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A question

No, Ash goes to Sinoh with just Pikachu and Aipom then he runs into Brock and eventually meets Hikaru(Dawn). May goes to another region but I don't remeber if she goes with Max...


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Of course they didn't, May went to Johto for Contests..and Max went back to Petalburg City..

Misty's Double

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There's good episode guides on Serebii's main website. You'd get a really good picture of what happened if you went and looked at those. :eek:

Otherwise, you take these peoples' words for it (which happens to be the truth), and watch the dubbed episodes when you can.

Rod Master

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It's for the best really.

May had matured enough as a coordinator to travel on her own in Johto and Max served little purpose in the group so he went back to Hoenn (good thing too - 2 sagas featuring him was more than enough).


May left for more contests and probally would meet up with the Sinnoh group for one contest while Max will probally become a trainer and maybe battle Ash one day thats my theory