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A Single White Rose

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Ayra, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Ayra

    Ayra ~Master Coordinator~

    Rating: PG (I think)
    Hello! My name is Ayra and this is my fan fiction. The last time I posted it, it died. So, I'll try again. Here are the rules:

    1. No flaming
    2. No cursing
    3. Please read it and review

    I wrote this fan fiction in conjunction with corsolakid.

    PM List


    A Single White Rose

    Chapter 1

    Savoya’s come and gone now it’s time for Jason and Ayra to head to a new region! Fincayra is a region of lovers, with nearly every Contest being Partner Contests, so begins the story of Zodiacshipping! The love between Jason and Ayra will reach its peak! So everything begins at the port city of Jadelight.

    The stage is set at the port city of Jadelight, the only port in Fincayra. Jadelight is a beautiful city that's famous for its large market that sells everything from Potions to Pokétches to Pokénavs. A large ship from Savoya pulls into the harbor and that's where our story begins.

    A gorgeous 16 year old girl with blue eyes and long blond hair, wearing a blue miniskirt, white halter top, a Beautifly pendant, blue platform shoes with crisscrossing straps that stopped at her knee, a blue backpack with two pockets on each side and a pocket in front, two plain gold bracelets on each arm, a Pokétch on her left wrist, a blue barrette with a Pokéball on it, and a blue Pokéball belt walked off the ramp of the opulent white S.S. Diamond cruise ship with a Beautifly that had sparkling wings perched on her head.

    “Jason! Hurry up Slowpoke! We’re already in Fincayra! We have to get to Sandstream Town to renew our Pokedéxes!” the girl yells.

    “I’m coming Ayra! Sheesh!” yelled a young man. “Are so hyper because you won the Savoya Grand Festival?”

    At that, a handsome 16 year old boy with aqua blue eyes, dirty blond hair, red sunglasses, a light blue shirt, an open white jacket, white pants with blue rectangles on the sides, blue shoes with white laces, and a red backpack with a single cross chest strap walked off the ship.

    “And why do we have to renew our Pokédexes when there aren’t any new Pokémon in this region?” Jason whined.

    “Supposedly Fincayra follows Sinnoh’s Super Contests in the Pokéball Seals, dressing up and so on. So in order to qualify, you have to renew your Pokédex.” Ayra replied. “And yes, I am psyched about my Grand Festival win!”

    “So that’s why you made those Capsule things? For the stuff that we need for the Contests?” Jason asked.

    “Yup. My Capsules hold our outfits, tents, cooking supplies, berries and other stuff.” Ayra replied.

    “You’re so smart Ay!” Jason shouted in awe. "You found a way to fit all of that stuff into a small bottle! It's amazing!"

    "As are you." Jason thought to himself.

    “Thanks!" Ayra replied, blushing.

    Ayra and Jason then walked to the Pokémon Center in order to send some of their Pokémon back to Prof. Birch. As they entered the Pokémon Center, they saw Nurse Joy and Chansey at the desk. They then went to a video phone and called Prof. Birch.

    "Oh hello you two!" Prof. Birch greeted. "How have you guys been?"

    "Very good Prof. Birch." Ayra replied.

    "Why did you call?" Prof. Birch inquired.

    "We want to send some of our Pokemon to you." Ayra answered.

    At that, Ayra and Jason pulled out some Pokeballs and put them in the station that sent them over to the Professor. Jason sent over eight Pokeballs and Ayra sent over ten Pokeballs.

    "Okay," Prof. Birch replied after getting the Pokeballs. "I'll take good care of them."

    "Thank you Professor." Ayra and Jason said together.

    At that, Ayra and Jason said goodbye to Prof. Birch and left the Pokemon Center.

    "Oh! Let’s blaze! We might be able to make to Sandstream Town before dark if we leave now!” Ayra said hurriedly.

    “Okay, let’s hit it!” Jason yelled enthusiastically.

    Ayra and Jason then started walking down the road to Sandstream Town, pausing every now and then to admire the scenery.

    ~One Hour Later~

    "Hey Ay?" Jason started.

    "Yes Jason?" Ayra replied.

    "I'm hungry." Jason said.

    "Okay, then let's stop for lunch." Ayra replied.

    Ayra then opened the front pocket of her backpack and pulled out a small white case. She then opened the case to reveal small thin bottles with a button on top of the bottle, each had a different colored label on it. She then consulted the top of the case, which held a list of what bottle had what. After checking the list, Ayra pulled out a small bottle with a purple label and pressed the button on the top. She then threw the bottle at the ground. There was small burst of gas then a cooking set was there. All of the pieces had a purple button on them.

    "Cool Ay! I'll go get some sticks for the fire!" Jason said as he ran off.

