about. Screw anything else vital that occured in this.


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Lol I cant believe this is Paul

First time I see him smiling on a non-cruel way. xD
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What do you mean you can't believe it's Paul? He looks no different...

Anywho, kinda disappointed that family wasn't mentioned. But at least they had a pretty cool backstory.

Lairon for Paul? Guess it's better than another Aggron...and Drapion for Reggie? Boo Yah!


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Brandon beat Paul with no effort, Im actually surprised that he put up no fight. It seems that what Brandon said to Reggie turned him into to the cruel trainer he is today.

Korobooshi Kojiro

Dogasu's summary called him Chibi Paul, but I really don't see the "chibiness' behind it...

...then again, he also felt to mention that Reggie was taller than his younger brother...

Alas poor Dogasu, how fall you have fallen.


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So... Paul whited out? Wow, and to think, he could have actually beaten one of the Regis. Oh well, we still have 3 more epic episodes to go through!

Suzuna gets a 3rd episode after all!
That's all I care about. Screw anything else vital that occured in this.
So, what's the count now?:

- Roark: 5 episodes (oreburgh and the father-son dispute episode)
- Gardenia: 4 episodes (eterna forest, eterna city, a random town)
- Maylene: 4 episodes
- Wake: 2 (me thinks we'll see him again in the BF area)
- Fantina: 3 episodes
- Byron: 2?
- Candice: 3 episodes.

Eh, so far only Byron and Wake have gotten the least amount. No biggie.



-Ash says something to Paul about Grotle and Torterra. Then Paul mumbles something about Grass Types. I just love only having a vague idea of what people are saying!
-Nozomi gets angered by Paul, who...doesn't even say anything and just keeps walking.
-Hey it's Reiji! For no reason! And he has a van!
-And now it's the Battle Pyramid! For no reason!
-And Brandon is at the...ship wheel? Although he's not doing anything...except for looking cool, which is all his job description involves anyway.
-Brandon still calls Ash "boy." Like any of us expected anything else.
-I'm digging the completely out of place CGI monster that is the pyramid. It really clashes with all the non-CGI things around it.
-Quick overview of the Kanto BF for those kids who didn't start buying Pokemon products until DP.
-Candice has a Dodrio! For no reason!
-And there's a shrine maiden, driving up in a jeep. Maybe they'll finally explain why Brandon is in Snowpoint for no reason?
-Yep, he's totally there for the RE.GI.GIG.A.SU. temple.
-Paul asks for some rule involving something that happens when a Pokemon faints. Maybe he actually asked Brandon to feel free to swtich Pokemon whenever one of Paul's fainted?
-Magmar vs Regirock. This'll go real well.
-Reiji sees himself in Paul's battle stance. And...wait! It's a flashback! Reiji's Drapion falls to Regirock, and Paul(who's in the stands alongside (presumably his) Turtwig!) gets to see it! And it seems that Brandon chews Reiji out for something, and...I think that Paul gets the wrong message about "strength" from it. Oh my!
-Paul starts the match by...switching out Magmar for Hariyama! Boy's got a brain, if nothing else.
-And Hariyama's done.
-Team Rocket. Ignore-the-ep time.
-Electabuzz is next. And Ash...predicts Paul's strategy! Woah, woah, WOAH, that's Brock's job!
-Brandon excels at using the exact same move over...and over...and over...to KEEP WINNING. He did it with Lock-On against Ash, and now he's doing it with Stone Edge against Paul. Amazing how that doesn't work for anyone else.
-And Hyper Beam finishes Electabuzz off.
-Registeel gets sent out in place of Regirock. Brock mentions something about Hyper Beam; I'm guessing Brandon's switching out to avoid the recharge time.
-And now Magmar gets sent back out. But Flamethrower ain't no thang to Registeel!
-Registeel breaks out the Iron Head; Magmar tries to block but somehow fails to stop a giant steel golem rushing at it.
-Some version of one of the champion themes starts playing, I believe. Or maybe it's been playing all along and I'm just deaf.
-Magmar goes back(although it didn't faint just yet), Nidoking comes out and is promptly attacked with Luster Cannon.
-Nidoking uses...Superpower, I think. Man, what's with all these attacks that are used so rarely that I never picked up the JP names for them?
-Double Kick comes up next, and Registeel seems to start toppling...but it gets right back in the game. It's one hardcore metalf(rest of this word left black to protect the innocent)
-Registeel uses Iron Head to go right through a Thunderbolt. Silly Nidoking, electric attacks are for Pikachu!
-And the (nido)King is down!
-Brandon calls Paul "boy" too. I bet he calls everyone below age 30 "boy."
-Paul goes on a rant about his brother and strength and la la la I don't really understand Japanese beyond a few random words la la la.
-Lairon comes out. Paul's getting visibly pissed. Sentences are short.
-Registeel goes back, Regice goes into play. Yawn.
-Lairon does something, Regice uses Ice Beam(now THERE'S an attack I understand!), Lairon is frozen solid. Regice then fires off Generic Dark Energy Blob at Lairon, which faints. I'd be a rather successful battle commentator at the League, don't you think? I make battles sound so exciting.
-Ursasing time! Arm Hammer versus Focus Punch, then Generic Dark Energy Blob versus...Focus Blast? Ursaring's not doing so hot.
-Brandon switches Regice out to bring the Rock back in.
-And Ursaring is down. But Paul still has Magmar!
-The Rock does a thing, Magmar faints, Paul is STUNNED.
-And the ep ends with BAD THINGS HAPPENING. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, it's J time!


