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A slight less standard Sandstorm!

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Townsend, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Townsend

    Townsend SCIENCE!

    The Jist of it : Sandstorm bores me tremendously, but instead of complaining about it and the usual collection of OU misery it brings, I thought I'd try making it more fun with some lesser used stuff, you won't find no Bullet punch bugs or metal birds on this team, no sir.

    The Team at a Glance : ;332;;340;;476;;337;;450;;426;


    ;450; @ Lefties / Iceweaken berry
    Impish / Sandstream
    176HP / 84Def / 248S.Def
    EQ / Crunch / Stockpile / Slack Off

    Standard Hippo to get the sandstorm rolling, nothing overly special or unique about this hippo, crunch over ice fang cus I already have something bulky with Ice/Earth attacks.


    ;340; @ Lefties
    Bold / Anticipation
    252HP / 252Def / 6S.Att
    Ice Beam / Earth Power / Rest / SleepTalk

    My Not-Swampert phys wall, unlike Swampy, anticipation lets me know when someones packing a sneaky grass knot starmie or energy ball Gengar, so I can make like a banana before it hits. Bold and special attacks is more unexpected on a cash, as smogon naturally prefers the stat with a whopping couple of points higher.


    ;476; @ Lefties
    Calm / Magnet Pull
    252HP / 88Speed / 168S.Def
    Power Gem / HP Fire / Thunderwave / Magnet Rise

    Its Magnezone! Only not... this thing has 414 spec. def at lvl 100, the correct Ivs for HP Fire and the magnet pull ability go hand in hand and should at least dent a few steels, it can also take grass hits all day, which is nice for Whiscash. I've never used Power Gem on anything, but its there for STAB unless someone suggests something better. Thunder wave I'm not sure about, as its going to be baiting Ground types with that x4 weakness, maybe toxic instead?


    ;426; @ Zoom Lens
    Calm / Aftermath
    252HP / 176Def / 36S.Def / 46Speed
    Hypnosis / Will-o-wisp / Dream Eater / Shadow Ball

    Okay, of all things on the team, this is the one I'm most unsure about. I Figure it can soak up whatever Whiscash / Probo can't handle, namely hard hitting earthquakes or fighting moves. The EVs and IVs result in defence and special defence reaching the same number.


    ;337; @ Choice Specs
    Modest / Levitate
    120HP / 136Speed / 252S.Att
    Psychic / AncientPower / Grass Knot / Signal Beam

    Special Sweeper, I'm pretty sure it tips over the 300 mark in spec.att at lvl 100, not including specs boost. I'm sure theres a better moveset for coverage out there, especially as once locked into a rock attack, the rare boost from A-Powers not going to do a whole lot for me.

    BRELO-no wait...

    ;332; @ Speed or Att boosting pinch berry
    Adamant / Sand Veil
    6HP / 252Att / 252Speed
    Substitute / Cotton Spore / Focus Punch / Sucker Punch

    Cacturne is slow, I want others to feel my pain. This thing sorta works like Breloom in that sense, Spore the switch in, sub up, punch stuff. Not sure what Berry to use here, but I'm leaning toward the attack boosting one, as cotton spore already solves his speed disadvantage.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2009
  2. It could work with the right starter

    Lunatone (solrock works way better it having higher deffence) item focus sash
    Ev's 6 Attack/6 Spattack 252 deffence 252 HP

    trick room
    stone edge/aincent power

    Ev spread is because most strike first moves are physical
    sandstorm in case you don't want to send ouit hippowdon right away
    the rock type attack are to counter taunting gyarados etc.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2009
  3. Townsend

    Townsend SCIENCE!

    Trick room would mean revamping the whole team for minimum speed, so I'm not too keen on that idea, I'm perfectly fine having Hippo out first too.
  4. Atomic


    The thing is, in OU, it's gonna have a lot of trouble with common leads.

    Hippowdon is fine keeping lefties over the yache berry (weakens ice attacks).

    You have 5 NU's on this team and 1 OU. I understand you want to be different and want to use the lesser used pokes, but most of the time you're going to find the performance of pokes that are outclassed to be poor and subpar. You're going to struggle a lot when using pokes that others can simply do better. I would highly suggest changing hippowdon and simply making this a NU team. Just keep in mind that winning will be difficult is you decide to keep this OU.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2009
  5. sanjay120

    sanjay120 ?(???)?

    If you want to be really cool you can use Hippopotas and stick this in UU.

    I would replace Dream Eater on Drifloon with Thunderbolt or HP Ice/Grass/Fire (idk about type I am NU/UU noob). And for Cacturne, Swords Dance or Seed Bomb over Cotton Spore. Maybe something with para support, such as Aggron, could be used on this team. He makes a pretty great sweeper and is really bulky in Sand. Lunatone gets Ice Beam, which I would fit in over Signal Beam. Power Gem could go over Ancientpower for more PP and slightly more BP. It can also run a CM set and Dual Screen pass (though then you'd need another special sweeper).

    I am pretty sure Star meant 252 HP/Def and either 6 Attk or 6 SAttk.
  6. Darkfall

    Darkfall Abuses SHIFT + ENTER

    Lunatone needs Ice Beam > AP as it helps buy more coverage.
    Signal Beam is for taking on Celebi.
    You could even consider Rock Polish/Life Orb.

    Probopass likely needs Earth Power > Power Gem.

    If you're not replacing Hippowdon with it's Pre-Evo, then swap Drifblim for Gliscor.

    Cacturne wants Brightpowder, with Seed Bomb/Leech Seed > Cotton Spore, as CS is useless with Sucker Punch and Cacturne can be doing better things.

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