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A Series of Pokemon Battles!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by IceKing, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. IceKing

    IceKing Sexorific!


    Welcome, ladies, gentleman, Yami Ryu! This is a rather unique style of fanfiction by Tale and I where, basically, we write well-written pokemon battles upon request. This first post contains a sample battle by yours truly, and afterwards, you may request battles BY PM using the battle request form. Tale and I welcome other writers who express interest in writing for this fanfiction column, PM me if you are interested in becoming a writer. We only accept quality.

    Feel free to review/critisize the battles and do NOT simply post to request a battle.

    The following is a more in-depth explanation written by Tale. I do not speak like this

    FANKOO for opening this thread Sir/Madam, it is appreciated greatly! This thread, as so blatantly expressed through its oh-so blunt title, is a pretty different fic idea thing that was created a year and a half ago or something, by a guy named Olyon (me), when I was pretty unimaginative and eager to get to the good bits of the fics, which in my opinion were battles. Not long after its creation, I abandoned the idea, as I do, and now, in the year 2006, the concept is reborn. IK brought it up a few months or so ago, saying how he liked the idea or something, and we agreed to start ASOPB up again, and write it together.

    So we did, and here we are.

    Ok then, so this idea does exactly what it says on the tin. What we're doing here is writing a series of Pokemon battles, a range of battles, stretching from completely zany to grippingly intense (or as intense as we can get), from fast-paced, to dramatically gradual, from hot to cold, wet to dry, hard to soft, a to b, etcetera, etcetera. It should be fun, I found it fun.

    But there's more. IK and I can't sit and think of these ideas all by ourselves, so there's this rather cheeky idea where we allow you as the reader to suggest situations within which to write a battle. You could just give us two Pokemon, and we have to think of the rest, or you could provide a back story - you set whatever guidelines you wish. We can do work though, you don't have to be specific or anything.

    /end Tale

    Battle Request Form

    2.Limit of a one-on-one pokemon battle, or double battle or two on one battle.
    3.You may request an writer, but be aware if they cannot find inspiration, another writer may take the idea
    4.If you wish, you can let the writer use his/her creativity rather than giving a full backstory/conditions of a battle
    5.Be aware that if no writer can feel he can write the battle, it may be scrapped. However, we will keep it in consideration for future writers

    1.Pokemon Involved: ___________
    2.Trainer/Lack of Trainer Information: _________
    3.Battle Style: _________
    4.Conditions Surrounding Battle:________
    5.Other Desires: _________
    6.Author Requested: ________

    Guide to using request form:

    1.Simple, request the pokemon here
    2.Tell us about the trainers of the pokemon, or if there are to be no trainers involved.
    3.What kinda battle are you looking for? Realistic, anime style, bloody/gruesome, sexy (if you must), ect? You can leave this blank
    4.What's going to be the reason for the battle, any backstory, the enviroment, ect. You can leave this blank
    5.Anything else you want to request for the battle. You may leave this blank
    6.Want a specific writer? Request them here. He/She may not take it, however. You can leave this blank.

    I repeat once more, DO NOT POST REQUESTS! PM either Tale or I

    Current Writers


    Style:I write powerful battles, and I don't like to hold back on the violence (ie realistic injuries and stuff). I tend to describe and interact profusely with the environment, though I can hold back if need be. I like drama.


    Style: I usually write satirical, humorous stuff (and have a great vocabulary too!). However, it's dubious if I can do it upon request. I can also be serious upon request, and usually write long battles with strong emphasis on the attacks and how they interact with the enviroment/situation. I tend to be unrealistic and more anime style, in contrast to Tale.

    -Brian Powell

    Style: I LOVE writing battle scenes. Comedy ones, violent ones, bloody ones, serious ones, anime style ones, etc. No matter what the situation is or what the environment is, I always think of ways to describe the attacks and strategies to excite the audience, which I enjoy mostly when I write scenes like these.


    Style: My battles tend to get very violent and bloody, although I don't mind trying to tone them down a bit. I like to focus on the strategy aspect of battles and use attacks and the arena in unusual ways. I try to keep my battles fast-paced and focus on the fighting without too much outside distraction.

    Battle ToC

    1.Dunsparce VS Steelix!-Brian Powell

    2.Scizor VS Sneasel!-Negrek

    Without further ado, here is a sample

    The Battle of All Ages​

    It was hot.

    It was broiling like a lonely Jynx’s uterus. The evil sun cackled at his melting victims in the colossal coliseum below. Their flesh oozed with salty sweat, eroding the cheap wooden stands they laid back on. Far too little people had remembered to wear their deodorant today; the collective stench was worse than a Grimer’s backside. Some of the poor foolish chaps had attempted to defy the great Sun’s power by fanning themselves lackadaisically with their programs. Oh, but the victims failed miserably. They were being cooked alive while greedy mosquitoes tried to take early munches to their tired meal’s indifference. Nothing could move their bottoms from their seats now; nothing could swerve their eyes from the center field of the stadium, for it was the finals of the Red-Orange Pokemon League!

