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A Rivalry to Gible On! (613)

Honestly, Lyra's whole obsession with whole should be a couple in this episode got kind of annoying after a while.

She reminded me of those shippers (I mean in general, I'm not just the singling out the Pokemon fandom here) who act as if two characters just look at each other for more than five seconds they want to have each others babies. AKA: the 'they touched! It's canon!' rule

Anyway, enough about that from me.
I always thought the Gible in this episode was the one that follows Ash and the gang around later.


Lyra's shipping talk was irritating and Ash totally deserved that Gible over Khoury. I disliked how this episode ended. 5/10

Mrs. Oreo

I liked Ash and Khoury's rivalry over catching Gible ha ha. Seeing Dawn and Khoury fishing for Gible in the grass made me laugh cuz Piplup kept getting hooked, and I liked when Sharpedo chased Team Rocket.
What I liked the most here was how Ash was so eager to catch that Gible, but I'm glad Khourey got this one because Ash would get another one soon. :)


Ah, the Satoshi and Kazunari episode where they had a rivalry in an attempt to capture that wild Fukamaru. I like Fukamaru as much as anyone, but I didn't think it suited Satoshi's team at this point in Shinou, so I wouldn't have wanted it if I was him. Kazunari didn't need it either, though, since he was leaving soon anyway.
TR really are a couple of clueless dults. What part of "land shark" do they not understand? Gible's a Ground-type, not too happy in water, yet they insisted on fishing for it in the water...


Odd episode. This episode's only real purpose is to show off Lyra and Khorey's skills as a navigator and breeder. It focused way too much on the shipping elements (Ash/Dawn, Dawn/Khorey, Lyra/Khorey) than the Gible in itself. As a result, Team Rocket's appearance in this episode is shoved to a few minutes of comic relief.

Mrs. Oreo

Kazunari didn't need it either, though, since he was leaving soon anyway.

True he didn't have much of a reason to catch Gible nor did he even use it much at all, but this episode gave him screentime which he needed badly. I'm just mildly surprised that he caught a Gible and not a Johto Pokemon instead.
Khourey really should've just let Ash catch this Gible tbh. Ash was gonna get one in DP no matter what of course, but Khourey didn't need to **** block Ash the way he did here. :/


The more I think about it, the more I feel that since Satoshi was going to capture a Fukamaru one way or another, he might as well have gone ahead and gotten the wild Fukamaru in this episode instead of Kazunari capturing it. It would've saved so much time later.


I call you honey
I loved how when Brock went all crazy for Joy at the beginning Khourey began writing notes as if what Brock was doing was related to being a good Pokemon Breeder. Gible was such a troll.


I will admit that Kotone kind of irked me here since she came off as too talkative and somewhat obsessed with pairing characters together into relationships, like when she suggested that Hikari and Kazunari should become a couple.


This is just such a brilliant episode that I can't express how well it is written. First and foremost, Khoury's own dilemma was already mentioned in the previous two episodes through Lyra fantasizing her and Dawn's own relationships with the Boys (with her saying Khoury is basically out of question because of him being timid in comparison with Ash). And now here, you have an Episode in which is basically set up for Khoury to prove himself, a competition between him and Ash to see who can capture the Strongest Gible and he wins. Now what I really like about this Episode itself is that it doesn't assume that you are going to cheer for Khoury, it makes you want to cheer for him over the frickin Main Character himself (now contrast that with the current series which automatically assumes and wants you need to cheer for Goh in his tirade of undeserved captures). It establishes a narrative and Khoury clearly does more than Ash to reach the Goal other than Battling, he is also more analytical, more thoughtful, therefore he deserves it (it even ends up with both of the girls even cheering for him over Ash). Amazing Writing, This Episode and This Arc deserves an entire Bible dedicated to it. Well Done, this is Diamond & Pearl, this is Peak Anipoke.


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Reviewing the Pokémon anime in 10 words or less:
"Good episode but this should be Ash's Gible debut"

Epiosode: 6/10