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A Tale of Heroes (M)[Discussion]

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by AJ2000, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member


    Approved by Kamotz
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    Man has forever sought to seek more power. Since the beginning of mankind, there are those who follow, and those who lead. There was once a King named Arzun. His majesty ruled with an iron fist, separating society into an upper, middle and lower class. Increasing taxes, slavery of the poor, were just some of the methods he used to increase his power in the world. Limiting the teaching of magic to only those who could afford it, Arzun was able to create the country to his liking.

    “Your highness, does nothing satisfy you? Even Royals in other countries envy you.” A man asked. Arzun did not understand the meaning of the question. If there was still more power to be sought, then why would he not try to obtain it?

    “Tell me…if we were at war, then would other countries hesitate to attack?” The King asked the man. The man didn’t reply. “Of course not. They don’t fear us. At least not yet.” The King said. With that in mind, the King had an idea. What he needed was something to show that they were not to be messed with. Stricter laws would indeed enforce his power over the people, but that didn’t help him with facing other countries.

    “What do we need to be feared?” The man asked curiously. The King looked at the man, and gave a malicious smile. The King’s intentions were to keep a weapon, capable of destroying entire armies.

    “We need a Dragon.” Yes, the King’s idea was to capture the very essence of fear itself within nature. The man was shocked. Dragons were the rarest of beasts. Many people spend their entire lives without ever finding the elusive creature, let alone capture it. “We leave tonight.” With that said, the King and his finest men packed their bags and headed to the wilderness.


    After a month of travelling, the grueling sun was beating down on the men and their bodies were taking a toll. Out of the fifty, twenty men were gone. Some done in by wild animals, others suffering from natural causes. “Your highness…we need to go back. The more we stay out, the more men we will lose.” The man said, throat dry. The King hesitated, looking in front of them.

    “This is it. It has to be. The Dragon’s Nest”. The men stared into a pit filled with webs and the stench of rotting flesh. Carcasses were scattered about, torn limb by limb. Without word, the men climbed down the pit, eventually retreating from the surface of the upper world down to the foreign cave. “We’re almost there.” The men reached the bottom of the pit, with a loud growl rushing through the caverns bringing along a lingering odor.

    “I think…that’s the-“ The man was cut off, as a loud screech hissed through the cave, enough to make a man’s ear bleed. They were soon faced with a pair of red eyes, glowing within the darkness of the caverns.


    The World has entered the Third Aeon. Currently in the midst of a civil war, the country known as Salos is not exactly the most stable place. Split into two regions known as Kale and Grandora, Diaz, the current ruler of the region Grandora has begun his reign of terror on the country. In an effort to attain more power, he has taken control much of Kale’s regions to create his own empire, aptly giving himself the title of ‘Emperor’ Diaz. Created from his wake of destruction, his actions have caused many rebellion groups to arise within the nation, trying to put an end to his takeovers. The aftermath of many battles have left places desolated and covered with the bodies of those who fell. Although there are still many ‘neutral zones’, or rather places that have not been affected by the war, travellers should still be weary of venturing into dangerous territory.

    Flogged by the whip of war, the people of Salos have tried to adapt to this never-ending dispute. The military is now a fallback for many people without jobs, and those who do not wish to risk their life try to cope with that life throws at them. Those opting for a different way of earning money have turned to a life of crime, more specifically, the bandit problem which has given rise over the past few years. Pillaging poor travellers and raiding smaller towns, it is no surprise that the war has given them the chance to settle and expand from within the shadows as everyone is occupied with the current state of the country.

    Diaz, however, has seemingly created his own solution to the crime problem that has arisen in ‘his’ country. His implementation of Galvez Prison, is a 'super' facility of sorts, for all forms of criminals as well as rebellion groups and those who oppose Diaz’s ideals. The prison is a hell-on earth located near the Grey Mountains, on the western side of the country. Although nobody is sure what goes on in there, it is evident the prisoners are somehow dealt with, seeing as how nobody has ever come out. Under constant watch, nobody can get in either without permission or approval of access. Now only time can tell how this war will be played out, and how it will end.


    The RP world is set in the traditional medieval/fantasy route. The country of Salos is a rather temperate one, colder in the north, and tad warmer in the south, overall it is generally pleasant to live here depending on the location. Forests, grasslands and mountains comprise the general terrain, with the odd marshland here and there. As stated before, the country of Salos is separated into two regions, known as Kale and Grandora. Diaz reigns control of Grandora, and a man with the title of King known as Kazul controls Kale.