    Eight badges, several toils and tribulations, and one evil team overthrown later, sixty-four contestants had managed to make it to the glorious Olympus Stadium to have their swipe at the Red-Orange Trophy, eternal glory, and plenty of roadies! Now it was down to only two contenders, Ferdinand Marquee and Narcissa Nelsen. Both were a fresh eighteen years old and equally vivacious, neither missed out on an opportunity to liquefy their enemy.

    Though only eighteen, Ferdinand appeared thirty with his thick, dirty beard and stone-cold gray eyes. Deep lines had etched onto his face from every time he victored over Team Aero. He took off his Dragonite-hide jacket and wore only a simple white t-shirt, large puddles of sweat revealing his sides. He was a Man’s man and not about to lose to some girly! In contrast, Narcissa Nelsen had a youthful, round face, still wearing her cherry hair in pigtails. But she had battle scars of her own: she was tanner than her Tauros boots and nursed a broken arm from when she had recently taken down the evil Democratic Party. Narcissa’s face was beaming and confident, unlike Ferdinand’s somber ready-to-kill snarl. The lady had dominated the battle for the last half of the battle, and intended to keep the winning streak going!

    The once grassy-field dividing them was obliterated away; the verdant grass was charred and crumbled at the slightest breath of air, the surrounding winds had become soggy with ash, causing the nearby people to choke as it slithered into their lungs. But Narcissa and Ferdinand were not wheezing. They simply sniffed their nostrils shut as the ashes fluttered by and continued to stare each other down, Narcissa particularly angry. Ferdinand’s Steelix was being crushed by her Magmar and one more blow would have knocked him out, but the so called “Man’s man” ordered his Steelix to use Explosion in a battlefield covered in smog, easily defeating Magmar and destroying the battlefield in the process. The vents had started going and soon the battlefield would be ready for battle once more. Both twirled their last pokeballs eagerly, they saved the best for last!

    Suddenly, a massive rumbling sounded through the entire stadium, shaking the rickety stands rather ominously. The vaporized center field was the source of the commotion, as it slowly sank to the nether lands below, leaving a pitch-black gaping hole in its place. As soon as the noise settled, a new rumbling replaced it as a plain white battlefield ascended to its place. It took several minutes, but the stadium was dead quiet, the dust had cleared, and the ash had disappeared. The time had come to finish the battle!

    Frau Moleman, the infamous dwarf referee, stepped into the battlefield, armed with one scarlet flag and one emerald flag, and gave a quick glance toward Ferdinand and Narcissa. They were ready.

    “Let the final round of the Redorange Pokemon League Championship commence!”

    “Crush this little lady for me!”

    “Show this hotshot up!”

    They tossed their pokeballs high into the air, the audience held their breaths as they watched the shiny silver orbs pirouetting through the air, ready to reveal the mighty contestants of the epic battle. After what seemed to be eons, the two halves of the ball split, firing a red beam toward the respective ends of the field. The audience’s drenched butts slid ever so closely to the edge of their seats as the pokemon began to materialize…




    It was certainly an awkward moment. Everyone, from the audience to the referee to the battlers to the mosquitoes had gawked silently at the field. At one end, there was a tall and sturdy turquoise blob. It stood as solid as a Buckingham Soldier, rectangle arms glued tightly to its sides exclaiming “WOBBBUFET!”. On the other side of the field was a miniature version of the Wobbuffett, barely a sixth of its size, hopping in place ecstatically with its long ears flapping squealing, “Wy-a-naut!”

    A very dull battle awaited.

    Ferdinand and Narcissa exchanged disgusted looks. They were supposed to shock the other with their odd choice of a pokemon, and then defeat them in a shocking upset, making their championship the most famous of Red-Orange Pokemon League History! But they had pulled the same strategy against each other! Wobbuffet and Wynaut had no offensive moves—what were they going to do? Meanwhile, the silence in the stadium had escalated into a gentle murmur as the audience members whispered amongst each other what would happen next. The referee was speaking into his ear-piece, looking rather angry.

    Several minutes of this confusion passed, the two pokemon were indifferent to what was going on, Wobbuffet still adamant and Wynaut still hyper. Finally, Moleman blew his whistle shrilly, bringing immediate silence to the stadium.

    “I have just spoken to the tournament officials…and errm…the battle WILL go on!”

    The silence immediately broke and shouts of annoyance and boos (as well as boo-urns) came from the audience: they came for a blockbuster battle with gigantic pokemon and lots of firepower, not two dumb blobs smiling stupidly at each other! Moleman ducked his head as a torrent of popcorn and soda bottles rained down on him, while the previously shell-shocked trainers now refused to make eye-contact with anyone. The only beings that remained static were the pokemon who everyone hated in the first place, Wobbuffet still standing perfectly still and Wynaut still hopping energetically.

