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A Slippery Encounter! (858)


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The Weakest Dragon Ever! Enter Goomy!!

While heading to Coumarine City, Ash & co. encounter encounter a Goomy, a Pokémon that is considered to be the weakest Dragon-type. As the group start trying to help the Goomy, Team Rocket monopolise on the distraction and steal both Goomy and Pikachu. When Pikachu & Goomy work a way to escape from their clutches, Team Rocket make haste. Will they be able to get away?

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Sick of dealing with idiots.
The episode starts with Ash and co. walking.

Serena looks happy and there are sparkles around her.

Then she looks tired/upset.

A Swanna then drops a Pokemon from the sky and it falls on top of Ash's head.

Ash the Pokemon off of his head and then he checks what it is with his Pokedex.

It is a Goomy and the Pokedex says that it is the weakest Dragon Type Pokemon.

One of them pours a bit of water on Goomy.

Ash picks Goomy up and he starts sliding down a nearby cliff.

Ash almost runs into a rock, but Pikachu smashes it with Iron Tail.

Pikachu rejoins Ash, but they all end up falling in a nearby river.

Goomy sees Dedenne and becomes frightened.

Clemont says that it is because Dedenne is a Fairy type.

He also says that Goomy is scared because Dragon Type Pokemon are ineffective against Fairy types.

Goomy then attaches itself to Serena.

A rain cloud forms above Serena and she is being followed by it.

Team Rocket are on a nearby cliff, spying on the twerps.

Ash and co., including Goomy, are now in a forest.

Goomy is eating off of a bush and it seems happy.

Chespin comes out and uses Pin Missile to get some food down for Goomy.

An Ariados appears in front of all of them and Chespin is really shocked.

Clemont says something, which makes the Ariados climb up a tree and leave them alone.

Clemont shows off a new invention.

It is a monitor and on the screen, it shows what Goomy has been seeing recently.

The TV then explodes, like all of Clemont's inventions.

Ash and co. are then tied to a tree by a light blue ring.

Team Rocket then appear in the sky, inside their Hot Air Balloon.

Pikachu isn't trapped, so it tries to zap Team Rocket with Thunderbolt.

Team Rocket capture Pikachu and the wild Goomy.

Ash is angry, so he lets out his Frogadier.

Frogadier then attacks the ring and then Ash and co. are set free.

Ash brings out Fletchinder to go and search for Team Rocket.

Dare Da? Goomy.

Team Rocket are with Pikachu and Goomy that are still trapped in their cage.

Goomy is exerting some sort of purple gas from it's body.

Team Rocket are sitting down to have a snack.

Wobbuffet has a white face painted on it's belly.

Meowth gets Bishounen eyes.

James pretends to be a Lotad and Jessie puts chopsticks from her nostrils to her mouth.

Pikachu tries to use Thunderbolt on the cage, but he isn't successful.

It turns out that Goomy is flexible enough to squeeze out of the cage.

I think that's what happened.

Pikachu and Goomy are now free from the cage.

Pikachu runs away with Goomy on his back.

Team Rocket chase down Pikachu and Goomy.

Fletchinder is still looking for Team Rocket, while Ash and co. run.

Fletchinder finds Pikachu and Goomy, so Ash and co. follow it.

Jessies brings out Pumpkaboo to attack Pikachu and Goomy.

Pumpkaboo fires a Shadow Ball.

Ash jumps in front of them and the attack hits his back.

James sends Inkay out.

Pumpkaboo uses Shadow Ball and Pikachu uses Electro Ball.

The attacks clash.

Inkay uses Psywave on Pikachu and Fletchinder and then they become confused.

Pikachu and Fletchinder then attack eachother.

Ash grabs Pikachun and Fletchinder to calm them down.

Inkay and Pumpkaboo then go to attack Ash with Inkay uses Psywave and Pumpkaboo using Dark Pulse.

Goomy intercepts it.

Goomy then uses Bide, I think.

