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A Shroomish Skirmish! (358)

This episode had a few funny parts and the battle scenes were just great. Also, I liked how the rivalry with Corphish and Combusken was expounded upon more. They did a great job developing the Pokemon themselves.


I think the very beginning of the episode wasn't as interesting as the rest of it. It's not fair Team Rocket got blasted off. Those Shroomish had a ton of food stashed away already, and it's not like they couldn't just go and find more apples; besides, Team Rocket was starving. The interaction between Corphish and Torchic was cute and it reminded me of May and Max from the last episode. Team Rocket had some great scenes, like that "twerpet" line or how they interrupted their motto to eat.


This episode, it was alright. There were a few things that drove me nuts, like Breloom's and Combusken's voices, but overall it was good.


Kinococo were much more dynamic here than in their debut episode, and I enjoyed how some of them evolved to chase the Rocket-dan. Kinogassa versus Haruka's Wakasyamo was pretty intense, and I was just glad that Achamo evolved at all. And while this is minor, I was happy that Takeshi used his Foretos to break his fall.


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Good episode, but I thought that May's Torchic evolved too fast. Not to mention that Combusken and Breloom agreed to stop fighting just because the punching was good.


In hindsight, I'm somewhat amazed by the fact that Haruka's Achamo evolved since Wakasyamo seemed far less cuter, and therefore seemed like an unpopular Pokemon for Haruka to posses.

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One of my favourite AG episodes. I loved the Torchic evolution into Combusken and its interactions with the Breloom, with fighting with the Breloom along with Corphish and stopping the fight once it has evolved. Kinda loved how Corphish began to fight with Torchic over food and after everyone got blasted off by the Breloom, how Corphish and Torchic ended up with each other.


Mega Altaria said:
Kinda loved how Corphish began to fight with Torchic over food and after everyone got blasted off by the Breloom, how Corphish and Torchic ended up with each other.

It was a bit contrived how they ended up together though after fighting since it was such a blatant way of forcing Achamo and Heigani to get over their differences.


I remember people being generally surprised when Torchic evolved, the writers could have kept it as a cute little mascot pokemon all saga and May barely used it till it evolved anyway. This was around the point it felt like the writers wanted May to become a really strong trainer, so they had it evolve into Combusken and it's heavily used for the rest of AG.


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It is really rare that Brock pulls back Ash back from something. The last time Brock did that in the anime was the Spell of the Unown. Plus all the fruit puns are funny especially the Grand Theft Apple.
Torchic and Corphish fighting with Mudkip and Pikachu stopping them is very cute! NOOO MUDKIP GETS SLAPPED
Haha Grovyle is like "this is what you get you little ****" to Corphish after chilling the whole time
GTA reference lol
Hey Forretress, I forgot you existed.
Combusken vs Breloom was good. Overall great and funny episode showing off dynamics between the Pokémon