    “How will this battle go anywhere?” Ferdinand cried out to Moleman, red in embarrassment.

    “It’s possible,” Narcissa grumbled. Of course, no one could hear her the first time so she had to shout it a second time.

    “No…No f’ing way!”

    “Yeah. We have to exhaust all our moves until our pokemon start using struggle!”

    Both trainers looked down at their pokemon despondently and sighed. Half the audience had already left; their attention spans were much too limited for their own good. The trainers gave a fleeting glance at the referee one final time, hoping that he could pull some last minute strings. But all he returned was a disappointed shrug.

    The magnificent battle commenced.


    “Mirror Coat!”

    Wobbuffet glowed a fiery red waiting to reflect a physical attack, while Wynaut erupted into a spectrum of rainbow colors, ready to counter elemental forces. Of course, with no attack to reflect, the attacks faded within seconds. And the pattern continued…

    One hour later

    “Mirr Cot…”


    The one good thing to say about the battle was that the sun was no longer hanging directly over them. But it was still hot. Hotter than the undersides of a Snorlax’s love handles. Frau Moleman wasn’t even bothering to watch the match anymore; instead, he was inspecting the cuticles on his fingers the size of baby carrots. Ferdinand and Narcissa hung over the railings of their trainer’s box, slurring half the letters of their commands. Only about fifty or so people remained in the stands, glued to the edge of their seat, bloodshot eyes eagerly wide open in anticipation of the imminent move that would make Red-Orange League History…



    The crimson and rainbow auras blazed once more, and the pokemon were more than content with the repetitive pattern, the only remotely interesting thing happening in the past hour being Wynaut hopping two seconds later than he should in one instance. The trainers began to glare murderously at the pokemon, hoping for one of them, even their own, to randomly suffer a heart attack and die. Anything to get the battle over with. Except for forfeiting. They wouldn’t forfeit with a knife at their throat. But, alas, the pokemon weren’t about to die of natural causes, and they knew it.

    Neither pokemon had budged an inch from their original positions, Wynaut’s hopping had become slower by about a half a meter per second, but still, the dull monotony of the battle would never cease. Ferdinand couldn’t take it any longer. He hadn’t come this far to win like this!


    “You can’t do that! That’s not an official pokemon attack!” Narcissa cried in retaliation. In a battle of pure brawn, Wobbufet’s size would surely overcome Wynaut.

    “Watch me!” Ferdinand growled his fist in the air and his eyes on fire. The audience began to perk up; things were getting more interesting now.


    The blob pokemon began to wobble duck-footedly towards the little Wynaut his arms flailing in the air and panting heavily before he even ran a few feet. Wynaut still bounced stupidly in the air, unafraid of the pokemon half-charging at it. Narcissa began to sweat.

    “Run, Wynaut! Run!”

    It was actually an amusing sight. Two cyan globules chasing each other in circles around a plain battlefield, at the speed of a one-legged Rapidash. What was particularly amusing was that their dispositions hadn’t changed at all, one was still grinning stupidly and the other was still unnaturally staid. Wobbufet was beginning to gain on Wynaut, running faster by the minute. Wynaut began hopping as he ran…until—


    “WYNAUT!” Narcissa shrieked.

    Upon one of his landings, Wynaut had stumbled and fell smack forward onto the ground, leaving him vulnerable as his opponent dove down into him, crushing him with nearly eight times his weight. A collective groan filled the stadium as Ferdinand beamed.

    “That’s what I’m talking about! Kick his ***!”

    Wobbuffet did as he was ordered and peeled himself off of the squashed Wynaut and commenced to stamp down on the pancake’s rear-end until it turned bright red. All the while, Ferdinand cackled madly while Frau Moleman hung his head down in disgust and Narcissa covered her streaming eyes, unable to bear the symbolic rape of her pokemon. The cruel pokemon pounced on his opponent once more, slapping it with its flimsy arms until it could take no longer.

    “ENOUGH! THIS BATTLE HEREBY OVER!” Frau Moleman shouted, raising the green flag in Ferdinand’s favor.

    “YAY! I WON! I WON!” Ferdinand shouted frantically, recalling his Wobbuffet and leaping madly into the air like the slain pokemon motionless on the battlefield once had.

    “Hell no. You’re disqualified. The winner of the match is Narcissa Nelsen!”

    Narcissa, would had run out into the battlefield to examine her fallen Wynaut, looked up cheerfully with a big grin. “Oh! I won! I won!” Ignoring her pokemon, the girl ran out into the center of the battlefield, raising her unbroken arm high into the air, gleaming like a lighthouse. Ferdinand’s joyous face had come tumbling down like a scoop of ice cream from a wall of ice. Gulping once, the crest-fallen trainer put his jacket back on and walked down from his trainer’s box and away from the stadium, never to be seen again. Rumor had it he took a flight that night to Evergrande City and became a prostitute in the dark corners of Victory Road for losing trainers needing a severe boost of confidence. Other rumors had it he was eaten by an Ursaring or that he was really a woman.

