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A Quick Question from a new guy

Hey, I'm new to the forums and I was wondering, where would I want to take a question about the Flee Flag? Would I just post it in the 5th Gen general discussion, or is there some deeply hidden forum for general game mechanic discussion?


Just a Person
Can some one please tell me.... What is a Clan???


Avery, EV Trainer
-Grinning Archivist: What is a flee flag my man?
-Fire Arusus. It is a club where competitive friends come together and fight other groups of battlers (clans).
Every Pokemon has a number ranging from 0 to 255 (I've never seen a bigger number). I don't what it means or what it is used for. If you want some examples just look up any pokemon in the regular serebii BW pokedex and look directly above where it shows you what type attacks the pokemon is weak and resistant to.
Yes, Flee Flag would go in competitive discussion if you're playing competitive.

Also, a clan is a clyb where competitive friends get together and discuss. I happen to own one, so if you want an example click the link in my sig.