    "And get some large stones while you're at it!" Ayra yelled after him.

    Half an hour later, a fire was heating a pot of stew while Ayra set the table, which had a blue button on the bottom. Ayra then went to her backpack and pulled out a drawing pad and an art pencils kit. Meanwhile Jason released Corsola and brought out a set of grooming supplies.

    "What are you drawing today?" Jason inquired.

    "You." Ayra replied.

    "Me?!" Jason yelled, blushing furiously.

    "Yes!" Ayra replied. "I want you to start grooming Corsola and I'll draw that!"

    "Oh." Jason replied, disappointedly.

    So they were silent after that, the only sounds were of Ayra's pencil and Jason's brushes. After she checked the stew several times, she checked on it the last time.

    "Jason!" Ayra exclaimed. "The stew's done! Come on. Let's eat fast then get back to the road!"

    "You've got it!" Jason replied.

    After they had finished eating Ayra packed up the supplies by pushing the buttons on them, returning them to their bottle form. She then put them back into the case and packed her drawing supplies and the white case back into her backpack. While Jason put his grooming supplies away and recalled Corsola.

    "Come on Jason!" Ayra yelled. "We still have some time before it starts to get dark out!"

    "Okay, okay, I'm coming!" Jason yelled in reply.

    At that Jason followed after Ayra, with a look of longing in his eyes, unaware that Ayra was thinking of him fondly. Will they ever confess their love and live happily ever after? The answers lie at Rubyrain City, home of the Fincayra Grand Festival.

    Preview for Chapter 2:
    Ayra, Jason, and Belle are heading for Sandstream Town when they spot two strange people attacking a pair of Ponyta. Ayra is outraged about how they're treating the Pokémon and attacks them. They get infuriated and attack her, but Jason gets in the way. How will this turn out?! What happens when Jason risks his life for Ayra?!


    Well, here it is. I know it's kind of short, but I made it on the spot.

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2008
  2. Magicute

    Magicute KKIIIIIIIIIIIII...!!

    Wow!The story is very nice.
    It is romantic.
  3. Ayra

    Ayra ~Master Coordinator~

    Chapter 2​

    As Ayra and Jason traveled towards Sandstream Town, they noticed two Ponyta that were being attacked by a pair of people in blue outfits.

    “Jason, look!” Ayra yelled. “Do you see that?! Those two Ponyta are being attacked!”

    “I see it!” Jason replied. “We’ve gotta save them!”

    Ayra, Jason, and Belle then started running towards the two people attacking the Ponyta. As they got closer, they got a clearer view of the attackers. They saw that one of the attackers was female and the other was male. The female had long pink hair in a ponytail, pink eyes, gold crescent moon earrings, a blue belly shirt with a large black ‘E’ on the front, a blue miniskirt, long white gloves, and short white boots. The male had black hair and eyes, a blue short sleeve ***-shirt with a large black ‘E’ on the front, blue pants, and white boots. They then saw that they had an Absol and an Umbreon out.

    “Absol, Water Pulse!” the female shouted. Apparently the Absol was hers.

    “Absol!” the Pokémon replied.

    Absol then gained a blue outline and summoned a wall of water that crashed into the Ponyta with blue flames, a shiny Ponyta. The Ponyta whinnied in agony and collapsed in pain. Meanwhile, Ayra, Jason, and Belle were getting closer and her partner’s Umbreon was attacking the Ponyta with red flames, a normal Ponyta.

    “Umbreon, Psychic!” the male shouted.

    “Umbreon!” the Pokémon replied.

    At that, Umbreon gained a sky blue outline and its eyes turned sky blue as well. The Ponyta, then, gained a sky blue outline and began to panic. As the Ponyta tried to run away it suddenly flew 60 feet up in the air, still being held by the sky blue light. Then, suddenly, the light disappeared and the Ponyta started plummeting towards the ground.

    “Oh, no,” Ayra thought. “If it hits the ground it’ll break every bone in its body! I’ve gotta do something!”

    “Belle, use Psychic!” Ayra yelled.

    “Beautifly!” Belle replied.

    Suddenly, the Ponyta slowed down and landed softly on the ground. The Ponyta then collapsed next to the shiny Ponyta.

    “Great job Belle!” Ayra said happily. “All the training paid off! If I hadn’t told you to use Psychic, I wouldn’t have known you did use it! Now use Hyper Beam! Teach those bullies a lesson!”

    Belle nodded her head and curled up her nose and revealed her mouth. She then opened her mouth and started to gather energy. Absol and Umbreon saw what was happening and jumped in front of their Trainers just as Belle had finished gathering power. Belle, then, shot out an enormous beam of white light that crashed into Absol and Umbreon. The force was so great that it pushed all four of them into a large tree trunk some fourteen meters away, while Ayra, Jason, and Belle ran over to the injured Ponyta.