    But who cares about that dumb loser, what was more important was that Narcissa stood happily in the center of the field, waving to the stands fully devoid of any living creatures. She would never know any greater jubilance in her life, which was kind of sad. Triumphant victory music blared through the speakers. It was scratchy and only played half the notes but no one cared. A few tournament officials came out onto the field dragging a small gold trophy with them and tossed it at Narcissa’s feet before they marched away with Frau Moleman, ready to drink their ways into one helluva hangover at the nearby bar.
    And so the champion of the Red-Orange Pokemon League stood there, in the center of the grand arena, scooping up her cracked trophy in her broken arm, waving to the invisible cheering audience, and crying triumphantly as the same note played over and over in the background. It was an amazing victory indeed; her toils would be remembered for centuries to come in a small blurb in Worst Champions in All of History Weekly. Her victorious pokemon lay unconscious not too far away from her. Slowly, the lights shut off and the arena hands began to file past the champion, one or two giving her a pat on the back.

    “Dude, your pokemon is dead,” one of the last ushers to leave mumbled, poking her in the side.

    Narcissa abruptly turned to face her fallen pokemon. It hadn’t moved since Wobbuffet first attacked it.

    Review, leave, critisize ^^

    Last edited: Nov 28, 2006
  2. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    Interesting idea there, although you're going to be swamped with PMs about battling legendaries.

    This may or may not end well I guess.

    I have plenty of ideas for battles, but I'm not willing to PM those requests since it would be better if I wrote them myself, as most of them have tweaks that may not be completely realized if I were to give these ideas to other writers. That and they can be pretty... M-rated. (Adult Swim style humour)

    As for the example itself... Although the plot is somewhat dull and uninteresting, I absolutely love the description and humour used.
  3. Leon Phelps

    Leon Phelps Don't Tread on Me

    Iceking, I will forever love your jokes. This was an excellent idea which you and Tale pulled off well. I would love to read a real battle.

    Will you write any kind of battle? Even legendaries or Igglybuff vs. Pichu? This'll be interesting nonetheless. Good luck.
  4. Tale

    Tale Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your kind replies guys! =D=D=DD==D.

    You know how much I love your battle, IK, brilliant, and the rating certainly does do the battle justice ^.^.

    Thought I'd answer Leon's questions:

    YEP! We'll write any battle, naturally, because these stadium battles aren't the only kind that anyone can think of, I'm sure. Legendaries, babies, hell, nobody knew how a wobbufet/Wynaut battle would turn out, but IK has pulled it off XP. So yeah, anything you can think of, we're willing to give it a shot.

    Thank guys!
  5. jirachiman876

    jirachiman876 The King of Kirby

    *notes this thread* I must come back to this for battles I need to so write for my fic, if I'll ever get to it. *stabs band/ school in the heart* Anyway, funny battle. I could tell from like the sentence sentence that this would be funny and was written by stones (I first thought this was written by someone else and I would have to like guess or something) Stupid me. Anyway (again) interesting stuff. I shall take note. Now off to saber's fic for must finish it!!!
    jirachiman out ;385;
  6. IceKing

    IceKing Sexorific!

    Pssh, I'm not so innocent, ya know. But I understand. Half the battles I was writing I wanted to make it into my own one-shot XD

    I hit the mark then. The plot SHOULD be dull and uninteresting.

    You calling mine a fake battle X_X? And thanks for the compliment! Judging from the fact that we started with Wobbufet vs Wynaut, yeah we pretty much will do any battle. However, we're gonna try and not do so many of the same types (basically, as PDL said, no MEWTWO VS RAYQUAZA!!11!! five thousand times)

    Uhh, I hope you don't plan on using this for us to write battles for you to use in your own fics o_o Glad you liked it. No one ever commented on my sentence structure, I think...

    We may be joined by a new writer soon, as soon as I speak to Tale about it
  7. Arcanine Royale

    Arcanine Royale Well-Known Member

    That. Was. Amazing.


    The battle was well described, even though there wasn't really any battling. And the end, that's the clincher. I love it - the idea. Everything.
  8. Sike Saner

    Sike Saner Peace to the Mountain

    Good Moleman to you!

