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A SoulSilver Team?

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by CarlosPMC, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. CarlosPMC

    CarlosPMC Pokemon Master

    Hey guys, Ive decided to replay SoulSilver again, but it didnt work well last time. I honestly have no idea where to begin in this game. Can you tell me what starter I should use, and a team that can back it up? Believe you me, a Beedrill or a Shuckle aint gonna cut it. Ive used the ones with the best stats too, but my team was mediocre at best. HAAAAALP!
  2. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    Well start with the fire one cnydaquil. Does well against most of the early gyms and levels up like crazy in the sprout tower have a water absorb wopper and a Marrep and the rest of the game will be easy. Really you only need those three for most of the game as they make up you core pokemon and levelled up enough in game they will serve you will.
  3. CarlosPMC

    CarlosPMC Pokemon Master

    I tried a quagsire once, didn't do it for me. I guess my ivs were bad cause even over leveled it was dying all the time. Ampharos was fairly decent last I used it. Thanks though
  4. Aura Of Twilight

    Aura Of Twilight Forever Clueless

    What did your previous team consist of? What were their movesets, natures, and items? Maybe backtracking might help.
  5. CarlosPMC

    CarlosPMC Pokemon Master

    Brick Break
    Double Edge

    Power Jem
    Signal Beam

    Rock Smash

    Shadow Ball
    Confuse Ray
    Dream Eater

    Iron Tail
    Stone Edge
    Dragon Breath

    Aqua Tail
    Ice Fang
    Hyper Beam

    Lost 20 times to Clair, then Lance, then eventually Red. They all had horrible natures(cant remember them), i didnt take advantage of stats, I was underleveled through most of the game. Ampharos and Typhlosion were the only ones that I could truly rely on. By the time I was at the Elite 4, my pokemon were like near level 35, had no good items and no Ev training. Honestly I was suprised I even completed the game. Cant remember the details though, I already deleted the file
  6. Ludakrix

    Ludakrix Legen-waitforit-dary

    I usually level around 4 pokemon when completing the game.

    I too suggest using cyndaquil. Typhlosion is very powerful. I also used an Ampharos and Gengar. Remember that all three of these pokemon want special moves, but use moves that give them coverage.

    I rounded out my team with Gyarados. A DD Gyarados can effectively sweep the entire E4 with this set.


    Dragon Dance
    Ice Beam

    Just take advantage of gyarados's intimidate and you'll win handily
  7. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    ^ Gyarados wants Ice Fang > Ice Beam and Earthquake > Bite ti take better advantage of DD.

    Typhloion can effectively use a Mixed set if you feel like you need more Physical balance , with Flamethrower / Focus Miss / Thunderpunch / Shadow Claw.
  8. CAMO

    CAMO ??? Trainer

    I suggest if you go with typhlosion then use this moveset I havent really tried it completely competitive but here it is:
    Eruption(great power at beginning)
    Lava plume(great power and STAB)
    Sunny day(powers up fire type moves and speeds up solarbeam)
    Solarbeam(covers most of typhlosions weaknesses)
    (Note this is a special attacking set)
  9. Seredin

    Seredin Active Member

    This is for rating. Not team building...look in a team building forum.
  10. CAMO

    CAMO ??? Trainer

    Oh sorry just a little new here but thanks for the info

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