    “How do they look Ay?” Jason asked frantically. “Are they okay?!”

    “No, Jay.” Ayra replied, panic-stricken. “No they’re NOT okay. Thankfully, the normal Ponyta is just unconscious from fright. She’s not in critical condition, but the shiny Ponyta, we’ve got to get her to a Pokémon Center!”

    “What?!” Jason yelled. “Can’t we do something? How long would it take to get to Sandstream Town? Where is it?!”

    “I’ll check.” Ayra replied.

    At that, Ayra opened the bottom left side-pocket of her backpack, pulled out a blue PokéNav, opened it, and checked their position. Meanwhile, the pair of people that Belle attacked had recovered from the Hyper Beam, and they were VERY angry.

    “Umbreon, Psychic on that girl!” the male shouted.

    “Absol, Razor Wind on her!” the female followed.

    Ayra then gained a sky blue outline and rose into the air. At first, Ayra was scared stiff, but, when she reached 60 feet up, she became calm and collected. Jason, on the other hand, wasn’t calm AT ALL.

    “AYRA!!!!!!!!” Jason screamed, horrified.

    Meanwhile, Absol’s scythe glowed white. Absol then slashed the air with its scythe sending white air slashes up at Ayra.

    “Belle,” Ayra yelled. “Use Razor Wind!”

    “WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!” the male and female yelled. “Beautiflies can’t use Razor Wind!”

    They were wrong. Belle’s antennas’ had started glowing while they had been screaming.

    “Belle!” Ayra yelled. “Forward Rapid Spin!”

    Belle, then, spun at a very high speed in a forward cartwheel sending air slashes at the ones Absol sent at Ayra. When they hit each other they caused a large explosion that caused Umbreon to lose its focus and broke its Psychic. Ayra then began to plummet towards the ground. Despite that, Ayra remained perfectly calm while Jason was panicking.

    “Bayleef, curtain call!” Jason shouted while throwing a Pokéball into the air.

    The Pokéball popped open and shot out a burst of white light. After the light hit the ground it became a Bayleef.

    “Bayleef, Vine Whip!” Jason yelled. “Catch her!”

    “Bay, Bay!” Bayleef replied.

    At that, Bayleef shot out two green vines towards Ayra. They wrapped around her waist and pulled her back towards Bayleef. Jason then ran to her and hugged her tightly.

    “Oh thank god!” Jason sobbed. “Thank god you’re okay, Ay! I thought my heart would stop!”

    “I’m sorry for worrying you, Jay.” Ayra said, apologetically. “But, you know I’m an excellent gymnast. I was about to start forward spinning when Bayleef grabbed me. I would’ve landed on my feet.”

    “Oh!” Jason said, shocked. “I forgot that! I was so worried about you that saving you was the only thing in my mind!”

    Ayra blushed at that statement.

    “Do I tell him now?” Ayra thought.

    “Um, J-Jason?” Ayra stuttered. “I-I, l-lo-“

    Unfortunately, Ayra couldn’t finish her sentence. After the male and female had recovered from the shock of seeing a Beautifly that could use Razor Wind they restarted their attack.

    “Answer this little girl,” the female said. “How can your Beautifly know Razor Wind?!”

    “All of our Pokémon are special.” Ayra replied. “The longer they’re with us the more powers they get.”

    “Belle, however, has always been special.” Jason added. “When she was a Wurmple, she was blue instead of the purple that shiny Wurmples are. But that’s beside the point, who are you two?!”

    “Prepare for an attack from a shooting star.” The female started.

    “Defend yourselves for trouble from the moon afar.” The male continued.

    “To harness the power of the moon and sun.” the female continued.

    “The world will be perfect when we’re done.” The male continued.

    “Luna.” The female said.

    “Artemis.” The male said.

    “Team Eclipse flies to space with all its might.” Luna continued.

    “Obey us now or get ready to fight.” Artemis finished.

    “Um,” Ayra and Jason replied, while sweat-dropping.

    “Now,” Artemis started. “Give us your Pokémon!”

    “No way!!” Ayra and Jason yelled.

    “Then we’ll take them by force!” Luna spat. “Absol use Flamethrower on that girl!”

    Absol then opened its mouth and shot a long stream of fire at Ayra.

    “Ayra!” Jason yelled as he jumped in front of her.

    “Bay Bay!” Bayleef screamed.

    In order to protect his master Bayleef shoved Jason out of the way and took the full brunt of the Flamethrower. Being a Grass-type, Bayleef was very weak against Fire-type moves like Flamethrower. But then, after he was hit by it, he began to glow white.

