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A Slippery Encounter! (858)

Okay, now I know for sure that Goomy's eyes are the two black dots not those two front green ones.
Also, Pikachu looked a little disturbing while confused.


Lover of underrated characters
Goomy's Dub voice was perfect. Poor Goomy is too slow, it was neat seeing him ride Pikachu though.


Your Big Buff Bro
Goomy was pretty cute, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it in the future episodes to come. Especially, for its growth as a Dragon type. It made me ecstatic to see Ash gain another Dragon type Pokemon.

Team Rocket stole the episode though. This was one of their best, comedic episodes of the XY series.


Team Awesome
Ugh, if it wasn't for that voice, goomy would be so cute. At least Ash got another pokemon, though it's funny that it'll be in and out of his lineup a few times through the rest of the Kalos saga. I liked goomy summoning a rain dance on Serena too, LOL. I liked the part when Team Rocket was throwing their party best, some disturbing impressions there by Jessie and James but still funny. I liked the fourth wall break (haven't had one of those for awhile) with Meowth saying the writers didn't give him enough material. I tried to listen hard too when Meowth was doing a Giovanni impression, it sounded like they were making an in-joke (I heard Meowth say "voiceover"), I wish I could have heard it.


Mrs. Oreo

Aww Goomy was cute ha ha. Him making it rain on Serena and his frightened face when he saw Dedenne was funny, plus I liked seeing Team Rocket acting all goofy as well. I'm glad Ash took Goomy with him. :3


As a Goomy fan, I was kind of put off with the way that Goomy was shown to be very weak and easily scared, but I was glad that we saw glimpses of his tragic past which foreshadowed him leaving eventually.


Numera was amazingly cute, which I never thought I'd admit since the species seemed ordinary to me in the games. Dedenne frightening Numera made me chuckle, because the idea of anyone being scared of harmless little Dedenne is just so adorable.
I loved Goomy's voice, I was not expecting Goomy to have such a masculine voice despite there being hints that it could be a female, but it sounds so cool. Goomy's an interesting Pokemon in the sense that it's supposedly the weakest Dragon type and its personality reflects that. I'm looking forward to seeing how Ash and friends will bond with it. The overall plot was good, just another Team Rocket stunt, but with the added twist of a Pokemon acquisition.


FullmetalJackie said:
Goomy's an interesting Pokemon in the sense that it's supposedly the weakest Dragon type and its personality reflects that.

Numera's weak traits were exaggerated here somewhat, however. I understood his fear of Dedenne because of the typing issue, but Numera seemed easily discouraged by most things that he witnessed, which was silly.