Team Rocket blast off.

As the sun sets, Goomy rubs up against Pikachu.

Ash asks if Goomy wants to join him and then Ash throws a Pokeball at Goomy.

Ash captures Goomy and then poses.

He brings Goomy out of his Pokeball and Ash holds Goomy in his hands.

To be continued.
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I'm so happy that Ash finally got Goomy and that it will evolve into his first Psuedo Legendary!!!! I can't wait to see how the writers will develop Goomy from being weak into being strong.


For those who still don't believe,


Ah yes, it's finally happened! I for one welcome our new Goomy/Sliggoo/Goodra overlords. Not only am I excited to see Goomy's contributions to the cast, but I can't wait for it to fully evolve and be Ash's first pseudo-legendary :D

Otherwise, I'll wait until I see the full episode to see how it turns out and make the final judgment.
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Oh. My. Gosh. Goomy is so adorable!

Lol Goomy literally falls out of the sky and on top of Ash!! xD I like that Goomy's has a lot personality and quirks already and it acts just like a baby Pokemon (I guess it is, though). It does a lot of stuff it would seem to do. It's cool that Goomy can pour rain anywhere and was funny when Goomy made it rain on Serena. I don't really get Goomy's past but I guess we didn't see it completely, did Goomy just have a really bad encounter with numerous Pokemon? But omg Goomy looked pretty strong.
The plot is really simple escape and vs Team Rocket but it has a lot of fun moments. I like that Pikachu was protecting the whole way through and Goomy really likes Ash so I'm glad he caught Goomy. Really fun. I liked it.


The Gazing Eye
Comfy as **** an episode, and hilarious in some moments too (specifically Goomy using Rain Dance when it is upset on Serena, and the little charade thing Team Rocket was doing). It is a good thing they didn't make Ash incompetent here, with Fletchinder and Pikachu becoming confused, just so to showcase Goomy's strength, which absolutely rekt Team Rocket three ways to Sunday. Funny how every other companion but Dedenne got shafted for this episode. Probably a set-up for the next episode and I can't bloody wait for Bonnie to command Dedenne, long has been the wait for this.

A nice capture episode, and I found it pretty cute that Goomy flinched when Ash tried to catch it only to realize that he simply touched its head to capture it. 8/10, because Fletchinder deserved better, though at least it did not faint from Inkay's attack. Also, dayum, did Ash just tank a Shadow Ball and didn't even notice it?
LOL sounds like an awesome episode. Can't wait to watch it. And welcome to the party Goomy! xD


Just a member
So Ash caught the blandest weakest Dragon-type ever? Well, that's pretty good I guess.

Let's see how many episodes it'll take Goomy to evolve into Sliggoo...


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Goomy then attaches itself to Serena.

A rain cloud forms above Serena and she is being followed by it.
I hope it will be... it might be a funny new one...


Its almost time
I called it way in the beginning of the Series, during which I'd always watch the first episode of the Generation and no more?

Its still in my signature, isn't it? Or, it was… I eventually got sick of the "Mega-Evolutions"

But seriously, Goomy is my only favorite Pokemon of the 6th Generation, and I'm glad Ash is getting it. Its whole destiny seems to be built upon evolving into a strong Goodra, and I look forward to reading about its development.
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Meh episode for me, just another "Team Rocket steals Pikachu and they have to get him back" episode. Works as an introduction for Goomy though. Being able to Rain Dance people that annoy you is a nice ability.

I did find it amusing that Meowth said he was going to do an impression of Giovanni. I took that as an implication he still has those ridiculous fantasies, just off-screen.


The fletchling evolution episode just got replaced as my favorite XY episode...

This episode ws just awesome, goomy seems extremely likable, and it's "weakness" fits really well on a team as powerful as XY ash's. I liked how Flethinder got to do something more than scout in this episode, and Ash taking a hit for his pokemon has started growing on me.

10/10. What a way to start 2015.