    First off…AH. DANGIT. That was basically the very battle I was going to request! XD (Though actually, I was probably going to ask for Wobbuffet vs. Wobbuffet, but what you did was even better due to the size discrepancy between the two Pokémon. I like size discrepancies, oh yes…*creepy smile*) Guess I’ll have to think of something else now…*fetches absinthe*

    That said, I naturally enjoyed the frelling frell frell out of that battle. Especially since MOLEMAN WAS THERE! =D God, he just cranks the magic up to eleven simply by being there. Thanks for not only paying tribute to one of my favorite Pokémon lines, but also good ol’ Moleman, too. ^^

    The beautiful tedium of the Wobbuffet vs. Wynaut battle was conveyed effectively, then punctuated with the unexpected twist of Ferdinand just throwing the rules to the wind and commanding his blob to beat the holy frell out of its unevolved counterpart. Imagining those two chasing one another was one hell of an amusng image, and then to make things even better, THE SPANKING COMMENCED! XDDDD Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

    Death by spanking, wow. What a way to go. XD Let us all remove our hats and observe a moment of silence for poor little Wynaut, and pray that his poor, tormented, shiny blue arse finds solace in the next life. *lowers head*


    Interesting analogy. XD

    Ew, I hear that. Lord knows I’ve had to sit next to some very ripe individuals in certain public scenarios, and that’s a very accurate description of just how rancid they can be. ><;

    What? Hey! XDDDDD Ah, God, but that is brukky. XD


    YAYYYY! KRAZKT!!!!![/Zreekanoutburst] One of my favorite Pokémon lines, fwee! *twirls shirt (SOMEONE ELSE’S) over head*

    Well, of course! I mean, with the almighty Moleman in the vicinity, SOMEONE was guaranteed to say “boo-urns”—why, his presence probably inspired dozens at least to use his method. ^^

    Aww…Nobody’s gay for Moleman… =(

    For the record folks, no, I didn’t type that and send it to the guys. The spelling there is clearly meant to signify the growing exhaustion and waning enthusiasm of the trainers.

    And there’s another interesting analogy. XD

    AWWWW! ^^

    The carnage! The SPANKING! =O

    Those words coming out of Moleman’s mouth…omg. XD Beautiful.

    XDDDD I especially like that first rumor.

    I ordered a subscription to that, but it never came. =(

    HOLY ****! =O XDDDDD God, I love that ending. ^^

    Delightfully boss and entertaining work there. *gives Moleman plushie* I definitely look forward to future battles. ^^
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2006
  9. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!

    ...I have one comment about rule 6.

    You said that 'sexy' battles are allowed, and I don't think 'sexy' battles should involve only the trainers.

    I believe my point has been made.
  10. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    XDXD Niiice, IceKing, nice. If a little on the weird side. 0_o... Very weird side. It's nice to see you and Tale working together. ^^ *shakes head at the end image of the Wobbuffet x Wynaut fight.

    I look forward for more work from the both of you. Though truth be told, I was expecting IceKing's part to include a Jynx. XD
  11. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    *Wipes tear from eye while giggling* Oh… IceKing… that was great. ^^,

    I always knew what would happen if there were a Wobbuffet and a Wynaut battling each other… but I never thought we would be reading the part where Wobbuffet, and in Ferdinand’s words, would…

    When I finished reading the whole thing… I nearly died. XD

    Overall score: 5/5

    PS: Check PM
  12. katiekitten

    katiekitten The Compromise

    XD That was a very funny battle. As ever, I love your humor, IceKing. XD

    A very good idea as well! I will most certainly visit this again... =D

    You might be getting a PM at some point as well. ;) XD
  13. IceKing

    IceKing Sexorific!

    Exactly, this was a bit of a screw-the-readers kind of beginners by it being so little battling.

    Yep XD Got the idea from you battling Wobuffets in Pokemon Stadium.

    Technically, it wasn't the real Hans Moleman, but rather the youngest of the Moleman Septuplets (which is my theory of why many nameless Molemen have died and yet theres always a new one next episode)

    Thinking of it as spanking made me laugh XD

    Its quite awkward when your around someone that smells and ask "Whats that smell?" and then realize later that its them. Or even worse, if you thinks its yourself

    I LOVE making fun of the Democratic party. Too many people are making fun of Republicans right now, and there arent enough non-rabies-infested men making fun of Democrats.

    Sadly, I knew youd be the only one to get that reference

    It's fun saying them out loud!

    I loved it too XD

    And I refer to another rule saying that the possibility of someone not doing your idea. And I also refer to the new Rule 6 =O

    My first one was Jynx vs Primeape, but that one was too retarded for even my standards XD It was a drug lord war.

    I'm glad you did!

    Lots of short reviews tonight. Good, we need new PMS!

    I just realized I forgot to respond to the battle writing contestants ^^ That I shall do now. Please request battles, no one has requested yet! Thanks for reading
  14. Kiyohime

    Kiyohime Well-Known Member




    I'm trying to think of something to say and completely, utterly failing. There's just too much to say....or I could just send you a tape of myself laughing hysterically for about three hours before my lungs explode.