    Note: This section is where all lore-related stuff is going to go. It's empty right now, but I will gradually keep adding stuff in here.

    Note#2: If you are wondering what the legend has to do with the RP, it is there because there will be several references to it throughout, and plays a huge role later on. Your character doesn't have to be familiar with the legend at all.


    There are seven elements in total. Elements are essentially the type of an individual’s attacks and magic. Everyone has an element, although not all can use magic (your characters will be able to use magic). Magic of someone’s own element will be stronger. However, some of your other magic of a different element may be weaker and harder to learn. Essentially magic of your element is easier to learn, and magic of resisting element is harder. Here are the elements:


    In a nutshell, Fire resists Electric, Electric resists Water, and Water resists Fire. The other 4 elements are neutral, and are weak against their respective counter part. Keep in mind, don't think of this chart similar to Pokémon, where water always fire, etc. This is not an elemental heavy RP where magic of all sorts is only going to work against the opposing element. Think of this as more of a guideline if anything.


    Magic has many uses rather than just causing physical harm. The amount of magic spells created is nearly limitless. Magic can be learned by either practicing, learned from others, or created by one’s self through extensive research and trial and error. They can range from simple attacks, healing spells, shields, etc. Mana is the energy needed to perform Magic. The amount of Mana depends on the person. Some people naturally have larger reserves of Mana, and others do not. The main way of increasing Mana is through training, frequency of usage, and the most common way is just by waiting, as time naturally lets your body increase reserves of mana. There are also some items that may increase mana reserves or regeneration. It should be noted that generally speaking, all humans have the capabilities to perform magic, although only a select few would actually choose to study it. Knowing the odd spell or two or three isn't uncommon either.

    Note: Any sort of magic regarding the usage of bringing back the dead is off limits. Healing magic is mainly going to be within the elements of Water or Light, but if you can provide a good reason for it being of a different element go ahead.


    Upon waking up, the group found themselves trapped within the walls of the infamous Galvez Prison. Awaiting their sentence, they were soon dealt with by being dropped into the prison's feeding pit, where the beast that lurked below was ready to feast upon its new prey. After some quick thinking and teamwork, they managed to escape the clutches of the beast and find a way out of the prison caverns below! Emerging to the well-missed outside world, the group realizes that the celebration must be cut short. Still in prison territory, they work their way down the mountainous region where the prison was located, and decide to set up camp in a nearby cave, where they get to know one another a bit more, and have a good night's sleep.

    The next morning, the trek continues, until they soon find themselves arrive to a small town named Orven. A seemingly normal town at first, the group soon come to find out that the town has been overrun by the notorious bandit group who call themselves the Skull Union. Meeting a new ally named Daen, the group almost immediately gets into an altercation with the bandits, and they soon come to a heated confrontation with the Skull Union, and a face off against their leader, Vippen and his right-hand men. Managing to defeat the higher ranked bandits and causing Vippen to retreat, the town has finally been able to see the day that the bandits have been run out of town.

    Now back on the road, the group realizes that amongst them, a group member revealed himself to be known as Minister Bardel. A man who working at the royal castle located in Kale, they decide the next best option is to travel to the royal capital to figure out their next course of action since the prison debacle, with their notable staff member. Met with suspicion, it wasn't long until the group had another meeting with fate, as a quick meeting with the King revealed that he was in desperate need for aid as the war has cut him short on help. Agreeing to the King's plea, the group plans course to one of Kale's fortresses, known as Fort Belpoint, where they will aid the King's workers in creating a strategic battle front.

    Making their way en-route to Fort Belpoint, the group come across a man known as Hammel, and his wife Inora, and their son Hammel Jr. Surrounded by monsters known as Spectres, Hammel pleas for help, as the group attempts to send the thirsty monsters away. With the hcoast clear, Hammel offers the group a carriage ride to the town of Winness, where Fort Belpoint would lie just north. However, caught up in a rather unprecedented situation, the group finds themselves stranded in the middle of the forest, as Hammel's horses begin to act strangely and refuse to move any further. Deciding to kill time, the ex-prisoners wander around the forest known as Moll Wood, only to find themselves confronted with Tolly, Symon and Jeene, a trio of wildlife researchers. With the horses still not moving, the group agrees to help the trio in their research, by heading deep into Moll Wood where they come across a seemingly abandoned manor. Claiming there are valuable pieces of literature stashed away in there, the group manage to break their way inside, and loot the place of anything of decent value, much of which seems to have already been gone. With nothing of real value left inside the house, the group decides to leave, only to have a run-in with the owner of the house: A famous alchemist known as Gustav. After a brief skirmish, leaving the researchers in a critical and immobile state, and the group questioning the researchers' true motives, they take a little breather with Gustav down in his research basement.

