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A Six Pack Attack! (347)


This episode was pretty good. I like seeing Professor Birch again, and good to see him on the road *LOL* Anyways, I don't usually praise Max (especially after last week's episode), but I'm willing to make an exception. He did do a good job with the pokemon.


I liked this episode. It was decent and 4 Kids didn't go overboard with the music unlike last week. I noticed in the episode about ember. When Charmander used ember, it came from its mouth instead spinning around in its tail just like Torchic.

Plus Team Rocket being drunk, that was funny. I was surprised that kept that scene, and it was nice to see the starter Kanto Pokemon, I miss them so much. I hope next week episode is good.


Team Awesome
Yay, this was a great episode! It was great to see Max finally get to meet Professor Oak in person, and I loved his happy dance after Professor Oak signed his autograph. :D It was also great just to have Professor Oak back for a while. As much as I enjoy the Hoenn league, even if the sixth and seventh seasons haven't been top favorites, I really miss those characters and pokemon we don't see much of anymore (except Misty). Seeing the old Professor again was a treat. I got a good chuckle when Team Rocket called him "Professor Twerpy". :D LOL

Also, it was great to see Team Rocket finally get that secret base done that they were talking about in season six but was practically forgotten about until last week's episode (apart from the sixth movie short, of course). That was one nice-looking base.

Also, given how amazed Max was to see the Kanto starting pokemon, it made me wonder what he would think about the Johto starters. Just wondering. I know I love the Johto starters. :)


Team Rocket's rockin
Cool episode. Seeing all these Kanto characters-Professor Oak, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and a bunch of other Kanto Pokemon-was neat.

At first I wasn't sure if Team Rocket was drunk, only because I wasn't sure 4kids would keep that in. But then again, how could they take it out? They never actually outright said the word "drunk", like 2 episodes ago, during "Love, Petalburg Style!", where they kept the affair, but didn't actually ever mention that word. It was strange though, because Team Rocket seemed to have gotten drunk from water. If it was wine, they must have edited it.

Those pics Max got from Pokemon Friend were funny. Especially the one where Oak was posing with his elbow on his knee, and his head on his hand, as he smiled, lol. And they used that to fool Team Rocket into thinking Professor Oak was just posing there, in the camera. Too bad, though; it seems that Max lost those photos in Team Rocket's base.

Speaking of their base, was it really that? I don't remember them mentioning it was a secret base. But maybe they just didn't keep that in the dub.

It was kind of random to have a Skiploom mecha, but whatever.

Max messing with the starters was funny. Pulling on their cheeks and stuff, I mean.

And they foreshadowed May's capture of Bulbasaur, by nearly making her form a friendship-bond type thing with the one in this episode.

And of course, the animation is better.

Wow, this post is longer than I was thinking it would be. Anyway, other than all that, this episode wasn't too special. I'll give this episode a 7/10.


What else can I say about this episode? It had some laughs, some of them which were revolved around Max and him meeting the Kanto starter pokemon. Again, Max may not be my favorite character, but he sometimes gets some laugh-ins.

I may be in the minority, but I really enjoyed seeing some old favorites: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Zubat, Dugtrio, Poliwrath, Gyrados, even Jolteon during the "Trainer Challenge." Bulbasaur and May were interesting. (Hint-hint)

What was that sing-song TR was saying when they were attacked in the Mecha Skiploom? "Are we freezing, are we hot, are we cold, are we not?" Funny stuff.

This week's ep. is worth a 99/100. The end was kinda too fast. They just ended up waving bye to each other just like that. I thought they were at least gonna catch up a little. Especially Ash and the Kanto starters.


This was a good episode. It was great to see the ol' starters again. There were some pretty funny lines in here, too. I liked how May and Bulbasaur got along. It started out a bit slow, but I still liked this one.

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Sheer Cold said:
Great episode! Max's abuse of the Kanto Starters was HILARIOUS, as was the teenaged Giovanni in Meowth's fantasy!

He sure didn't look teenaged to me. Heck, with that lighting, he looked *older* than he usually does.
*squeals* Charmander~! Kawaii as ever, but still has Zippo's voice.:mad: I've always preferred the original Charmander voice(before Ritchie was introduced); it was cuter IMO.-^_^- Nice to see Prof. Oak; it's been a good while since we've seen him in a decent role! I like that TR kept referencing the starters as babies; since technically they just hatched.(Remember what level hatched Pokés are at first in the games?;)) Nice foreshadowing with May and Bulbasaur...The part with them shaking hands(vines in Bulby's case) was so cute!^_^ Overall...9/10. BTW, what was the 'TR getting drunk' thing I'm hearing about?(as in, when did it happen?) Guess they drunk a bit too much sake.^_^;

V Faction

I think I'm the only one here who gets nauseated with the glaringly obvious "buddy-buddy" hints.

