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A Six Pack Attack! (347)

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Team rocket drunk on water LOL

Max is a biatch!

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EvilKeckleon said:
about TR's drunk sence:

I just noticed that not only were they congratulating themselves on their base and capturing the starters, but they were also commenting on finding an underground spring.

was this in the japanese version as well?

because if this wasn't, was 4Kids trying to hint that they got the "water" from that spring or something?
Well, it says here that it was water in the original, so I wouldn't be surprised if that line was in there, too.

Anyway, good episode. It's good to see May liking Bulbasaur, and we see some interesting stuff from Max, too.


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Wow high ratings here, I didn't expect this
I thought it was so so, Birch was good and nice to see Oak again, Kanto starters yes yes very nice, but an episode with max as the main character was always going to bite
An average, or not in this case seen as the other ratings have been so high, 6/10
A Max episode happens rarely but this is the worst Max episode yet. But it is a good episode. 8/10 good Kanto pokemon, Oaka nd Birch, May showed lots of hints to her catching a bulbasaur didn't she?

Factory Head Noland

This episode was great, it has everything. One of the best Advanced Challenge episodes AND we got to see a Bulbasaur ^_^
It was good to see Max, May and Prof Oak have the spotlight in the episode. I loved seeing 6 of the starters, we haven't seen the Kanto starters for ages.
There were so many Pokemon at the end. Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Skitty, Pikachu, Lombre, Poochyena and Mudkip.

Overall 9.1/10
Excellent episode and had "Advanced Adventure" in it!


So when did Ash get to talk to Prof. Oak? I mean he hasn't seen his mentor in ages... let's just say I hope that Ash got a chance to catch up with Oak before they continued with their journey... sorry I have no life :)


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I just got an e-mail that says that when the episode was aired in the U.K., Team Rocket's champagne glasses weren't edited. Could this be another Kids' WB! edit?

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It is by far one of the best episodes of Pokemon. The Indigo and Hoenn Starter Pokemon make the Jotho Starters look bad.
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You realize that the reason so many Kanto Pokemon are present in this is because of FireRed and LeafGreen. That prescence sorta detracts from and undermines the whole Advance Generation motif.


I liked the part where they put that photo of prof. oak in the camera to fool team rocket. Those guys are morons!


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A nice episode, I liked seeing the Kanto and Hoen starters together so they can be compared, I personally like the Hoen starters. Now all we need is an episode were we have all 12 starters appearing on screen together. TR getting on druk on water was funny as to the fact that they couldn't distinguish a photo of Oak from the real thing. The Bulbasaur in this episode being friendly to May is a nice foreshadowing to her catching one later in the series.


Too many Generation 1 and 3 Pokemon for my tastes haha; it sort of ruined the mood. I think they only made this episode for LeafGreen and FireRed promotional purposes, though I could be wrong. I say that because of Oak and the Kanto Starters appearing in the middle of the Hoenn saga for no apparent reason. I liked Oak's Hoenn appearance though; I just wished they hadn't pushed the Kanto Starters down our throats. 4/10.
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I loved too see the two professors, especially Oak.

And this was great to see all the starter pokemon from the Previous generations.

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I like these kind of episodes that show all of the starters or six of them aleast. (Pity we didn't have May's Torchic, Brock's Mudkip and Ash's Grovyle meeting them). I wonder if we will see the Sinnoh Starters with any of them (Have we?)


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This episode was OK.

Seeing Prof. Oak and Prof. Birch again was cool, and all the Hoenn and Kanto starters in action was nice too.

But this one was kinda boring for me...