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*A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious shop of banner and spriterstuff*(Read 1st Post)


New Member
Pino - Banner
-Background: Blue with yellow lightnings .. Can u make it look kinda dark?
-Font: http://www.dafont.com/font.php?file...ic+++++Raibolt&nb_ppp=10&psize=s&classt=alpha
-Text: Manectric Raibolt ( I want "Raibolt" to be wrtten under "Manectric" .. And a little more t the rght, to)
-Size: The same as your example ..
-Extra: No extra plz ..
-Images: I want this to the right:
(And the text to the left)
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Gren Draco

i was wondering, this is not a request and i wouldnt know how to put it using the forms and it seems pointless trying to and making it confusing, would you be able to draw a picture of the girafarig/houndoom/chrizard fushion in my sig (like you've done jolteon on then first page with the scar) and do it breathing fire with its legs angled backward in much the same pose as that jolteon?
(again sorry for not using forms but it seemed too complicated and pointless usingt them for this)


Well-Known Member
Umm. Pino, did you forget about me? where's my banner? I'v been waiting for about 3 weeks now.


Inactive due school

code: just remove the * before use
@wynaut: yours will be up later
@Gren_Draco: i'm srry but i'll have to decline your request :S srry

@koffi: srry koffi
first i'm srry that i've forgot about your request
then secondly i'm srry i''l have to decline your request it's too hard and your font isn't useable srry :S hope you understand

Also a announcement :
Starting from now until i don't know yet
I'm only going to make banners from now of on later i'll be back doing the other things but right now i'm pretty busy and it's going to get alot busier, also i don't feel like it to make the stuff right now everytime i got a request is didn't want to get started so now i gonna take a break from the spriting and just banners.
I hope you'll understand :S

ps: you can still request to the others workers Cooluke and Da14u.C

Thank you for reading
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Now with one eyebrow


Text~:The anime dialga mazter
Subtext~: soon to be ollie_the_magic_bum
Font~: regular
border type~:none
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Soaring Dreams
Pino - Banner
Background - A sky blue sky with soft fluffy clouds. I also want a bright sun shining in the centre.
Images: A pidgeot under the sun facing down on us.
Font:http://www.dafont.com/qirof.font?psize=s&text=Manectric+++++Raibolt (Make the text blend it with the clouds near the bottom) AFter the picture of Pidgeot.
Text: Soaring Dreams
Size: The same as your example please.
Extra: Can you make the Pidgeot look like a breeze is passing it?


Inactive due school
@DTG6407: accepted
@Yummyumi: accepted but please provide a image :D and i'll try the breezething XD
The requests will be from now only come online on Wednesdays and in the weekend ( most of time XD) due a busy scholl shedule
hope you all understadn thank you

*~Aipom Star~*

5 Years Time~
Hi, just thought I'd drop by and say:

1) You'd better delete my old shop from the affiliates section of your first post, as its not in existance anymore! ^^;;
2) You'd also better delete me as Shop Guardian - remember I quit?

Thanks Pino!
BTW, keep up the good work you're doing! ^-^
can you make this Pino
Desktop( strictly pokemon-related)
-Theme:best friends
-Font: Endless Voyage
-Colours: green and blue
-Size:17 inch
-Text: best friends roxel and tamyx
-Extra: nope

Drawn pokemon
-Picture to be drawn:
-Colored/not colored : colored please
-position:the same as the pic
-Extra: nope
and please and thank you


Inactive due school
@ all requested people : your requests will be up saturday or sunday cause right now i'm having a hectic time with school and stuff srry :S

@Twilightvixen desktop accepted
drawn denied please read 1st post and you'll understand :p


ps: i'll be CLOSED from monday 15th of september 'till monday 21th of september XD


beginertrainer urghh
Can i have a banner please :D
-Images:Flygon @ the top, Froslass @ the right and cyndiquill @ the left (can't spell :p)
-Background:blackk & whitee
-Font:cheri font (in cartoon)
-Text: Be jeaulous!
-Size:anyy :D

Thankkks ^_^


Roark <3
Can I have 2 banners? ^^

-Images: Official Sugimori artwork of Absol & Roserade (Absol - left & Roserade - right)
-Background: Purple with Orange and I wouldn't mind some other effects that you think will look good.
-Font: Jellyka, Endless Voyage (from dafont) (or other similar fonts if you can't do it with this font)
-Text: Strength & Elegance
-Size: any, as long as it is within range of the permitted size.
-Extra: (if you think it is suitable with the banner, I'm perfectly fine with it. I trust your taste :) )

Link for Jellyka, Endless Voyage font: http://www.dafont.com/font.php?file...Endless+Voyage&nb_ppp=10&psize=m&classt=alpha

-Images: Here: http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/c/c0/Saturn_anime.jpg
& Here: http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/b/b5/Mars_anime.jpg
-Background: Blue-ish with Red-ish and I wouldn't mind some other effects that you think will look good (may be like... a faded background or so).
-Font: Paulson (for Saturn x Mars)(all from dafont) (or other similar fonts if you can't do it with this font)
-Text: Saturn x Mars
-Size: any, as long as it is within range of the permitted size.
-Extra: (if you think it is suitable with the banner, I'm perfectly fine with it. I trust your taste)

Link for Paulson font: http://www.dafont.com/paulson.font?text=Saturn+x+Mars

Sorry, I don't know how to do the link in a shorter way (if you guys get what I mean)
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Banner from Da14u.C please

Picture(s)~:This on the left, this on the right. On the extreme left/right; the background showing in the middle where the font will be.
Background~: X
Text~: This, but with 'Rogueslay x Ratiosu'
Can you put 'Pwnage Pair' above it in smaller letters, same font?
Font~: ^^up in Text^^
border type~: anything you think looks good.
Thank ya kindly!

Gren Draco

Could i have a banner please Pino?:

-Images:http://arkeis.com/images/pokemonfactory/houndoom.png on the right side and
http://arkeis.com/images/pokemonfactory/dusknoir.png in the middle and finally could i have http://arkeis.com/images/pokemonfactory/froslass.png on the left if it's too much just forget houndoom and froslass thanks :)
-Background: http://webscripts.softpedia.com/thumbnails/JK-Vortex-0.png
-Font: http://www.dafont.com/28-days-later.font
-Text: Team Twilight Chaos
-Size: slightly bigger than the one in your signiture
pino i can't find my best friends desktop
and can i have this

-Shaded: yes
-Extra:is dark green with the hair bit just a fringe that is longer on the left the tip of the ears tails fringe gold and under the bottom of the eyes gold and gold ring around the neck and just above the paws and this
patten on the top of the leg like and can the tuft be longer and messier please

-Shaded: yes
-Extra:floppy ears and the fringe is just above the eyes and the tuft is longer and the colors are


New Member
Hi! I would like to request a banner?



Font: no font.
Text: no text.
Size: 500 by 131 pixels.
Extra: please add many nice gold sparkles, and a few purple swirls in the background that mostly blend in with the black background, not to really stand out. Can you please render Fantina from that picture, and place her in the center.

Thanks in advance!
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Request please Pino!
-Pokemon: Bellossom
-Angel/Devil: Angel

-Pokemon: Bellossom
-Angel/Devil: Devil

Thanks! ^^
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