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A Shroomish Skirmish! (358)


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Love this episode, Torchic who evolves into Combusken...great<3


The best episode in this season.

Combusken vs Breloom was the best battle in this ep, wow.

And i loved how Corphish protected on Torchic.



Loved it because I always knew Shroomish and Breloom had a bad side, and this episode proves it!

I was sad that May's cute little Torchic evolved into an ugly Combusken. I was even more disappointed that said Combusken hardly got any action in Hoenn.

Torchic really stood out in this episode. 6/10

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Pretty good episode, I liked the Breloom/Combensken fight, it was nice yo see Torchic evolved (Although it felt like it didn't have too much scenes). It was funny when TR didn't realize what Breloom/Combenksen said for a moment.


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There were so many funny moments in this episode, where do I begin?

The first funny moment was when Torchic and Corphish were fighting, I like how Grovyle was just relaxing while it was happening and then stepped in to break it up. The second funny moment was when TR was getting chased by those Breloom, ran into Ash & Co. and just ate all their food. And the third funny moment was when when Ash got into a brawl with the Breloom, that cracked me up!

I also like how Corphish protected Torchic from those Breloom and then it evolved into Combusken and had that outstanding battle with them.

This was truly a fantastic episode and was my favorite one in AC.


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This episode was good. It was great to see a Breloom for the 1st time. I like Breloom way better than Shroomish. It was cool to see Torchic evolve into Combusken. It was a great idea, it allowed the two fighting types to clash, and Combusken had the advantage. It was funny when Combusken gave a scary look to Corphish to keep Corphish away from its food.



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The episode was very surprsing. All kinds or crazyness and junk going on. It was nice to see Torchic evolve. I loved the fight too. Fried Chicken vs. Lettus and Tomatoes. Of course Combusken won.

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Now THAT is how to make an episode. Despite being a 'focus' episode for Torchic, it really showcased most all of the main Pokemon pretty well, one or two aside. The animation, especially in the fistfight, was exceptional.

I am curious who Ash was planning on pitting against Breloom - Grovyle or Torkoal.


Another merely "okay" episode. Combusken's design is so hideous and its evolution really came out of nowhere. really, Torchic barely battled much so far. I guess it's more of that good old off-screen training at work here.


The end of an era
I really enjoyed this episode! Good to see Corphish and Torchic interaction, and the battle between Combusken and Breloom was great, especially the fist fight! Grovyle stopping Torchic and Corphish's fight was funny too! I believe Ash would have used Torkoal against those Breloom, well I hope it would! And it was so funny when Ash started fighting those Breloom :D I literally LOL'ed


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This episode was pretty hilarious and seeing Torchic evolve into Combusken was great. The whole comedy with Torchic and Corphish was great too and I especially laughed at the end when Corphish tried to steal from Combusken and Combuskes warning him not to do it.


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Although this episode focus between the two fighting Pokémon and develop the mutual respect but I think that Heigani should evolve instead of Achamo. Heigani did much of the hard work but Achamo barely contributed to the battle. Finally I like the scene that Heigani bullying Achamo while he was afraid when he tried to steal food from Wakasyamo. It is simply hilarious in my opinion.
It was hilarious when all the Pokemon were fighting, and in the background you just see Grovyle chilaxin' by the tree. Not giving a single crap. :)

Then, later, came the scene where Torchic evolved in to Combusken and had a pretty badass fight with a Breloom. :)


I felt so bad for my poor sis Torchic when she started crying when Corphish ate her food; how dare Corphish do something so rude? Seeing Torchic and Corphish attack each other while everyone ran around was funny though. I loved how Corphish eventually made it up to Torchic by defending her from the wild Breloom that were attacking.


So many things were awesome about this episode:
·Torchic with teary eyes was kawaii.
· Grovyle breaking up Corphish and Torchic.
·TR stopping mid-motto to eat Ash and friend's food.
·And finally, Combusken and Breloom's epic brawl.

Mrs. Oreo

I loved how Torchic and Corphish were upset with each other over the food situation and I liked seeing Torchic evolve cuz it seemed overdue any ways hee hee. Breloom ended up being frightening tho. ^^;


Corphish was kind of a jerk here lmao, but it was worth it to see Torchic finally evolve. I had been counting down the days til this happened.


Corphish's scenes were funny and Torchic's evolution happened too late in AG for me to even care. Breloom seemed satanic though. 6.5/10


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This episode was perfect.
The gang splitting up and working along TR.
A Wild Pokemon battle. Respecting opponents. And putting the fight aside to work against a common enemy.
Torchic evolving out of "tired of this ish and being useless" and gratitude towards Corphish, then his "not anymore" look and Pikachu's reaction.
May also developed as she hesitated but pulled through the battle and became a tiny bit better trainer thanks to her evolving Torchic.
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Breloom went from looking harmless to being scary in this episode + Torchic evolving into Combusken and saving the day was my top favorite Hoenn moment.