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A Rival Battle for Club Champ! (669)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Black & White' started by Serebii, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Rival Battle! Strong Opponent Pururiru!!

    On their way to Shippou City, Ash learns that his new rival Shooti is nearby and is eager to challenge him. After contacting Don George, Ash arranges the battle. However, he soon finds he has quite the challenge ahead of him when Shooti uses many Pokémon which are evolutions of Ash's own Pokémon. Will Ash manage to defeat Shooti?

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  2. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    I'm surprised there are many Don George, like Joy and Jenny. That's nice.

    Hatoopoo was very strong as it beats Pokabu and Miju without a problem, and Pikachu defeated it.

    Tsutarja's victory vs Janovy - awesome!
    I believe Pururiru isn't unbeatble, but Ash's pokemon still need more experience.

    TR escaped from the police? What was it?
  3. thebluemarc

    thebluemarc King of the World

    Was Pikachu recalled?
  4. realarcastform

    realarcastform Rotom Trainer

    I say alot of stupid moves were done by Ash in this match.
    He just let Mijumaru get thrashed by Hatooboo, He should have switched to Pikachu after this and not Pokabu. Pokabu gets thrashed.
    The worst thing that happened to Pikachu, he was defeated in MID VOLT TACKLE! Talk about major embarassment. Pikachu needs a new move STAT!!
    So does Pokabu, only having Ember and Tackle is just stupid.
    Now I wonder why Ash, though the unawareness of Cursed Body was understandable, couldn't have used tricks he utilized in Sinnoh. Writers give back Counter Shield would ya please. I am really not sure what the hell these writers are planning but so far I'm really disappointed in this season. They made Ash nothing but offense which is seriously not the Ash we knew from last season.
  5. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    Don George is the new Joy/Jenny awesome, we will most likelly get a Battle Club in each city with a diferent Don George by the picture( Called it in the first battle club episode) awesome, one battle and one Gym battle might be guaranteed atleast for each city.

    Summary of the episode:

    - Ash runs to the battle club to look for an oponent, starts brownsing the PC and find Shooti there.

    - Dent sees Shooti says he remembers him from the gym battle and says Janoby is strong I believe, so Shooti already had Janoby at that point it seems.

    - Don George appears and doesnt who Ash is, explains him that theres a Don George in each city and gets in contact with Shooti with the Live Caster.

    - Ash asks Shooti for a battle, Shooti seems to refuse at first but Ash tells him Pikachu was weakened by Zekrom and he seems to agree to have a battle, Iris says hi and Dent too, Shooti is admired and seems very respectfull to Dent.

    - Shooti arrives and asks Ash for a full battle, Ash says he doesnt have 6 pokemons yet and they agree to a 5 on 5 I believe.

    - Battle starts, Hatooboo one hit kos Mijumaru and Pokabu.

    - Team Rocket appears in a junkyard being chased by Jenny and other cops, the other new agent comes in a truck and saves them, they proceed in the truck jump a bridge the truck explodes and they run away from the police in jetpacks the agent also gives them a new briefcase (this is was awesome Team Rocket seen as villans, cool).

    - Battle continues Pikachu vs Hatoobo

    - Hatooboo atacks Pikachu, Pikachu grabs him throws him and gives him a Volt Tackle for another one hit KO.

    - Janoby is sent out and Shooti explains it evolved and we get a flashback of the first battle, after some Iron Tail/Leaf Blade exanges, Pikachu gets hit with Grass Mixer, does a Volt Tackle after but is Koed by a Leaf Blade.

    - Tsutarja is sent out and Shooti says that Janoby is its evolution and she wont beat him, Tsutarja is getting beat up and isnt able to land attacks, Ash tells her to use Vine Whip as a faint to set up Attract, Janoby gets charmed takes some Vine Whips and is Leaf Blade Koed.

    - Ash recalls Tsutarja and sends out Mamepato, Pururiru comes out, uses Water Pulse and one hit Koes Mamepato.

    - Tsutarja is sent out, uses Vine Whip and activates Curse body with it, Ash tells her to use Leaf Storm and starts spamming it, hurting Pururiru, Pururiru sends an Water Pulse that makes Tsutarja confused uses Evil Eye and Koes Tsutarja.

    - Shooti is the winner.

    - After the fight Shooti taunts Ash a little but seems to compliment Tsutarja and Pikachu for beating his pokemons.

    - Episode ends(I dont remember anything else atleast).