    So I'll instead give you the Scrap Genius Award of the Day. xPPP
  15. Swampert_guy

    Swampert_guy Well-Known Member

    Most interesting. I'm bookmarking this page, so I may request something later. I need to come up with an interesting battle.
  16. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member



    lol. Stupid ftw. Or is it Blind. Anyways

    Icking, what can I say, awsome and great seem to be a bit pale and meager in describing this. I have to say, Kudos to you and Tale for thinking up this idea, and you might want to worry about a request from me :p or maybe not. Anyways brilliant writing/job so far, hope you two don't get swamped by too many requests.


    I'm my own special class ~.~

  17. IceKing

    IceKing Sexorific!

    I'm a sadist, I would LOVE to see your lungs explode! But that award works too =P *Hangs up on wall*

    Thanks Yami! We aren't too swamped, about a 1/3 of our requesters got banned already so I'm not too fussed really.

    Indeed you are

    From today onwards, we will be joined by a new writer, Brian Powell. Another writer is currently working on her application battle as well. The first post has been editted to include Brian Powell, be aware that he will be writing battles too. And here is his first battle!

    Steelix VS Dunsparce by BRIAN POWELL

    Late afternoon.

    Two travelling trainers were walking down a clear pathway inside a forest until they came across a cave and stood at its entrance.

    One was a twelve year old kid, wearing a white pair of white trousers, a black t-shirt underneath his sleeveless white jacket, a pair of red trainers and a backpack. He had black scruffy hair and brown eyes. The other was twenty years of age, making him more experienced than the young one when it came to training and battling. He was wearing a green short sleeved opened shirt with a green snake-like dragon creature on the back, a pair of black jeans, boots and fingerless gloves. He had tanned muscular skin, blond spiky hair and was holding a rope attached to a white sack over his shoulder.

    The young boy took out a small booklet and started reading it. “It says here that we’re at... Steelix Cave, Rocky,” the kid said.

    “Steelix Cave, heh? Gives ya a hint of who’s going to be inside, doesn’t it, Daryl?” Rocky said feeling rather nasty. “I heard that no other pokemon lives here because of the damage this pokemon can cause.”

    The kid withdrew his book, pocketing it inside his jacket. “It’s getting late, maybe we ought to camp out for the night,” he said.

    He waited for a reply but Rocky already disappeared. He let out a small sigh, knowing that his travelling companion already went inside and quickly followed. Knowing his friend for the past two tears of his travelling, he always loved to fight. Daryl also enjoyed participating in pokemon battles but he was more concerned about the safety and wellbeing of his friend.

    They slowly walked down the dark cave. While holding a torch to help them guide their way out, Rocky had an arrogant smirk on his face while Daryl looked rather focused, he was more focused on getting out of this cave alive than battling the creature who would be living in this cave.

    Suddenly, to their surprise, a huge figure fiercely dug out from underneath the ground with a thundering force and lightning speed. It was gigantic, steel snake-like creature, with a grotesque and vicious looking face.

    “It’s that Steelix!” Rocky said with enthusiasm in his voice, clenching his fist. “Quick, Daryl! The coin!”

    Daryl showed a small smile, now also feeling the desire to battle. “I’m on it,” he said as he placed his hand in his pocket, taking out a small coin. They both agreed that they often argued over who would take part in one-on-one battles. Therefore, the coin was often used to decide who would battle.

    The Steelix quickly went on the attack, zooming towards them at high speed, opening his huge jaws in an attempt to chomp his targets in halves. Luckily, they both dodged the attack, making him slam into the ground, creating a huge hole in it.

    Daryl quickly flipped a coin into the air. It landed into the palm of his hand and he tightly clenched it. “Heads or tails?” he asked loudly.

    “Heads!” Rocky called out in reply.

    His companion quickly opened his hand, revealing it to be a…

    “Tails!” he said in a down tone, feeling slightly sorry for Rocky’s bad luck. He quickly took out a small white and red ball out of his jacket pocket and pressed its button, making it slightly larger. He then tossed it out. “Go! Tackler!” he yelled.

    The ball opened releasing some red light energy, which materialised into small and chubby snake with a small spike at the end of its tail and small wings on its back. It was mostly yellow but it had a blue belly, eyes and mouth. Rocky was mostly shocked that Daryl would use a tiny creature to fight against a behemoth-sized opponent.

    “That Dunsparce!?” Rocky yelled in disbelief. “Are you serious!? Why didn’t you send that thing to that professor of yours!?”

    “He just needs a little battling practice, that’s all,” the kid yelled in determined fashion.

    “And I think you need a reality check,” Rocky grumbled in reply, placing his gloved on his face in embarrassment. He slowly moved his face above his fingers, showing his serious eyes. “There is one attack he could use to take out that big guy… but it’ll have to wait,” he mumbled to himself.

    Despite a huge size and power advantage, the Steelix was more focused than he was confident. He looked down on Tackler, waiting for his attack while letting out a small growl while the opposition let out a small hiss.

