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A Real Cleffa-Hanger! (411)

Yea and if I remember right, many fans wanted to see old Kanto places from OS show up in the Battle Frontier saga any ways, so they got their wish here. The wild Clefairys and Clefables using Metronome was a cool callback as well.

They only showed up to remind us of the original OS Moonstone plot and of how Clefairy inhabit the mountain, not that I'm complaining though since I love Clefable lol. :p


I noticed that Kasumi had her own Pokegear device, which I thought was a cool Jouto reference. The fact that she and Masato got to spend a lot of time conversing while at Mt. Otsukimi was great, and her Ruriri seemed more helpful than Togepy ever was. I thought that the wild Py, Pippi, and Pixie were great since they helped Gonbe learn Metronome.


I call you honey
I love a good separation episode. And this one in particular was very funny. I never expected the writer to separate everyone that way, by having Misty go with Max and Pikachu but it worked.


Mt. Otsukimi seemed like such a random place for Satoshi's group to revisit, yet I'm now glad that we saw it again since most other Kanto locales got skipped over.
Oh man this was just another "Ash's buddies get forcibly split up" episode only with extra focus on Max and Misty and Mt. Moon as the setting. Munchlax suddenly discovering Metronome seems like May's answer to Skitty's Assist, which is now replaced. And just like that Misty was gone by the end which makes me question why she bothered tagging along.


And just like that Misty was gone by the end which makes me question why she bothered tagging along.

Even more ironic when you remember this was likely intended to be Misty's final episode of the series, as she wouldn't appear again for another 12 years till the SM series. Prior to the 20th anniversary stuff, this was Misty's final episode in the series for more than a decade. I wonder why she got such a random ep as her last ep for years.
I really liked Max and Misty's relationship here.