    Nice episode, too many one hit koes but it was a nice beginners battle, Shooti seemed pretty smart battle wise and generally pretty respectfull to everyone, he only taunts Ash a little be he is pretty respectfull to Don George, Dent and Iris.

    Realcastform, they are begining pokemons, Mijumaru and Pokabu they will learn new moves, Cursed Body is expectfull of course, no Japan pokemon has that ability so Ash wouldnt have any idea what to expect.

    Seriously you guys talk about a factional character like if he was an actual person, its laughable, oh if he did that he would have won...Mijumaru and Pokabu would get trashed by Pururiru if they werent trashed by Hatooboo, they just need more training time storywise, by the way people who still expected Mijumaru to chicken out of fights even if he had already lost that fear in the Yannapu fight and it was obvious, yeah he didnt chicken he was the usual "Im proud of my shell and imma beat you ***".
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2010
  6. dman_dustin

    dman_dustin Well-Known Member

    For matches like this I'll describe the battle (hopefully from now on).

    Mijumaru VS Hatohboh (going with how it's pronounced)- Very cheap to give Hatohboh Super Luck, seriously very cheap. But then again Paul's Honchkrow literally OHKO a Dragonite with super luck.

    Pokabu vs Hatohboh- Dang Pokabu needs some new moves, nitro charge, or heat stamp, ember just "sucks" again apparently super luck in the anime is the equivalent to OHKOing a Pokemon, although I guess that makes sense, considering it would be hard to gauge critical hits in terms of anime.

    Pikachu vs Hatohboh- Finally Hatohboh goes down, loved the volt tackle and Shooti couldn't get Hatohboh to recover. Nice. Alright Pikachu see you later until the Electric gym.

    Pikachu vs Janovy- I call cheap, if only because apparently Janovy "side stepped" and delivered a powerful hit. Then again Grass Mixer looks painful.

    Tsutarja vs Janovy- Well those who said it's capture was pointless can now shove a foot down their throat. Ash ordered Mero-Mero like a pro, and Tsutarja kicked Janovy's butt. Though I do hope it doesn't mean Tsutarja won't evolve.

    Mamepato vs Pururiru- Cheap, absolutely cheap. I hate protect, because it makes me think a Pokemon trainer can't use another strategy to win. This is the same reason why I was perfectly fine with Pikachu slaughtering Regice, because seriously rest, Regice wouldn't have survived a direct to direct head on battle with Pikachu. HOWEVER that's not why I'm really calling this particular battle cheap. What was cheap is unlike it's evolved form, Mamepato had to lose to one water pulse, so thus the failed air cutter failed because of protect. I would've accepted two hits, but one, that's just insulting.

    Tsutarja vs Pururiru- Leaf Storm? Well damn I would've lost that bet, although leaf storm was my second guess. I was just so sure it was Grass Oath, but I guess they had to reanimate Leaf Storm to look far more epic than Torterra's Leaf Storm. Though I can already see the complaining. As Tsutarja has leaf storm and leaf blade. Oh well hey Ash used attract again, only Pururiru was somehow able to do what none of the other Pokemon did and that's dodge it, really cheap there writers, Ash told Mamepato used quick attack and it failed, why did Pururiru manage to dodge it. And I don't think ghost type was mentioned so I doubt their going to pull a status move immunity, I think Dento said it had something to with Pururiru being fast or high leveled. But I doubt the writers would give ghost types immunity to status moves, since you know type immunity to status moves don't exist in the games UNLESS it was changed in 5th gen (which is cheap, since there are lots of normal type status moves). Anyway as I was saying about the battle, rather cheap that Pururiru dodged attract or whatever it did to avoid it but hey Evil Eye was awesome, I mean holy crap that's a finishing move right there. Over all this battle was "fair" though I have to point out Puruiru (darn it I need its English name, and NAO) surviving those grass attacks was quite unfair.

    Overall it was better than I thought, though truthfully I do hate how Mamepato, Pokabu and Mijumaru lost so easily to basically OHKO's.

    Team Rocket, well good luck with your mission that doesn't involve Ash and co....... Not that I don't mind their change but their storyline seems rather jarring. It's like we're watching two shows at once, only one show gets more focus than the other. It is pretty jarring since it really doesn't involve Ash and Co at all. Ash could be in Pallet Town playing with his Pokemon and Team Rocket could be the last gym's city terrorizing it. Just weird. I just hope wherever this storyline is leading just doesn't end in disappointment. With all this focus it better have an awesome explosion end to it.
  7. Hyper Tails

    Hyper Tails Power of Seven Chaos

    I have to agree that three OHKOs on Ash's Pokemon was a bit overkill. I literally facepalmed when I saw that. I loved Janovy's expressions when Tsutarja used Attract on him and then proceeded to slap him around like some lovestruck freak. I was honestly surprised surprised that Ash used it, and in a clever way too.