    Explaining to the group that Moll Wood is coated in a thin haze of poison, Gustav elaborates on the effects, and its cause for the creatures of the forest to be acting strangely. Suddenly, the group finds themselves face to face with a pair of 'hired muscle', who claim they are after Gustav. A fight ensues, leaving one of the researchers dead, and the other two still unconscious in Gustav's basement.

    ~To Be Continued~


    • All forum rules apply
    • No bunnying/God-modding. Please, just don't do it. If you don't know what that means let me know.
    • Please post as frequently as you can. This is one of those RPs that is fun if you keep up.
    • If you plan being away for a while, please let me know ahead of time. I cannot stress this enough.
    • Not sure if I mentioned this, but Dragons are extinct in this RP, and have been for a looong time.
    • Swearing is allowed since this is rated 'M'. Please don't abuse this.
    • Romance/Sexual stuff I have no problems with, as long as you are not too explicit. Make sure you're not writing a new fifty shades of grey.
    • Seeing as how this is rated 'M', expect blood. It probably won't be to the extent of horror movies or anything, but expect violence.
    • Please be realistic when there is fighting. I know there's magic and whatnot, so that doesn't really apply, but if your character gets punched in the face, act like they actually did get punched rather than take it like it was nothing. Physics also apply. This means no jumping to insane heights or being able to lift boulders, etc.


    Name: (What is your character's name? First and Last.)

    Age: (18+ there's no age limit; they can even be 60 years old If you want.)

    Sex: (Male or Female)

    Element: (Pick one of the elements that your character has a natural affinity for).

    Appearance: (Gimme a description of your character. You know, height, weight, hair color/length, clothing. Make sure you write enough so people can visualize your character).

    Personality: (Okay, so here's a kicker. Instead of writing out a super long personality, what I want you to do is write out a paragraph detailing their personality. This is to keep things simple, plus it's more than likely your character may undergo changes. Afterwards, I want you to list at least three main personality points of your character down below, to summarize them up a bit. So, a good quality personality paragraph and a few personality traits /quirks down below is what I'm looking for.)
    • ~
    • ~
    • ~
    • ~

    History: (A history for your character. How has the war affected you, has it affected you at all? Are you rich, poor? Family? How did you end up in the prison? You don't really need to be a criminal, as more often than not, regular people will often end up in the prison. Other than that, nothing too hard I think.)

    Hometown: (Where is your character from? Make up your own town, but make sure they are not form another country/continent.)

    Weapon: (Your character has been stripped of all weapons, so they will not have any weapons when the RP starts. The weapon you choose must be something simple. No 'excalibur' swords or anything like that.)

    Magic: (List three spells your character knows. This can range from healing to attack type spells. They must be within your character's element. It is not possible for someone to know magic spells of all the elements, however most people are able to use two different elements; One main, and one secondary. Also make sure that your spells are not overpowered! I will be checking this, so don't even try it!)

    Name: Artus Callum

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Artus is a tall fellow, standing approximately 6’3", and weighing in at a hefty 242lbs. He is pretty solid in terms of build, from working a labor job for quite a while with his father giving him a solid amount of strength and muscle. A little more bulky than lean, he doesn't have the body of a model, and is certainly 'soft' (aka fat) in some areas. He has a light-brownish/tannish skin hue, with short black hair. His skin is free from any imperfections such as acne or scars, as he takes fairly good care of it. Most of the time his beard is shaven, but after a week of no shaving, he tends to get a bit of stubble, and even longer will result in a scruffy or rugged look. His eyes are dark brown, almost black if not seen from up close. He doesn't wear any armor, as he likes to move freely without the extra weight. Instead, he just wears a light, pale blue short-sleeved tunic. For pants, he wears somewhat loose fitting light brown pants, made out of a tough denim-like material. For shoes, he wears simple black boots that he picked up at a local market for a cheap price.

