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A Scare To Remember! (365)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced Challenge' started by Serebii, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    A Scare To Remember

    After hitting it's head, Pikachu loses all of it's memories. Wandering whats going on, it bumps into Meowth who takes advantage of the situation and recruits Pikachu into Team Rocket. Can Ash get Pikachu's memory restored?

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  2. I don`t like it ;( It was pretty boring for me. I can`t speak japanese so I didn`t understand that Meowth says. 70% of episode- Meowth`s dialogues, 20% of episode- TR has a fun with Pikachu, 10% of episode- a fight between Ash and Team Rocket.
  3. I don't really like talking episodes that much, I prefer action-packed episodes.
    I was going to watch this one but if it's just talking I'll wait until the dubbed version (years away).
  4. Geodude

    Geodude Well-Known Member

    Predicted dub title:

    Pikachu Re-Volts...Again?
  5. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    I was hoping for this to be a two parter. I think they could have done a lot more with the idea.
  6. vulpix

    vulpix Guest

    didn't picachu join team rocket cause it gets amniea/loses it's memory?
  7. xyzman123

    xyzman123 He's Mad I tell ya!!

    Woah!!! The title of this episode shocked me. It can't be true, is it?
  8. Jesse GS the II

    Jesse GS the II I was frozen today!

    My predicted dub title for this one is "The Pikachu-rian Candidate". And if 4Kids doesn't use this title, I'll be sorely disappointed, because it's absolutely perfect for this episode. For those who don't know, "The Manchurian Candidate" is a movie about kidnapped American soldiers who are brainwashed into attempting a Presidential assassination. Given that in this episode, Pikachu is essentially brainwashed into attempting to harm Ash, it's basically the ultimate dub title in this case.
  9. Oh goodie another Ash and Pikachu moment episode.
  10. Ash XD

    Ash XD Guest

    Yeah but could someone create a new thread about the episode Catch Snorunt!! Please

    P.S. SNORUNT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;361;
  11. WindyNight

    WindyNight Guest

    YTV aired this episode today at noon..It was a pretty good episode...It's really cool for Pikachu to join Team Rocket, but I know Ash feels really sad at that moment...He and Pikachu are pals since a long time ago..I got touched at the part when Ash and Pikachu fell in the river and got swept away...*sniff* Anyways, it's good for Pikachu to regain its memory and become Ash's friend again...^^ Overall, I give a rating 8/10 for the episode...
  12. Okay, this might have been a filler, but this is one of those things when it is a very serious filler. Now, there were some funny parts (the whole Meowth's blue overlay running gag was a little funny), the TR peeling off the tree part was hilarious, and during the part after that, I was paying attention to half of what TR was saying..because of Wobbuffet's dancing!

    Of course, the insert song almost made me cry, but I'm glad Ash got his best friend back.

    This episode had elements from other episodes:
    Gotta Dance!-Wobbuffet's Dancing
    Whiscash and Ash-Ash being saved from drowning by a Pikachu (last time, Pikachu bait)
    Pikachu's Goodbye-Insert Song, and Pikachu almost going away for good.

    This episode wasn't as much of a tear-jerker as the Togepi Saga's ending but still, this was pretty seriously, the best Pokemon episode EVAR!!!

  13. ShoOCha0tic

    ShoOCha0tic Hey Hey You You

    ok this eposde was funny!! but not the pikachu and ash thing -.- EVERYONE noes there gonna be back together no matter wut. **wasnt there an episode like this a while back in season 1-2ish??**
  14. Feity

    Feity Storm Trainer

    it was an episode in the Orange Islands arc, called Pikachu Re-Volts where Pikachu is mind controled by Cassidy and Butch's Drowzee (sp?)
  15. I really liked this episode. The Pikachu and Meowth segments were too kawaii to not like.^_^ James controlling Pikachu...awesome to say the least. Too bad we didn't get more of a battle with Heel Pika.:( BTW, the insert song was NOT 'The Time Has Come'. It was something totally different, which sucks. The former would've really added to the flashback... Other than that, an original Pikachu-centered episode gets this a 8.5/10.
  16. Geki

    Geki Guest

    This was a pretty cool episode, it had great animation. Seeing Meowth and Pikachu be friends was rare, that only happens about once every two regions. The last part when Ash and Pikachu floated down the river was touching.

  17. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    It was alright. The best part of the episode was the end with TR using Pikachu against Ash.
  18. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Wow, this didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought. Even though throughout the episode I was referencing things from Bound for Trouble...But that's just me...Either way, it was a pretty good episode for the most part.
  19. Lil Brother

    Lil Brother Just kinda there.

    I was laughing throughout that entire scene. At least Rocketshippers are happy... and James/Wobbuffet shippers. XD

    Pikachu is such an idiot. XD

    Meowth's personality reminded me of the Whirl Island episode with the fat Pidgeys.

    Jessie is such a jerk. :D

    I hated the flashback scene. 50% of it was from earlier that episode, and they only used clips from AG. And the dub music was horrible.

    And... that's it, I guess. 8/10.
  20. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    the episode was very kool.......... the Pikachu being nice to Meowth was sweet....... i loved the episode except the end since it didn't interest me that much........ XP..... so i'll give it a 8/10

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