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A Scare To Remember! (365)

Mrs. Oreo

Wow Pikachu getting amnesia and joining Team Rocket was strange but also interesting cuz we got to see him working on the wrong side. I kind of wish his stay with them had been longer tho, not just one episode.


Fiery Destroyer! <3
All the Pikachu-Meowth and Pikachu-Ash moments were very sweet.The episode was dramatic and the ending was predictable. 7.8/10.


Yawn. I knew that the power of friendship would fix everything, so Pikachu's amnesia was such a predictable plot...
It was a nice twist seeing how Team Rocket were getting along so well with Ash's Pikachu. Meowth being buddies with Pikachu itself was kawaii.
Pikachu and TR would have been a great team if they would have actually left the place they were in. Ash and co would have never found them, so TR miscalculated and missed their chance...
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The thought of Pikachu joining the Rocket-dan had never crossed my mind, but I liked how it was handled here with his amnesia. Nyasu taking advantage of the situation showed how crafty he is, and I liked when we saw Pikachu attacking Satoshi because it was something that we hadn't seen since the Orange Archipelago.


I call you honey
So this was a standard Ash & Pikachu break-up episode, as if we don't have a ton of those already. We usually have boring filler episodes like this before a contest anyway, so it's to be expected.


In hindsight, I kind of wish that we'd have seen more of Nyasu's guilt when he tricked Satoshi's Pikachu. He usually shows his compassion in episodes such as this one, so I wanted him to redeem himself.
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The scene where Ash and Pikachu fall into the river is really heartbreaking and Ash remembers the good times he had with Pikachu