    “Tackler! Take Down attack!” Daryl commanded pointing at the opposition.

    The Dunsparce used his body to quickly leap from one direction to another, gaining a little bit of momentum and speed into his upcoming attack while the Steelix remained still. Tackler leapt up, slamming his head onto his face.

    After a thundering impact, the Steelix showed no signs of pain while Tackler harshly to the ground. The yellow creature showed his dizziness, wobbling away from the metal snake, much to Daryl’s dismay.

    “I think Tackler has suffered more damage than that Steelix did,” Rocky said noticeably while his associate gnarled his teeth in response.

    The Steelix quickly rose upwards before going for the offensive, aiming his opened jaws on his giddy opponent, letting out a loud roar. “Tackler, watch out! You’ll be Crunched!” Rocky yelled.

    He quickly covered his eyes and face with his arms before he heard a rock smashing impact, courtesy of the giant snake. He felt a large number of small pebbles falling on him. After the attack finished, he slowly moved his arms away, secretly betting that the poor creature would’ve been smashed into a bloody pulp or eaten in one gulp. As he expected, Tackler was no longer there.

    He looked at his partner’s face, expecting to see tears coming from his eyes. But to his surprise, the kid was still showing a determined face and wondered why. He looked up at the Steelix, who was also confused while searching for the Dunsparce.

    He too looked around but he soon spotted a small hole on the ground, and quickly thought that Tackler must’ve dug a hole to escape the hit. “Nice one, he used Dig,” he thought to himself with a smile. “But stalling isn’t going to help much.”

    While still searching, Steelix soon felt some small rumblings underneath him. He looked down on the ground, figuring out who would be burrowing underground. He raised his tail into the air, making Daryl’s eyes widen. “Tackler! Get out of there!” he yelled, predicting what the Steelix’s next attack was.

    Steelix violently slammed his tail onto the ground, making the ground shake. Even though it was expected, it was too late as the incredible impact sent numerous rocks and Tackler fly from the ground, into different directions.

    Upon the impact, Rocky and Daryl lost their balance and fell to the ground. With no one to control the disadvantaged Dunsparce, the Steelix took the opportunity as his tail glowed vigorously, slamming it onto his tiny body and sending him flying, crashing into the wall of the cave.

    Rocky quickly stood up after being knocked down by the Earthquake attack. “Call back, Tackler, kid!” he said feeling rather annoyed as he took a pokeball of his own out of his pocket. “I’ll use one of my pokemon to take care of that thing!”

    “Tackler! Hang in there!” Daryl yelled, ignoring his friend’s words while encouraging his Dunsparce.

    Hearing his trainer’s words, Tackler slowly moved towards his opponent. Despite how much physical pain he had taken, just like his trainer, he would never give up. His slant eyes looked up towards the Steelix’s monstrous ones. The Steelix sensed how gutsy he was but he would not allow it to faze him.

    As the battle raged on, Daryl and Tackler tried to find a way to knock down the Steelix to no avail, much to their frustration. Soon, Tackler became rather tired to move another inch and the Steelix to take the opportunity to finish this battle off.

    He leapt into the air and spun his body around like a drill, aiming his upcoming attack on Tackler. “Watch out, Tackler! Dodge it!” Daryl commanded.

    Tackler did as he was commanded as he leapt out of harm’s way, making the Steelix crash into the ground, drilling a huge hole in it. Small pebbles came flying out of the ground because of this attack; they were hitting the two humans, who covered their eyes and face, and the yellow worm-like creature. After the pebbles finished hitting them, Daryl and Rocky looked back into the battle scene. It was obvious to them that Steelix was no longer there.

    Soon, some small rumblings was heard and felt underneath them. They knew it was the Steelix but they needed to figure out where he would come out became more vibrant. “Tackler,” Daryl said, sounding slightly suspicious. “I think the Steelix will be coming from…”

    Suddenly, he was interrupted when the Steelix crushed the ground from underneath, like lava erupting from a volcano. With great velocity and Tackler on his head he quickly slammed his opponent’s entire body into the cave ceiling, crushing most of his organs inside. “Tackler!” Daryl yelled in shock.

    “Yowza! That’s gonna leave a mark!” Rocky said, showing a hurt look on his face while imagining the pain the poor Dunsparce was going through.

    Steelix slowly moved his head away from the squashed Dunspace, making him fall to the ground. Tackler struggled to move, much to everyone’s shock. “Tackler, stay down!” Rocky said warningly. “Play dead or something!”

    “Hey, I’m the trainer, Rocky!” Daryl barked.

    “Hey! I’m only trying to make things easy for you, kid. But, hey, it’s your Dunsparce’s funeral… but if you want, there’s one move that can help you win.”

    “What is it?”