    Personality: Artus the type of guy you would want having your back. He’s a loyal friend, and never turns his back away from his peers. He can get timid at times, however this usually occurs when he is embarrassed about something such personal issues, relationship, etc. But he doesn't get embarrassed too easily, as he is fairly open about most things. In fact, he rarely gets offended by much, and will pretty much answer any question thrown at him, with the exception of the occasional embarrassing question where he will make up an answer. When around with people, he is nice and polite most of the time, and usually courteous when talking or listening to others. When he's with people he doesn't know very well, it can seem he is a bit more outspoken. He is also on the more competitive side. He loves friendly competition, and occasionally gambles for money, items, and other minor things. However, his gambling sometimes goes too far. Although he is no an addict, he does have a tendency to gamble whenever he has the chance. When it comes to fighting, he has zero combat experience, and he prefers not to get tangled up in physical altercations.

    • Loyal
    • Gets Paranoid
    • Competitive
    • Somewhat Oblivious
    • Likes to joke; Can sometimes come off as annoying
    • A bit insecure

    Hometown: Nalan; A small town south of Grandora; Currently occupied by Diaz's forces.

    History: His hometown was one of the first to be invaded by Diaz’s forces. Although they weren't exactly hostile, they weren't too nice either. People were forced into jobs they did not want, and overall made life unpleasant. Artus however, left town out of worry that something would bad would happen to him. He left without his parents and sister knowing, as things were getting a bit heated in the Callum household. As much as he wanted to stay with his family, Artus didn't want to be in a town where he would be forced into even harder labor than he was doing before, along with the fear of Diaz and his men. He has relatives that live in a another city, which is one of the many cities unaffected from the war. Their city has remained neutral, and seems like it will stay out of the way of conflict. Artus' original intent was to go travel to their city to live with them, however, in he ended up being caught in the midst of some rebel activity and got a one way ticket to Galvez Prison.

    Being a commoner, Artus entire family was mostly made up of your typical jobs. Him and his father would work labor, and his mother and sister worked in a local daycare. They weren't exactly poor, but they did have to watch what they spent their money on, which meant not too much Luxury for the Callum family.

    Hometown: Nalan – Located south of Grandora, and one of the first places to be invaded by Diaz and his forces. Currently occupied by them, life there has been more difficult with a demand for labor and farming. As of now, it resides as a 'frontier' upon entering Grandora.

    Weapon: A regular sword, made of steel.

    Element: Lightning

    Magic Spells:
    ThunderBolt[LIGHTNING]: Artus' hand becomes enveloped in electricity. Smaller bolts are able to be fired off (with sort of bad aim), however the main usage of this attack is to touch the opponent or get close to them for it to do anything reasonable.
    Barrier[LIGHT]: This particular spell is Light Elemented. Artus creates triangular shield formed out of Mana. The shield does not cover 360 degrees, but rather only one side at a time.
    Electric Blade[LIGHTNING]: Artus fills his sword with Lightning elemented magic energy, increasing damage potential.
    Other: N/A

    Current Players/Party Members

    1) Artus Callum [Jegretis]
    2) Kenna Keyes [Minteh]
    3) Rozalia Faustyna Górniak [Jean Grey]
    4) Valmiro Eberhart [Schade]
    5) Timothy Wolfe [Monster Guy]

    Other Stuff:
    *Currently working on them and replacing the old links*

    Character Playlists
    *Credit to Minteh for putting these together
    RP Playlist
    Kenna's Playlist
    Tendrick's Playlist
    Valmiro's Playlist
    Rose's Playlist
    Tim's Playlist
    Artus' Playlist
    Companion Playlist

    Henriq Keyes
    Rozalia ‘Rose’ Faustyna Górniak
    Kenna Keyes
    Tendrick Wilson
    Artus Callum
    Ria Keyes
    Timothy Wolfe
    Valmiro Eberhart

    Modern Fancasts:

    *Credit to Jean Grey For these character designs/remixes + TV Tropes Pages
    High Fantasy Version of Characters
    Val and Rose
    Tim and Kenna
    Tendrick and Artus

    All Female Fire Emblem Parodies & MLP Parodies
    All Male Fire Emblem Parodies & Hetalia Parodies
    Pokémon Trainer Parodies
    Disney Princesses
    Tarot Card Set
    Wolf Versions
    Genderbent Characters
    Tarot Cards 2nd Set
    Female Heroes
    Constellations/Eeveelution Outfits/Gemstones
    RWBY/GoT Girls/Zombie Apocalypse AU
    Modern AU/Card Suits/Musketeers
    The Many Faces of Kenna Keyes
    The Many Faces of Rose Thorn
    The Many Faces of Valmiro Eberhart
    Steampunk AU

