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A Rivalry to Gible On! (613)

TR really is a couple of clueless dults, aren't they? What part of "land shark" do they not understand? It's a Ground-type; not too happy in water, yet they insisted on fishing for it in the water. I'm glad that that Sharpedo came by to show them the difference between a land shark and a normal shark, how about you?


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How could anyone not know how to pronounce Gible?

I hope Ash's Gible has a different voice, this one got annoying.
This Gible's voice was HILARIOUS. But I'm glad Ash didnt' catch this one too. It's moveset is terrible, and it seems like an idiot in all senses of the word. Ash's just seems clueless and nonchalant.


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That was a good episode and I rather Cory caught Gible rather than Ash although the Gible was kinda annoying. I also liked them catching Piplup twice and Team Rocjets boating adventure was quite funny as well although I did like Lyra trying to matchmake Cory and Dawn although I think I prefer Lyra/Cory the bit when she was mad at him for saving her was quite funny and I also liked the Dawn/Ash argument scene as well. So yeah a pretty good episode


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You know, after seeing this episode, I'm beginning to have faith in the Pokemon anime. I stopped watching it for a while because it began to lose its luster to me, but I really appreciated the humor in this episode. Hooking Piplup twice was unbelievably funny for some reason, and I literally died of laughter at the rock-breaking competition between Totodile and Gible towards the end. Really nice episode, in my opinion.

When does Ash get his own Gible?
The only part in this ep that I really like was when Piplup kept getting hooked on the line. Hilarious ^_^


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I liked this episode. The humor was great, especially the faces Gible and Totodile were making at each other. I also liked the Gible and how ridiculously strong it was. Good episode.


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I must say Galactic battles is getting better. It started of great with the gym battle but then slowed to a halt until they got to Snowpoint. It has really got going since Snowpoint gym, rival battle with Paul, Chimchar's evo, the Twinleaf festival and Lyra and khoury joining the group. Gible's capture episode was hilarious and fast-paced. The enthusiam and passion Khoury showed really made an impression of his character and Gible was epic. The rock crushing contest had me burst out laughing. Gible lifting a rock the size of Ash was the pinaccle of the episode, it only makes me wish Totodile did that too.
The only bad moment was TR. The few seconds of screentime felt shoved in, but seeing a Sharpedo was great. The last time we saw one was... that ranger ep with Riolu, before that it was way back in Hoenn. So it's good to see one.
A good episode that continues the string of interesting episodes in style. 9.8/10

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Ash should have ended up catching that Gible....


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see a Gible for the 1st time. It was cool that Cory caught the strong Gible. It was interesting how Ash screwed up trying to catch it, and Cory got lucky to catch it. It was cool to see a Trapinch again, interesting how Ash fell into it Arena Trap pit hole. The boss fantasy was very odd... It was funny when they tried to fish in the grass.

Ash should have ended up catching that Gible....

Are you nuts?! I'm glad Khoury captured it. If Ash captured this Gible, he wouldn't have captured the awesome one that appeared later on.


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Are you nuts?! I'm glad Khoury captured it. If Ash captured this Gible, he wouldn't have captured the awesome one that appeared later on.

I agree with that. I do enjoy Ash's Gible more due to it's personality. Anyway I liked this episode. Cool seeing Cory catch the Gible,it's really strong knowing Superpower.


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Definitely the best of the Lyra/Korey arc, I just love the humor in this episode. Even though Ash's later gible is funnier, I like how this one keeps everyone fighting for it. The strength contest between it and Korey's totodile is the most interesting part. I also like the running gag with Piplup continually getting snagged by the fishing line. I also like Team Rocket trying to fish for a gible at the lake too. LOL



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I loved this episode. It was fun and cute. If the writers were to ever have a four group, this is how they should be. I'm the only one who must have forgotten about Brock. It was like he was never there. That's how much I loved this group.


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I think I saw a clip of this episode on youtube a few days ago....seeing them all use fishing rods in the grass made me laugh. XD

I should look for the full episode sometime. :)

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I totally thought this would be Ash's Gible, not being well-versed in anime lore.

Congrats are in order to Khoury, both for capturing Gible and having the world's most stacked Totodile. Superpower already? Dayuuum.