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A Snow White Kinda Story


Well-Known Member
I was thinking of making a Snow White story. Snow White could be May, the prince could be Brendan, and Jessie could be the evil queen.

Yes, this is a Hoennshipping story.

I was thinking for the 7 seven dwarfs, I could use my pokemon team from the game, plus my Swampert. Or, I could use the anime characters.

What do you think?

Hip-Hop Master

could be alright..but a lot(if not all) Have already seen/watched/heard/read Snow white so it woulnt get alot of reviwers and a high star rating. Weel thats just MY opinion, u wanna do it, go do it.

Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
It wouldn't hurt to try and make it original, or make it a pokemon parody of Snow White. Or something else. It doesn't matter if people already know about Snow White, I mean ffs with that logic wtf do people make pokemon stories, RP's or forums? It's not the 'story' that draws them in, it's the plot, the characters the originality, some spark that makes it unique.

If this user can pull it off, well, it'll be the first pokemon snow white I've seen.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
The Seven Dwarfs could be


Well-Known Member
I was thinking of using


What'd you think?

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Actually, considering the dwarves were miners, they should be Diglett.


I think you could pull it off with quite a bit of revision and modification to the origional story of Snow White. I mean, if it's too much like the real thing, nobody's going to want to read it. I based my fanfic, Love and Loyalty (see sig), on the basic idea of Romeo and Juliet, but I've changed it so much that you can hardly tell it ever was. And I'm getting a lot of reviewers. Seu, if you take Snow White and make it a lot more origional, I'm sure you can be succsessful. ^__^