"Hey, were going to let May capture Bulbasaur soon, so we'll let this Bulbasaur stand out from the other starters and have it tickle May's fancy!"

Puh-lease. Next thing you know, they'll have Ash shag a Tropius because they want him to get 'aquainted' with one before his next capture. Careful Ash, it wants your "Pokéballs"!


VERY good episode. I was surprised. I was very entertained by it.

The Good:
-A whole butt-load of Pokemon were in the ep, which is always good. :D

-Team Rocket drunk....Yes.

-A chance to see the old Kanto starters with their old voices again. So good. I actually had my love for Bulbasaur re-kindled by this ep, so I must now restart LG and choose Bulba. ^_^

-The Poochyena from the beginning of Hoenn was back again, and cuter, too. :)

-Team Rocket was actually smart in this episode, and they made me laugh.

The Bad:
-Max....Ugh...After last week's ep, I just can't stand that little b.itch of a kid. I mean, I hated him before "Balance of Power", but now, just seeing him in the eps take the episode down half of a point.

Overall: 9.5/10. Damn Max.
I just liked it when Professor Oak revived the classic Security Camera spoofing trick, putting a static picture in front of it to make TR think Oak (and then assumming) May and Max were still there. That was a real classic you know! Oh and does anyone know the history of that trick (in movies or TV)?

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Corvair said:
I just liked it when Professor Oak revived the classic Security Camera spoofing trick, putting a static picture in front of it to make TR think Oak (and then assumming) May and Max were still there. That was a real classic you know! Oh and does anyone know the history of that trick (in movies or TV)?

I saw something like that in a movie about a bus that had to speed around a city keeping its speed over 50, and if its speed dropped, it would explode. I think it was called "The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down"...

Seriously, though, that was a great sequence. Jessie's face upon realizing she'd been had was priceless.


Custom User Title
Yeah, that was probably my favorite part of the whole episode. It was just so hilarious that the only thing on the security camera monitor was Ookido-Hakase doing that cheesy pose.XD

Other than that, it was cool to see the Rocket-dan finally make their own base, even though it ended up getting demolished.XP It was also nice to see all the Kanto starters again, even though as V Faction said, it was rather annoying to have Haruka take a liking to that Fushigidane only two episodes before she captures her own. And I thought it was kinda neat that Odomaki Hakase had that Pochiena working for him now, helping him track everyone down.

Dubwise, I can't comment on anything as I slept through it yet again. I swear my alarm clock has some serious issues. It works sometimes, then it just doesn't.XP


This was an average episode. I liked it, but it wasn't great. I liked seeing old pokemon like Charmander and Squirtle again. And Treecko, since all we hear about now is Grovyle. It was funny when Birch almost hit that lady asleep on her Camerupt hayride!

Space Skitty

Hoenn Champion
I liked this episode. It was great to see Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Professor Oak. Brings back good old memories... I thought Max was hilarious on this episode! Too bad the Kanto starters didn't like him as much as he liked them in the beginning. XD TR getting drunk was also funny. I was surprised by that part, even thought I guess I shouldn't have been. It was sweet to see May & Bulbasaur bonding. Overall, a nice episode.

Pokemon Fan

Knuckle Trainer
Jynxie said:
The Bad:
-Max....Ugh...After last week's ep, I just can't stand that little b.itch of a kid. I mean, I hated him before "Balance of Power", but now, just seeing him in the eps take the episode down half of a point.

Overall: 9.5/10. Damn Max.
I don't understand? He has an immature moment in the previous episode, apologizes quite sincerely, but it still makes you hate him so much more than before? When it comes to little kids you have to be more lenient I think. ^_^
Not bad for a filler.

  • May shakes Bubasaurs' Vine. A sweet moment.
  • TR gets drunk! ^_^ Can you Imagine the hangover they have?
  • Kanto starters and Prof. Oak make an apperance. Just like the good ol' Days!

Overall, a good episode. 9/10
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about TR's drunk sence:

I just noticed that not only were they congratulating themselves on their base and capturing the starters, but they were also commenting on finding an underground spring.

was this in the japanese version as well?

because if this wasn't, was 4Kids trying to hint that they got the "water" from that spring or something?