    GoT Versions
    Valmiro, Rose & Kenna
    Artus, Tim & Tendrick

    TV Tropes Page

    *Credit to Monster Guy for these remixes*
    Pokémon Trainers
    MLP Versions
    Fairy Versions (Done by Monster Guy and Jean)
    Tendrick (version 1) & Tendrick (version 2)

    Landmarks: (Just a section for cities/towns/landmarks and whatnot, and pictures I've found on google that fit their description. If you find anymore, let me know! Pictures can be either artwork or real-life obviously, but I have yet to come across decent real-life pictures. Also, I obviously don't own any of these pictures, so yeah, respective rights to their respective artists/owners.)
    The Grey Mountains (Picture 1
    Kale (Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, A Cool Map I found that I think looks like Kale)
    Orven (Picture 1, Picture 2)
    Winness (Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, A Cool Map I found that I think looks like Winness)

    In case Y'all wonder how I think up names for the stuff in the RP, I use this. Every name in the RP is pretty much from there, or at least a deviation of a generated name.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2016
  2. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    First!! lol

    My first post was pretty boring.. Will the prison break be like it was in the earlier adaptations of this RP?
    Btw, I must say, having been in both the earlier versions, this one is really spectacular in compartment. The OP is amazing!
  3. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member

    Wow, that was really quick 0.o

    Haha, thanks :) Well, technically we aren't 'breaking' out of prison. More like escaping lol. But yeah, it's going to be a bit different.

    In case anyone was wondering, I'm also trying to link the characters to their respective SUs so you don't have to keep going over to the SU thread to find them.
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Everyone's first post will be boring. We're basically just waking up and going, "Oh look, we're in prison..."
  5. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Posted! Ehh, not too satisfied with my first post but I was going along the same lines as everybody else. Afterall, we can't do much else since some of them are still asleep!

    I'm excited to see what happens next!
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    On an unrelated note, I just love how Kenna is the one from a cold place, yet Tim is the one with Ice based spells. :p
  7. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Yeah, and the home city for Valmiro is pretty similar to the dark, stony style of a prison cell, so he should actually feel somewhat at home there. lol
  8. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    If I'm being honest, I was originally planning on giving Kenna an ice spell. However, seeing as though Tim already covers that I decided to leave that for a later time :)
  9. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member

    I see Rose has started some drama in the cell 0.o

    Sort of made a short post :/ Not much to it lol. I'm assuming some people will react to Rose, so once that's all done, I shall make a post that continues the RP :)
  10. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Kenna has reacted to Rose's behaviour, but she's a bit tentative about getting involved in that situation. She just wants to avoid Rose's mean side if possible!
  11. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Once again, Tim gets a shaken by a girl. This happened in the last one too. xD (On a different forum.)

    I'll post a bit later. I want to see if anyone is actually going to do something, or just stand there and watch. :p
  12. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    C'mon, Rose is hostile but far from scary. XD If anything, the most threatening would have to be either Tim or Zerah...or Tendrick (if one hates rules). XD In Hetalia terms, she'd be closest to Belarus or Norway, both the "harsh beauty" in their respective groups, and in Fire Emblem Awakening terms, she's Severa. XD None of them are scary at all! XD
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2014
  13. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Tim is only threatening if you really piss him off. Otherwise, he's adorable! <3
  14. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Then he'll set off an eternal winter. XD With Rose...there's just a certain appeal that a Tsundere somehow has. She just lacks the pigtails...she wouldn't want to wear 'em, hehe. She's probably the closest thing to being the group's "beauty", alright. XD Don't worry, Rose will reluctantly become Tim's sort-of caretaker. Somebody has to look out for the littlest member after all...Rose would be one of the more unexpected ones. XD
  15. Le Prince de Fées

    Le Prince de Fées Spirit Conductor

    Is Tim going to react to Rose? I was gonna wait to see his response before having Zerah intervene. He isn't the type to just watch as someone gets picked on.
  16. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    I feel like Valmiro will fall in love with Rose. lol
    They're both dark-types too, and he'll like her fiery persona.
  17. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    If by react, you mean scream, then hide behind a smelly crate, then yes. xD I wanted to see if someone is going to intervene before I posted, though. But, I can go first if you'd prefer.
  18. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Not scream! I want him to not be afraid of Rose. Look up and say "hi" kinda timidly? She's not ugly or monster-like. XD
  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    You basically shook him when he wasn't prepared, and the kid is easily startled. Screaming will happen. :p
  20. Le Prince de Fées

    Le Prince de Fées Spirit Conductor

    I would scream if someone in a prison cell shook me, especially if I looked like Tim. I figured that it would make sense for you to go first Monster.

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