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A Six Pack Attack! (347)


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This episode was ok... It was great to see Oak visit, and having both Oak and Birch in this episode. It was cool to see the 3 Hoenn Starters and the 3 Kanto Starters together in this episode. It was cool to see Professor Oak with Max and May, and Professor Birch with Ash and Brock when they were seperated. It was great to see a Jolteon again in this episode.



It was good to see Oak again. He's usually pretty interesting when he appears and this was no exception. It was nice to see him return and to see May and Max get some time to shine together. Team Rocket's Skiploom machine was awesome and single-handedly made this episode great.


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It was great to see Professor Oak again and I loved how six starter Pokémon were in this episode and how they all got crazy on Max. For a filler episode, this was quite enjoyable and I loved the scene when Team Rocket was drunk lol.
I had to skim some older posts here a second time because a few people said Jolteon was in the episode. Didn't realize that meant it was in the Trainer Choice thing (that the site I use to watch episodes cut's out for some reason...). Now it makes sense. :)

It was pretty cool seeing the Kanto and Hoenn starters in the same episode. Well, the Kanto starters needed to be in this point of the show at some point, what with FireRed and LeafGreen needing anime promotion.
I was hoping Max would receive one of the starters. Liked Prof. Birch flying around on the jeep lol.

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Well seeing Oak show up in Hoenn was a treat. But I wasn't a fan of how Hoenn and Kanto starters were shown tho since the Kanto ones seemed like blatant Leaf Green and Fire Red marketing. ^^;


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The only thing I liked in the episode was the Drunk team Rocket.Lol,that was hilarious.It was cool to see Professor Oak. ^^


Professor Oak hanging out with Max wasn't exactly entertaining but as a Kanto Starter fan I was happy to see those show up. 6/10


Meh. Oak and Birch just didn't do much for me, but as a Charmander fan, I was satisfied that we saw one here. Too bad Max didn't get it...
My favorite scene was when Max met his idol Professor Oak + Max helping save all the Starter Pokemon from Team Rocket's base was excellent.


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It was great to see the old Starters again. There were some pretty funny lines in here, too. I liked how May and Bulbasaur got along. It started out a bit slow, but I still liked this one.


I was glad that Masato met Okido-hakase here, and Nyasu's boss fantasy about giving Sakaki the Kanto and Houen Starters was funny. I actually enjoyed how Satoshi, Takeshi, and Odamaki-hakase were ignored in favor of showing Haruka, Masato, and Okido-hakase outwitting the Rocket-dan by themselves.


It was lit seeing Bulbasaur, Charmander, & Squirtle again. We hadn't seen those three in awhile. It's cool to have both the professors and all 6 starters together on one episode.


I didn't notice this before, but it seems so obvious now that Okido-hakase showing up in Houen with Fushigidane, Zenigame, and Hitokage was a way of foreshadowing the Red and Green version remakes, which makes this episode less random.
Cool to see Professor Oak and Birch again. And whatya know, Birch actually has a Poochyena friend now?
Team Rocket blasted off in the shape of an R... and they were drunk...