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A question about Reversal, Substitute and Choice Band...


Vive la Revolution!
Eesh, it's been so long since I've asked such noobish questions... sigh.

I would've posted this on the D/P section but I think it's still in lockdown, lol.

Well, here are my questions:

1. Does Substitute always go first regardless of the Speed of either Pokemon? I know that that sounds really weird, but it might just be me but Protect and Substitute always seem to go before me even when my speed is clearly higher...

2. (Keep in mind that I have never used Choice Band before). Does Choice Band only restrict you to one attack or on move? Eg: If I used Substitute whilst wearing a Choice Band, would I only be able to use Substitute or would I also be allowed to use an attacking move such as Reversal?

3 Does Reversal always go first regardless of the Speed of either Pokemon? That may seem even stupider but I've never used a Sub-Reversaler before...


look a portkey!
1. no (protect always goes first sub does not)
2. yes ONLY ONE MOVE unless you switch out
3. no reversal is speed based