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A slow speedy team

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by mudkipz_and_axewz, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. mudkipz_and_axewz

    mudkipz_and_axewz mudkip lover

    My team
    (skip past my team if you want to see my problem)
    adamant nature
    item - muscle band
    ability - mold breaker
    dragon claw - main attacking stab move
    dragon dance - stat booster
    earthquake - takes a good advantage of mold breaker
    outrage - my last resort move

    timid nature
    item - leftovers
    ability - serene grace
    aura sphere - ice rock and other type coverage plus never misses
    air slash - flinch spamming and STAB move
    flamethrower - some burn spamming and covers over types
    extreme speed - STAB move and is also handy for finishing off pokemon like dragonite before they recover in some way.

    quiet nature
    item - life orb
    ability - magic guard
    trick room - basically a center point to turn my team super fast against most teams but I don't always have to use it.
    psychic - STAB move
    shadow ball - type coverage and lowers special defense
    focus blast - again type coverage and can lower special defense

    mild nature
    item -
    ability - torrent
    surf - STAB move
    earthquake - again another STAB move and quite powerful
    hammer arm - yes makes it slower but works in my favor sometimes
    ice beam - dragon coverage

    Ok I need help deciding on two Pokemon for the last positions of my team.
    my main strategy which really works form me is to send out haxorus or in double battles haxorus and togekiss and get haxorus to do a much as it can until it faints (for those who haven't guessed yet togekiss is immune to earthquake.) I then send out reuniclus try and get a trick room and them generally out speed the rest of the battle. this is my main reason for having those which are normally slower than usual. plus if trick room fails all my pokemon have great defensive's and hold out for quit awhile. however I really need help on 2 pokemon which would suit my team well and plz no-one say ferrothorn because I tried using it and just can't. any other tips would be useful as well. thqs in advanced

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