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It was truly an EPIC FAIL for Paul. He got 100% completely creamed. Still a great battle, however would have been much better without all the interruptions from all the talking. Don't they know is rude to talk while in an audience?

Here's my Lowdown on the fight:

- Looks like Brandon has been training as all his Pokemon had new movepools, wonder how Ash would have dealt with them?
- Hariyama gets off to a promising start, but in the end it deals out more than it could take and hits the floor fast.
- Electabuzz comes into play and dose even worst than Hariyama. Even its Protect shield Fails.
- Reiji Flashback with a Drapion, the 4th gens answer to Steelix and Arcanine. The Purple Bug is everywhere!
- Magmar has a go but pulls a Chimchar and seems to panic, and is shortly replaced by Ninoking. Brandon seems impressed with Ninokings power, however its full force attacks fall flat and the Pyramid king keeps his crown.
- Lairon appears... Lairon disappears. What was the point in this one? Also at these point I may hoping the battery in Dawns PokeDex runs out as seriously Dawn you saw a Lairon on Iron Island, enough already.
- Ursaring is next and actually seems to put up the best fight of the bunch. Personally I can see the Bear saying till the league.
- Magmar is back and gets creamed by the ever popular ShockWave. Seriously this move is becoming a new Ice Beam in terms of usage.
- Paul dies inside

Crystal Clair

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If I don't watch the rest of this episode soon, I'm gonna have a freggin heart attack. ChibiShinji is adorable even if he really isn't chibi.

Man, they kept forgetting to shade his eyebrows in. He looks so weird when they're actually lighter.

But needless to say, I still love him and will for a while.
*hugs Shinji*


<--- For the win
I still find it weird that he never used Torterra at all, too. Especially since they showed it as a Turtwig in the flashback sharing Paul's sentiments towards Brandon.

I agree - I was expecting Torterra to be out, but it never came. WAH.

Still a good episode with a great shut-out by teh Pyramid King. (bwahaha, you're still awesome, Brandon!) As for the whole "Brandon-you-are-the-father" theory, I hope we get it soon - I mean, look at them! It's so OBVIOUS.

And I'll still believe it as my CANON too.

- Juuchan17


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Dammit, I wanted to wait for the good quality version of this episode, but I wasn´t able to control myself, like a horny teenager on his very first date...
at least it didn´t end with a slapped face, because this episode was highly entertaining, even in du-schlauch quality.

It certainly was refreshing to see Shinji being demolished by his wanna-be father.
I must confess, when the sad music started playing during the last part of the battle I started to pity Shinji...

Satoshi´s battles against the various Regis went a lot better if you ask me. Jindai´s training seems to pay off.

I read Dogasu´s short-points about the episode and I´m still puzzled why he called the flashback Shinji a "chibi"...would have been awesome by the way.

TR´s scene were pleasantly short and didn´t distract me from the episode, unlike...last episode...when they really got on my nerves, which is a very uncommon thing for me.

Hot lesbian action while riding a Dodrio? Jawohl!