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A Short Guide To Posting In The In-Game RMT: Required Reading For The New Members

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by Evilyn, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. Evilyn

    Evilyn _

    A Short Guide To Posting In The In-Game RMT: Required Reading For The New Members​

    I’m going to open up with a little disclaimer; in no way am I saying that you can’t do what this thread tells you not to. I’m just trying to make it easier for people to understand how the section works. Don’t go crying to the mods because you decided to be stupid and people flamed you.

    First of all, read these threads, if you haven’t already:

    Before I get into this, I want to share a little story of personal experience so you can see how I know what I’m talking about:

    I started as a very stupid rater, in Competitive. Some of the raters who have been here a longer time may even remember me under the persona ‘Arcanine Galactic’. I constantly was explained what I was doing wrong, and was rightfully flamed for my ignorance. But I didn’t listen, and my own stubbornness and obliviousness caused me to continue rating and occasionally go on rants about how I ‘know what I’m talking about and deserve more respect’. Long story short, eventually I got it and left for, if I remember correctly, around three fourths a year, lurking multiple places, to return later to the In-Game RMT. This experience taught me a few things; one, I’m a stubborn idiot sometimes, two, not to speak unless you KNOW what you’re talking about, and three, that people need a little push to get better. Call it tough love, call it pushing, call it being a prick, I don’t care. However, plenty of people never understand that they need to, GTFO as they say and lurk. Just want people to know that if this story sounds similar to what’s been happening to you, you need to ‘GTFO and lurk’.

    Next, a general feel of the place. Don’t try to fool yourself into thinking this place is a haven for noobs; this place has just as many great raters with big attitudes as Competitive RMT. I’m not saying if you aren’t perfect in every way, that you’ll be flamed the heck out of for no reason, but don’t expect a lot of wiggle room for the people who are new to the section. However, if you recognize you’re faults, there are plenty of people who may have come off harsh who are very nice people and willing to help you improve.

    Now, for the advice part; first, don’t post bad advice. We don’t care that you’re ‘SpecsVile got 1000 wins over the E4’. Again, not saying that you have to be perfect in every way, but you have to have a decent knowledge of Pokemon to get along here. If you need moveset suggestions, check here (not advertising, just suggesting a good site that can help you): http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/

    This leads me to the next part, an explanation on rating Teams. It’s not as simple as ‘good team 10/10’. When rating a Team, a small checklist can be made to help you know what to do:

    - Check movesets
    - Check Nature, Items, EVs
    - Check to see if the Pokemon work well together; Are they covering each other’s weakness? Is the Team overly Special or Physical?
    - If the last step’s answers were ‘No’, maybe suggest replacements for Pokemon to help fix these things.

    It’s that simple. However, some people still constantly do stupid things when rating.

    Also, for formatting your rates, there’s a few ways to do it. You can quote the original post and make changes and comments in Bold, just type everything out yourself, or do what I do and walkthrough each set one by one and mix the two together by quoting each set individually, then making comments on the Synergy at the bottom, if there is any to be made. This is pretty unimportant, but makes things much easier on the eyes (and would people stop using those god-awful bright colors and fonts in their posts? It hurts my eyes. But I digress).

    Also, try not to be stubborn when accepting, or GIVING, for that matter, advice. Listen to criticism; it will help you. Now, that’s not saying that you can’t take it with a bit of salt; if you think you know better, then try to debate the point. Also, keep in mind that it’s their Team. If they don’t want to rebreed for new EVs, Natures, or Hidden Power, don’t badger them about it. Even if it is the best choice. And too add to what I said earlier about taking things with a bit of salt, if there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, is act as if you know everything when first start. This will get you hated, flamed, and just make you a symbol for idiocy in the section eventually. In short, try to be open to advice.

    In conclusion, I’d like to say that the number one thing to remember in the In-Game RMT is that you should only post when you KNOW FOR SURE what you’re talking about. This helps contribute to other people, and if other people do this in your thread, it will in turn contribute to you.
  2. SapphireL

    SapphireL Lydia


    Closed and stuck.
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