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A Sad Loss To Us All. R.I.P. Maddie Blaustein 1960-2008

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Aside from losing the original Meowth, she also did the characterof Jillas from the Slayers series.

Its a sad loss, but at least she went peacefully.


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True. But I've been thinking about her a lot since this happened; can't remember the last time someone famous passing away made me this sad. :(

I remember that when I was little, Meowth was my very favourite Pokemon, moreso than Pikachu because I've always been a sucker for villains. My mom got me this talking Meowth doll, and I got mad because when I pushed the button, it started speaking Japanese, and it's voice terrified me. (No offense to Meowth's Japanese VA, haha.) My talking Squirtle did the same thing, repeating its Japanese name. I demanded that my mom go back to the toy store and get me the Meowth I knew from the show.

When I pushed the button and heard it say, "Just remember, I'm the top cat!", I smiled; that was the Meowth I knew and loved. I still have that doll, though it's in a box in the attic with all my other childhood toys.

I know that has nothing to do with anything, but just thought I'd share. ;052;


Really and truly
I think everyone really agrees that Maddie was a talented young woman, and we all appreciate her goodwill and enthusiasm in joining the forum to answer any and all of our questions. It is a terrible shame that she had to pass away at such a young age, but I'm sure that she touched many with her wit and charm through her voice acting during her life.

It hardly seems enough to say that Meowth hasn't been the same since she left, and will never be the same again. I wish I could say something a little more personal, and while I did speak to her a bit when she was here, I deeply regret that I can't remember anything she's said - I wish I had listened all the more closely, now. Still, taking so much of her personal time to talk to her fans was a great kindness, and I'm sure everyone feels a little closer to her and a deeper loss because of it.

Rest in peace - I hope you have found a better place now.


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Clearly we're great!
I'm planning on sending a card to 4Kids, since she always talked about how close everyone was there.

She was a major inspiration to me, and I hope my own voice acting has half the range hers did.


I only found this out yesterday, and truthfully it really shook me up. I was in the middle of doing some work that I'd been doing for about 5 hours and when I read this thread I honestly could not continue.

I have nothing but praise for Maddie. She was a great voice actress and even a participant in the fan community which not a lot of VAs can claim. When the voices changed over, I searched for her e-mail address and she replied within the day.

I think what really got me was that within a hour of finding out that she had died, a friend came around with a present me, including a 'mini present' which was a small, knock-off Meowth with pure white fur and a flesh colored coin. I don't know exactly where it came from, but it made me smile.

R.I.P Maddie Blaustein


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I loved when Maddie was Meowth. But Pokemon USA is doing terrible with him! Example: In the Yanma episode,it almost sounds like they made him curse in the motto(Up your a**/supposed to be Up your ears)!
I miss Maddie!
Maddie's last Pokemon role was Chatot in the Mystery Dungeon 2 special. (gotten from a SOVA article)


Searching for her...
Meowth's voice in Pokemon was probably the best ive heard anywhere.


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Oh my. That picture was a terrible shock. Seeing Meowth that way has pierced my chest even more than thinking of Maddie that way. I despair over this loss; Meowth was too big and too loved a part of my childhood. >_<
Aww... That wasn't what I was trying to do, though... I'm sorry...:(

I honestly just wanted to make people feel better, not worse....


Just keep thinking that Maddie always just wanted to make people laugh. :) And I know this, because she told me.

Plus, she was a stand up Comedian.

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Really cute pictures, there...

*sigh* I sang Duets with her on Singsnap...

I wanna sing a song for her, but I don't know what....:(


Now, people... I think that Maddie appreciates all the lovely words, but she told me once that too much attention gets her overwhelmed.... :)

Hey, I saw that on Deviantart! CandyRobot, it's YomiB!

But seriously, Maddie was too talented and too young to be taken from the world like this. I just hope that she's at peace now.


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I just finished watching Pokemon 4Ever with the audio commentary. It wasn't the first time I've listened to it, and it won't be the last.

Hearing Maddie's actual voice -- and Meowth's as well -- made me feel good knowing I'll have something to remember her by.


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This was so unexpected....

So many deaths have been going on around me lately...this really sucks. Two of my friends died within the last month.

Maddie will be missed...I loved her voice for Meowth and I enjoyed reading her QA on the forums.

I will always remember her as the best Meowth voice english Pokemon ever had.


The Kyogre is back
Even though I didn't knew her really well, but I know she was a great voice actor and person, from what I read everywhere. Good people always die too young. I have respect for famous people who take their time to chat with their fans on a forum.

Rest in peace Maddie.


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Hey, I saw that on Deviantart! CandyRobot, it's YomiB!

But seriously, Maddie was too talented and too young to be taken from the world like this. I just hope that she's at peace now.
Awww, hey...:)

You can call me Mimi, you know...^^; I prefer that name... Hahah....

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