    “Well, you tried Take Down, you tried Dig, we know Tackler’s other attacks like Tackle and Headbutt would work just as well as a Snorlax winning a running competition…”

    “Wait! I got it!”

    Now planning to finish him off, Steelix raised his tail, glowing it energetically, showing that he was powering up his upcoming his attack. “Tackler! Give it your best shot and give it your Flail attack!” Daryl yelled with a lot of volume, pointing at his opponent.

    Tackler’s eyes became angry-like. Steelix aimed his tail on the now hyped-up Dunspace, who quickly dodge the attack making his tail slam onto the ground. He quickly leapt onto the wall and bounced off it. Flying towards him with the speed of a bullet shout out of a gun, he formed his body into a hoop-like shape while spinning like a boomerang.

    The attack smashed right into the Steelix’s face with a thunderous force, sending him flying and crashing into the wall. Tackler safely landed on the ground, breathing quite heavily after the serious beating he took.

    Thinking that the iron snake was unconscious, Daryl leapt for joy and ran towards his pokemon, giving him a great big hug while Rocky looked on feeling rather relieved. Tackler was feeling some more great pain while he was being hugged but he didn’t care because he was able to beat up the gigantic behemoth, thanks to the support of his friend.

    Or so they thought…

    The Steelix slowly moved from the wall he crashed into and towards Daryl and his Dunsparce, looking at them with an intense look in his eyes. They looked at him back, also with intensity.

    After much silent glaring, the Steelix let a small growl and decided to take his leave as he slithered into the opposite direction Daryl and his friends were heading, slithering past Rocky as well who had a small smile on his face. “He’s got respect for you and Tackler, kid,” Rocky said.

    Daryl continued to look at the tough pokemon he had just battled and had a feeling that one day he would battle him again.

    Some time later, they made it out of the cave as the sun began to set. They were in luck because they spotted a city a distance away from them considering that they had been away from civilisation for a while. Before they proceeded, Daryl gently placed Tackler down on the ground and kneeled down to him. “You were awesome today, buddy,” Daryl said with a big smile on his face.

    “I second that, mate,” Rocky said, crouching down and petting the little Dunsparce on the head. “To tell you the truth, I didn’t know you had it in you.”

    Tackler gave Rocky an angry look. “Hey, don’t stare at me like that!” he said feeling slightly dejected.

    The Dunsparce responded by making his eyes glow pure red while looking directly into Rocky’s eyes. Rocky let a small yelp before falling on his back, still in his crouching posture while a shocked look on his face. “Gl… Glare attack…” he said while twitching slightly. “I forgot… he knows that… too.”

    “Tackler!” Daryl complained.

    Tackler let out a small chortle because of what Rocky didn’t do. Daryl took out his pokeball and shot out a small laser, turning him back into red energy and zapping him back into the pokeball. After placing the pokeball back onto his belt, he grabbed the paralyzed Rocky by the foot and started dragging him along the road.

    “This is going to be a real drag, I tell you,” he moaned.

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  18. Sike Saner

    Sike Saner Peace to the Mountain

    Note to self: Never wound a Dunsparce's pride. XD

    I always enjoy seeing Steelix in action, especially kicking butt as that one was doing to Tackler there for a while. ^^ Of course, then Tackler goes and turns it around - I had actually forgotten that Dunsparce knows Flail. So much for my brain... XD Ah, but then, I don't think I've ever really used Dunsparce much in the games and have only ever written about it in an RP a VERY long time ago, so what do you expect?

    ...Nah, that still doesn't excuse my forgetting. XP

    But Dunsparce is still a cutie at any rate, plus the fact that that was essentially a snake vs. snake battle also makes me happy. Serpents = love. ^^
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2006
  19. Hahahabvc87

    Hahahabvc87 Always watching...

    I thought that you guys read each other's work before posting it?
    Some minor errors still remain:

    A "had" is missing between them.

    Er... "fell"?

    I'm not so sure about this one, but from what I've been taught, it should be "slanted".

    I find these parts to be rather weirdly worded... IMO, "too" and "took" would be better.

    Simple typo. However, that does make for an interesting mental image! :D
    Italicised part seems redundant; where would a bullet come from if not from a gun?

    And that ends my gripes for this short part!

    As always, a nice battle scene! Sharing the focus with trainer-pokemon interactions and environment interactions gives this one an air of realism, not to mention some stuff to laugh at. :)

    *Winces* >.< And still the Dunsparce fights on... wow.

    XD Nice analogy there!

    ^_^; By the way, just what did Rocky not do?
  20. sandos

    sandos Don't Blink

    I really like this battle. The other one was a bit boring, and too violent in my opinion, but this one was good, with or without the typos. Snake vs Snake rocks, and I loved the description for Flail. I just think the amount of hits Tackler took was a bit much to be realistic, and maybe more than just one Flai to win the battle would have also been more realistic. But yeah, I liked it.


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