    “What’s happening to Bayleef?” Jason asked.

    “Bayleef,” Ayra started, in awe. “Jason, he’s evolving.”

    Sure enough, Bayleef’s body began to change. His body became bigger, the leaf on his head disappeared and he got antennas instead, and he got a large flower around his neck. After he stopped glowing, Bayleef was gone and Meganium was there instead.

    "Bayleef evolved into Meganium!" Ayra said excitedly. "Now, let's teach those meanies a lesson!"

    “Right!” Jason agreed. “Meganium, use Solarbeam!”

    Meganium then started gathering sunlight into his flower.

    “Absol, use Flamethrower again!” Luna shouted, panicking.

    “Umbreon, use Swift!” Artemis ordered, also panicking.

    Once again, Absol opened its mouth and shot out a long stream of fire, this time at Meganium. At the same time, Umbreon also opened its mouth, but instead of fire it shot out many little white stars at Meganium. However, Ayra was quicker.

    “Belle, use Protect!” Ayra yelled.

    “Beau!” Belle nodded.

    Belle then flew over in front of Meganium. Then her wings glowed white. She then emitted a transparent barrier of light that protected her and Meganium from the Flamethrower and Swift attacks. During all this, Meganium kept gathering sunlight in preparation for the Solarbeam. After the Swift and Flamethrower attacks were over and the Protect was gone, the Solarbeam was ready.

    “Belle, come back!” Ayra shouted.

    “Meganium, Solarbeam!” Jason yelled.

    Belle then flew over to Ayra. When Belle was out of harm’s way, Meganium shot out a huge beam of light at Absol and Umbreon. When the light slammed into Absol and Umbreon it forced them back and made them slam into Luna and Artemis and knocked them over. Ayra gave them no recovery time.

    “Belle, Hyper Beam!” Ayra yelled. “Send those meanies flying!”

    And Belle did just that. For a second time, Belle curled up her nose, opened her mouth, and shot out a Hyper Beam. And sure enough, when the Hyper Beam hit them they were sent flying.

    “Awesome Belle!” Ayra yelled joyously.

    Ayra then ran to Belle and hugged her tightly. Belle, in turn, hugged her back. Meanwhile, Jason walked over to Meganium and petted his neck.

    “You were amazing Meganium.” Jason praised. “Absolutely amazing.”

    “I can’t wait to see it in Contes-.” Ayra started. “Oh no, we forgot about the Ponyta!”

    Ayra, Jason, Belle, and Meganium ran over to where the Ponyta were. When they got there, they saw that the normal Ponyta was up and was nudging and nickering to the shiny Ponyta, who wasn’t responding.

    “Ay,” Jason started, horrified. “Is it dead?”

    “No Jay.” Ayra replied, tensely. “No she’s not, but we have to get her to a Pokémon Center.”

    “Which is closer?” Jason asked. “Jadelight or Sandstream?”

    “Sandstream.” Ayra answered. “If we hurry, we might get her there before it’s too late.”

    “Then let’s go!” Jason yelled.

    “Hold on.” Ayra said.

    Ayra walked over to the shiny Ponyta and picked her up.

    “Ponyta,” Ayra said to the normal Ponyta in a soothing voice. “We’re taking your little sister with us.”

    “Sister?” Jason inquired.

    “She called her that when she was trying to wake her.” Ayra answered.

    Suddenly, they heard a whinny of fury.

    “Uh oh,” Ayra said. “Jason, hold Ponyta.”

    Ayra then handed the shiny Ponyta to Jason. Unfortunately, she was so heavy that Jason collapsed under her weight.

    “Man, I wish I was as strong as Ayra is.” Jason wished, wryly.

    “Don’t worry Ponyta.” Ayra said calmly as she slowly walked up to the Ponyta. “We’re not kidnapping your sister, we’re taking her to a place where she can get better, okay? If you don’t believe me, you can come with us.”

    The Ponyta thought about it for a little while. She then nodded and walked over to Ayra.

    “Okay Jay,” Ayra said. “Let’s hurry!”

    “Right!” Jason replied.

    Ayra ran over to Jason, picked up the shiny Ponyta, put her over her shoulder and started running towards Sandstream Town with Belle following her. Meanwhile, Jason recalled Meganium, and then he and Ponyta ran after Ayra. Will they make it to Sandstream Town in time?! Only time will tell.

    Preview for Chapter 3:
    Ayra, Belle, Jason, and Ponyta are racing to Sandstream Town. But, because they're so rushed, they accidentally crash into a young couple. They are outraged and demand that Ayra and Jason battle them, how much of a delay will they be?!



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