    Based on this episode, Tsutarja seemed the strongest of all Ash's current Pokemon. 3 of his Pokemon were taken out in one attack while Pikachu survived a total of 3 attacks overall. Tsutarja seemed to take the biggest beating of all of them and still got up until being hit by that Evil Eye.
  8. pickledArbok

    pickledArbok Well-Known Member

    Nice episode, too many OHKO's but thats to be expected as Ash doesn't get any training for wooping TR's butt anymore, maybe Butch and Cassidy are following shooti around and thats why he's stronger :)
  9. RickHoenn

    RickHoenn Banned

    Excellent episode! I like how this rivalry is developing, I'm happy the way Ash lost, he put a fight but his pokemon are beginners and Shooti has trained more than him.

    I gues I'm happy the way Ash lost because this is just the beginning and Ash did not get trashed around the episode 130+ :p

    Tsutarta beating Janovy with attract and them slapping it was awesome, no doubt it it Ash's stronger current member (besides Pika lol) Hope Ash trains more his pokes.
  10. wind21

    wind21 Well-Known Member

    On its own (w/o any comparisons to Sinnoh), this episode is pretty good. I don't particularly get the sense Ash was too dissapointed with the loss, and overall, I get the feeling he was happy with the way the battle went.

    As for the rivalry itself, it feels okay. It's a friendly rivarly; Ash, I think, can accept the fact that Shooti beat him.

    BUT...in terms of what just happened in Sinnoh, this episode is really baffling to me. I don't understand why Ash is losing. If it's because he hasn't trained his pokemon hard enough, then that's a major step back for him. The delightfully boring (if that makes sense) thing about Sinnoh was that so many episodes showed how hard Ash was training his pokemon. That's also the reason for the "animosity" (bad word for it, because it wasn't that extreme) b/w Ash and Paul: Ash believed any pokemon could be strong if you trained it hard enough and worked with it, while Paul believed that he should just pick the strongest pokemon he could find, and then work on tactics from there. So, Ash was always training his pokemon and working on new strategies. I'm really struggling to see why he would have stopped doing that. I'm aware that the Isshu episodes have not shown him really training his pokemon, but I believed that to be because the writers thought it would be boring to show that after how many episodes were focused on that in Sinnoh; I really didn't think this meant that he really wasn't training his pokemon. I think that's out of character for Ash.
  11. Cazak

    Cazak When Wings Fly High

    Shooti has got some tough poke'mon. Apart from Pikachu and Tsutarja, none of Ash's poke'mon were even impressive. Even Miju didn't charm me that much. TR really impressed me this episode with their new member and jet packs. Can't wait to see the next episode.
  12. Koh

    Koh Tamer

    Team Rocket was actually pretty epic this episode. And Shooti sure knows how to bust out the OHKOS, like really, he owned poor Pokabu D=!
  13. Almighty Zard

    Almighty Zard He has returned.

    I don't think that's the case, Attract is pretty crippling when used in the anime, at least Ash remembered it.

    Not to pleased to hear about Tsutarja's other moves though, Leaf Blade and Storm? Geez talk about cloning his previous grass types to the max (because only Attract makes it stand out attack wise.) and judging by the way Shooti's Janovy was enjoying it's thrashing, i'm not liking what could happen down the road.

    Of course the fact Tsutarja was able to beat it's evolved form likely means it won't evolve now but this isn't the best place to discuss that.

    Pikachu lost because of Volt Tackle yet again and people still believe it should keep that move? Come on writers, it's time to let it go with AG, I know it might be a finishing type attack but at the same time if it's gonna constantly cause Pikachu to lose then it needs to be ditched.

    The other three didn't even have a prayer in this fight but at least it didn't seem as bad as people made it out to be, at least compared to the paul match at lake acuity.
  14. Zalman

    Zalman Master of Puppets

    Holy crap, Tsutaaja already evolved?

    When they said that Best Wishes was going to be more fast phased, they sure weren't kidding.
  15. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    Lol why am I not surprise that Don George is just like Joy and Jenny and has a ton of brothers. I didn't think about it until I saw him in the episode and thought "Hey...what if there is a lot of Don Georges?", 5 seconds later...it was so.

