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A Scare To Remember! (365)


In my nightmares
This was a pretty good episode. It was interesting to see Pikachu taking the side of Team Rocket. I loved it.


it was something different to see pikachu join the other side, i could say it was a filthy thing to do even for team rocket.

Mr. Smile

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I was surprised that this episode didn't include any major events or Pokemon debuts, but it wasn't a bad episode. 7/10


Poor Pikachu.

His memory erased, but it remember all only when Ash injured.

and i loved to see TR with Pikachu for so long time.



It gave me such a delightful chill when Pikachu joined Team Rocket after losing some of it's memories.

I loved it. It was something new that rarely happens. Team Rocket almost got away with it too, had it not been for those meddling kids.

Too bad it got it's memories back just in time to turn on Team Rocket, 10/10


Flip me to the side!
Poor Pikachu, it would been a sad turn of events if they stole him for good, of course it wouldn't happen!

Meowth was a at lying.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
I bet if they had just left to the boss they might have actually gotten away with it. It was an interesting and good episode, not a common one since Pikachu lost it's memories, pity they didn't make it go longer.


Shiny Flygon
Pikachu and Team Rocket would have been a great team if they would have actually leaving the place there were in. Ash and Co would have never found them. But that is Team Rocket, and because of that they've never captured Pikachu.


Man of Mystery
It was actually pretty cool to see Pikachu on TR's side, definitely a rare event.

Good episode.


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This episode was ok... A very odd scenario to say the least. Pikachu lost its memory and then was tricked into joining TR for the time being. This was a very bizarre idea for an episode. It was sad to see Ash's reaction when Pikachu left to join TR. I'm glad Pikachu regained its memory and returned on Ash's side, which I think everyone would've predicted would happen. It was great to see Ash save Pikachu.



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This episodes was awesome. Another one of those episodes is where you get separated and come back near the ending. Meowth and Pikachu are so good together. Also funny as well. Ash in a tree struggling to find Pikachu even though he can't go anywhere. Jessie and James being idiots as usually. Pikachu also was with team rocket for a short while, it was awesome for him to be back with Ash. 10/10


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Nice episode. I have a few pros and cons about it too.


Pikachu was actually cute in this episode.
Meowth being nice for a change.
Team Rocket's lines were funny.
Seeing Ash being shocked on purpose.
It's good to be alive!


Bad sad dub music.



Pikachu was really cute when it joined on Team Rocket's motto. And, that's it I suppose. I wouldn't have minded seeing Pikachu join Team Rocket for a few episodes.

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This episode somewhat reminds me of MacGyver episodes where he loses his memory.


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I really liked this episode and Pikachu was amazing in this episode. This was like a better rendition of "Bound for Trouble" and I loved how Pikachu lost all its memories and believed temporarily what Meowth, Jessie and James said. A good filler episode in my opinion.


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This was an awesome episode. Episodes focusing on Ash and Pikachu tend to be really awesome, any main character going through an emotional problem with their pokemon is going to be heartwarming and those episodes are usually pretty awesome as well. This episode really explains why I like Ash, no matter what happens when his pokemon are in danger he will do whatever he can to save them, heck when any pokemon in general is in danger he'll risk his life for them. Does he make mistakes that frustrate me, oh you bet but he's a pretty good trainer with a kind heart.
At first, I thought the Pikachu Meowth was talking to was a different one than Ash's.
It never occurred to me at the moment that Pikachu lost it's memory.


I thought it was refreshing that Ash and friends were also blasted away after Team Rocket's failed plan. Seeing Pikachu and Meowth hang out as bodies was adorable and I especially liked seeing them share an apple. I was surprised that Brock's elusive Mudkip was actually used to track down Pikachu, but the ending was beyond sappy and cliche.