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A solution to cloning!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by pokemistress, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    (The official cloning thread is just full of people saying what they've cloned)

    A lot of people think that the emerald cloning glitch has ruined the fourth generation because there's no way to tell between the clones and the "real" pokemon. This means that the Wi Fi trading thing will be full of Shiny Mews and everyone will have one and they won't be special and the whole wi fi trading will be flooded with clones.

    I think i have a solution! (me of all people!)

    Whatever hosts the trades can look at the Id numbers of pokemon, and then register who has that pokemon and if it sees two with the same Id number it can stop both/all of them from being traded by having a list of cloned pokemon. I think that would work.
  2. Arion

    Arion Ultimate Guitarist

    That seems like a clever solution to that problem nice idea.
  3. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    I can't believe i think i'm the first to have thought of it.
    Now if anyone can see a reason it won't work i'd be happy to hear. If not we might have to have a pan-forum refferendum on wether we should delete this thread and never speak of it again or alert nintendo/gamefreak there is a cloning glitch that will ruin the fourth gen and that we think we have an idea of how to stop it.
    the fate of Shinou is in our hands! ^^
  4. Leebui

    Leebui Questionable...

    No, it won't work. That's saying I can't trade 10 Anniversary promos. All of them (Celebi, Espeon, Entei, Suicune, etc.) have 10 ANIV as their trainer's name and 00010 for their IDNO. Also, the JAA allowed you to download more than once of each Pokemon, so if the system you suggested would be established, nearly all offcial promo Pokemon would be banned off trading.

    I certainly wouldn't want my Mews, Celebis, and Deoxys, as well as tons of other event Pokemon to suffer from that system, as they all contain the same event IDNO. and usually event trainer names to show they were official.

    Examples: TRU Mew: Trainer name: MYSTRY [Trainer is male or female] IDNO.
    06930. USA Jirachi: Trainer name: WISHMKR [Trainer all males] IDNO. 20043.

    Those examples alone should prove how the system would kill Wi-Fi as well. Especially Jirachi, where you can obtain a unlimited amount without cloning.

    Also, mass cloning may be a curse, but it's a blessing to others as well. It's not as bad, especially if it's for the purpose of helping each other get Pokemon, so just think about everyone's needs when trying to get rid of stuff like this.
  5. Darkfall

    Darkfall Abuses SHIFT + ENTER

    ^ kinda wins...
    Besides, some of use need clones, otherwise we may never get our hands on some event pokemon or items...
  6. Judai Yuki

    Judai Yuki Banned

    No. Never again.

  7. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    I "need" mew and celebi and all the other pokemon i can't get because i can't go to events as much as anyone else. and it sucks, it's heartbreaking to know that if you lived in the us you could get all these cool super rare pokemon at events where you get to meet other trainers...
    I believe that things should be fair, it won't be any fun if EVERYONE has all the Mews and Celebis etc. also it won't be long til everyone has shiny mews and celebis. Already in the cloning thread people are talking about how much money they will make... THat's not what pokemon is about! CLoning would be fine if it meant each person could get a mew... but it won't mean that because people are greedy, there'll be people with lots and lots and everything that's special about them now will go.

    Maybe for pokemon with the same id number (i thought they all had different ones) you'd have a way of registering, and you're only allowed to register one per account (or savegame) would that work?
  8. Slim

    Slim Crazy Trainer

    You're not the first to think of it, people thought of it when it was first discovered. And it wouldn't be the ID number, since it's the same for all your pokemon anyway, but you could use the hidden Personality number, since that is different for every Pokemon. Or even better -- use both the Personality number and the IVs, since they don't change either. The probability of all that being the same without using the cloning glitch is much too small.
  9. Arion

    Arion Ultimate Guitarist

    Great point lee i didn't think about it that way
  10. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Well at least there is a way to stop it. Is there a consensus on whether clones should be allowed? I heard the pope is against it.
  11. Leebui

    Leebui Questionable...

    Maybe, but it goes along with the event problem. From I can understand, you're saying I can only register one event Pokemon of its kind to be traded of whatever. Again, I had a Mew with perfect 31 EVs, and a Mew with not so great EVs. If I only kept the "inferior" Mew for the sake of giving it to another person for the sake of kindness, I couldn't. This is because I registered my "superior Mew," so the game may think the inferior one was a clone.

    I may of understood your idea wrong, it's just not really clear for me.

    BTW, shiny event Pokemon (other than set shinies, the GameStop/EB Games Zigzagoon with Liechi Berry, and JAA Flying Pikachu I believe) are almost unheard of. No one has any proof that events can even yield such things. So if everyone does have a shiny Mew, it would only be "legit" if it was a Japanese Faraway Island Mew, as only Japan had proper access to that island as of yet.
  12. Judai Yuki

    Judai Yuki Banned

    Who the **** cares? ZOMG The Pope is against Pokemon.

  13. Pokemonger49777

    Pokemonger49777 IT'S ASHER JESUS!!!

    Not a bad idea. Why didn't I think of that?
  14. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Well i don't really understand the mechanics, all i want is a cure to clones. Ideally Nintendo would have events everywhere and then ban past event pokemon from trades and in the new events give them all special unique ids... but that probably won't happen.
    If my system works for all the non-promo pokemon all we have to do is think of a seperate system that can work for the promo pokemon that can be used aswell.
    The promo pokemon aren't all identical because they can have different natures... that might be a start.
  15. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    I care quite alot actually. And no the pope isn't against pokemon but he made a big speech about being against cloning (as in people cloning)
  16. Pokemonger49777

    Pokemonger49777 IT'S ASHER JESUS!!!

    Hopefully nintendo doesn't take the cloning glitch out of the new copies of pokemon emerald. That would SUCK!
  17. Judai Yuki

    Judai Yuki Banned

    I don't think so. This is a game, not real life.

  18. Leebui

    Leebui Questionable...

    No, because again, there only so many combinations of natures. Also, someone mentioned the "secret personality number" or as hackers call "the secret ID," again, another flaw of this is that almost all (except the PAL Channel Jirachi from what I heard) have the same secret ID of 0. Game Freak apparently did this as then no one could get a matching secret ID legitly, as the game doesn't pick 0 as a possible ID combination, but it's programmed nonetheless.

    Also, one reason beyond all would make Game Freak not establish this system. It can't be foolproof. I bet someone in Kentucky is enjoying their perfect stat Mew, just like I am. Although if the system you suggested were implemented, someone in the world is going to suffer, a small number of people, but still. So as there's no way to make it foolproof, I doubt they would even care about making it. In the end, it could cause more harm than help.
  19. pokemistress

    pokemistress Real-life Gothorita

    Not sure what you meant there. I know it's a game but it's my favourite game and i want it to still be good. I don't have a huge big social life and when pokemon goes wifi it'll be a chance for me to make lots of good friends and i can't wait... but i really don't want to see it destroyed by greedy people exploiting a glitch. although mew is my favourite pokemon i've never had one, i'd love to have one and i know if cloning is allowed in trading it'll be easy to get one but i want wifi to be honest and fun.
  20. shirika2436

    shirika2436 Confusion is bliss

    well i cant see why it wouldnt work, but then again i never really understood subjects like that anyways.

    clever idea, i hope its put into effect.

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