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A Series of (Un)Fortunate Events //


Belly Slide
Unfortunately, his minions were Oompa Loompas, and didn't know how to fix the elevator.
Edit: Unfortunately, the "The End" wasn't really the End, as Oompa Loompas began to beat up the letters.
Wouldn't that be a fortunately?


Unfortunately, the letters now spelled "Net Thed", the greatest craze in the Underworld. So, countless tortured spirits came rushing torwards it and they all ran over Tom.


Belly Slide
xD LOL, could be either way, some people might hate this story.

Fortunately, a talking walking dog picked Tom up and threw him into the previously mentioned elevator


Belly Slide
Unfortunately, a bear comes and starts slapping Tom (I have never played GLaDOS so LOL, sorry if I make something horribly epic not happen) xD

Jagged Little Pill

the good life
Unfortunately, GLaDOS becomes insane and throws him into an empty incinerator.

Fortunately, the bear was Dracoste, and it bear-hugged Tom.

The game's Portal, not GLaDOS.


not actually psychic
Title should've been "Another addition to zhanton's monopoly on the games forum"

Unfortunately, the bear hug was too powerful and Tom got Scoliosis.
Fortunately, the Tauros snapped out of Attract, slamming into the Miltank and running out of the house.

Edit: Ninjaz.

Unfortunately, magikarprules did something evil and CAUSED THE TAUROS TO KILL PHIL. OH NOES.