    It looks like Dento and Shooti know each other. Don't know what was said but I'm pretty sure "Gym" was said when Dento was talking so they probably met in the Gym. When I saw the preview it looked like they knew each other. Seemed like Iris was a little upset about not knowing the guy.

    Shooti seems to have a hate for Kanto and Ash, wonder why.

    Iris said something that offended Shooti it seems, probably called him a child.

    The battle was nice, Hatooboo was pretty strong from the looks of it, taking out both Mijumaru and Pokabu with one attack.

    Pikachu took it out pretty quick though.

    Janovy took out Pikachu quickly.

    Janovy took out Mamepato quickly.

    Tsutarja used Attract, was waiting to see it used. And because of that it took out Janovy. Then it got recalled.

    Pururiru took Mamepato out quickly.

    Pururiru and Tsutarja battled it out. Pururiru was able to dodge Attract in time. Tsutarja got confused in the battle, I laughed at that part since the animation for confused was rather funny for me, had a star on the eyes and around the head. Evil Eye looked pretty cool.

    It was overall great.

    Team Rocket was interesting in this episode. That guy showed up, got them out of the jam and they drove off a bridge...then flew away on jetpacks. Team Rocket plot keeps on getting thicker and thicker, I want more.

    Great episode.
  16. TicoPokemonMaster

    TicoPokemonMaster Well-Known Member

    What other grass attack would you suggest then. cuz it has vine whip, give it razor leaf and you'd call it a bulbasaur and Bayleef clone. Give it grass mixer and you say it copied Janovy.

    What saved the episode for me was pikachu taking down hatoboo and tsutarja's use of attract on Janovy.

    Glad to hear that Shooti compliments Ash on the two pokemon that defeated his two pokemon. That's something we would never hear from Paul.
  17. Krizor

    Krizor Evil Genius

    I'm sorry, I'm just not buying this rivalry.

    When Ash got demolished by Paul, it was understandable since they were on equal footing. But Shooti is a BRAND NEW TRAINER, so I can't help but feel bothered by that. The battle was pretty lackluster with only Pikachu and Tsutarja putting up a fight, while Pokabu, Mijumaru, and Mamepato were just complete embarrassments.I was hoping that this battle would make me like Shooti a little more, but it didn't.

    And the TR highway chase was good up until the jet packs...

    So far, BW has yet to impress me. I really want to like it, but I can't honestly say that I do at this point.
  18. TicoPokemonMaster

    TicoPokemonMaster Well-Known Member

    Remember that at the beginning of DP alot of people thought that Paul was a beginner trainer as well, because of elekid, chimchar, and starly. Then when he caught the big bear I will bet that people thought he was going over his head. It wasn't until we saw Weavile and Torterra that we didn't think Paul was at Ash's level. The problem here is that we explicitly see that Shooti was a beginner. Had we met him with Tstuarja already we might have thought he was alittle experienced.
  19. knux-the-killer

    knux-the-killer Well-Known Member

    I liked a lot this episode.
    Is a fact that mijumaru, pokabu and mamepato were been real disappointments. I expected them to do better but looking for a side, probably the writers overkilled them to give more time to focus the others battles since the episode is just about 20 minutes long...
    Shooti is not bad for a beginner. He already evolved his starter and got a hatooboo. Unlike a certain reckless protagonist.

    Geez, Ash should stop being so overconfident. And people wonder why Shooti looks down to him. I don't blame his cockiness, Ash is just a big mouth. Sadly, Shooti is gonna kiss the ground one day. All rivals end humiliated by Ash. Ah well.....

    I loved Tsutaja VS Janoby part. This must be the only battle that I didn't mind that a poké kicked it own evolved form. Ash was been clever for chance to use attract. Whoa, not bad.

    ......tsutaja will turn into an excelent jaroda if keeps this on. She is, no doubt, Ash's strongest pokémon in his current party in his current party.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2010
  20. Shego

    Shego 90% Kissshipper

    Its not good. I'm sad that Ash lost to his new rival Shooti. He put up a good fight. If Shooti's really similar to his sinnoh rival and enemy such as Paul, well then, I may not taking him lightly. Not after he treat pokemon horribly like abuse them. Something that not only I won't tolerate. But even Team Rocket trio don't like the sound of that kind of behavior. Next time Ash duel against that guy, he'll crush Shooti into a pulp.

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