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A Spriter's Survivor Contest V.2 Approved by Asuka

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LC Koffing Abuser
Hello and welcome to the Spriter's Survivor Contest V.2 approved by Asuka.

First of all here is the link to the last one:

How this will go:
First of all I'll need 3 other judges to judge the contest.
There will be a time limit (2 week after start) or until all 20 entry slots are filled up.
The entries will be placed into different groups with the same amount in each. (If there is an odd number, we will add and extra one somewhere)
The judges will discuss (by pm) or a chatbox I am making and decide 2 entries of every group that will be eliminated.
The entries will be put together with the other entries and we will keep on doing this until there are 2 entries left. (If there is 4 left, the judges and I will decide 1 to be eliminated)
When there is two entries left, the judges and I will choose which one is the best and that one will be the winner.

How to be a Judge:
1. First you must pm me saying you want to be a judge.
2. You must have an experience in spriting, show me your work and/or sprite thread
4. We have a four judges already, no more asking

Current Judges:
1. Lugia4ever
2. Rukaria
3. AmazingChi
4. fuzyfuz

Failure to comply in these rules will result in warnings

Group 1:
"~Dragon Master~
Group 2:
"Queen Lugia
Group 3:
"Sharpedo Master
Group 4:
Group 5:

(Credit to Foxy-Kun)
1) You may fuse, recolor, do anything you like as long as it involves sprites and follows the task.
2) Sprite-stealing will result in a report and most probably a ban.
3) Have respect for others, and if you are posting critiques please do so following the guidelines in the C&C post.
4) As soon as the deadline is reached no more sign-ups. Please.
5) You will not be warned if you are breaking the rules, you should've read them.
6) I highly suggest saving as .PNG since the quality of sprites won't degrade then. Some programs allow sprites to save to .GIF without distortion, though.
7) All Forum rules apply.
8) There will be no corresponding about the results.
9) If you post something that is not in the task you will be reported

(Again, credit to Foxy-Kun)
There will be several awards to be given away:
-For the 1st 2nd and 3rd place.
There will be several awards to be given away:
-For the 1st 2nd and 3rd place.
-For the last place.
-For the best entry in the entire contest.
-For the most creative entry in the entire contest.


Continued from last contest:


(Why again? We never finished the last contest of pixel-overs in the last thread)

Make a Pixel-Over of Sugimori art! Go here to find the Sugimori art:http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sugimoripictures.html

Shiny Sugimori Art:

And sprites:

Sprite Away~~~

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LC Koffing Abuser
Ok, Salimus. We need judges though. So look on the first post to find out how to become a judge ^_^


Ooh. Pretty Islands
hi, I'd like to enter this contest with a fusion


100% scratch!!
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LC Koffing Abuser
That's good but right now the contest is Pixel Overs, not fusions, read the 1st post :(


Ooh. Pretty Islands
i didnt read that, but when the fusions come, can you enter mine in that


LC Koffing Abuser
This will get a lot of posts so you'll have to repost it, I'm sorry.


LC Koffing Abuser
WHY CANT PEOPLE LISTEN!!!!! THIS IS A PIXEL OVER CONTEST!!!! READ THE RULES!! Next person who does that gets reported!


LC Koffing Abuser
Ok, sorry, but why must you have an icon representing you?
Hi, I'll enter the same pixel over that I entered in the last contest if it's okey?



.:~Silent Strength~:
ZOMG! Count me in!

EDIT: Just when you thought her reign of terror was over... Rapidash- EDITED! BAHAHA! Good luck to all. ;D

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Sharpedo Master

Well-Known Member
May I Enter A Pixel Over? =D



It Was In My Adopt-R-Us On Pe2k..Untill I Got Ultra Forever Banned Dx

=) Enjoy. I Dont Think Its On Pe2k. I Searched "Images" For It. And Redones It!


Child safety much?
Okay can I enter?
I will soon post my entry


LC Koffing Abuser
Question: I did this:

from a card a few weeks ago. Can it count?

That does count because it technically is a Pixel-over.

EDIT: We have all judges, we do not need anymore

Oh and to all the people who say "Can I join?" but do not have an entry, you will not be guarented in, only when you post your pixel over will that happen.
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