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A Tale of Heroes (M)[The Sign-Up]


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"Here he comes, filled with hatred and anger. I don't know what caused a man to become like this, but here he comes...with a hunger to devour everything we've worked for."

- Minister Bardell

The sounds of windows shattering, horrified screams and shouting filled the nighttime air as citizens scrambled to get to safety. Like a nightmare, the town was engulfed in flames and shot out chimneys of smoke that nearly covered the full moon. Horses sped through the streets, with soldiers slaying those they raced past with their blood covered swords. As the townsfolk began to fall one by one to the Emperor’s men, the remaining citizens who weren’t able to flee, suddenly found themselves at the centre of the town, unable to escape the soldiers and their horses, who had surrounded them. “Halt!” A man ordered, raising his hand, signalling his men to cease their attack on the remaining citizens. Jumping down from his horse, the man slowly and confidently approached the group of townsfolk. They cowered at the man, his face covered in a mask that was lit orange from the embers that surrounded their razed town. Pleading and begging, the townsfolk huddled together to prepare for their bloody fate.

“Commander…is all of this really necessary?” Another man spoke, slowly approaching the masked man. His steel blade nearly glistened from the red of its fallen victims, seemingly not caring about its appearance as he lifted his cape and sheathed it. Flecks of ember floated in the air, which would almost be beautiful if it weren’t for the current situation.

“It was his Emperor’s request.” The Commander then lifted his hand, pointing at the townsfolk. “One or two of them…It’s no big deal if they are out of line. The problem lies within numbers.” The Commander turned to look at the caped man. “They were given plenty of chances, and they chose the other option.” He then quickly jolted his gaze back at the townsfolk, watching as they continued to panic and huddled together. He watched for a few brief moments, almost in solace, before raising his hand. Signalling his men, numerous armoured soldiers raised their spears, and readied them in front. walking towards the townsfolk, with their final screams filling the air.


Currently amidst a civil war, the country of Salos is not exactly the most stable place on the continent. Split between two warring states, North Salos and South Salos, a man known as Diaz has made it his mission to overthrow the current Royal family, and take the country for himself. Although he currently goes by the title ‘Emperor’, the real King of Salos resides within the country’s capital city, known as Kale. King Kazul, as he’s known by, currently controls South Salos, although his grip on the country wanes the longer Diaz’s reign continues. Utilizing methods such as razing cities and towns, Diaz’s takeover is hostile, intending to burn all those who oppose him to the ground. The people backing Diaz often align their ideals with him, agreeing with his notion that there needs to be something done about Salos’ current state. A country run by the same family of monarchs for generations, needs change, and many people agree with Diaz.

As of right now, Diaz resides in the ‘unofficial Capital city’, Grandora. Located in North Salos, it can be considered to be the capital city if Diaz succeeds in his plan. Slowly but surely, his men travel from town to town, forcing the towns to give up rule under the current King. These visits often enough result in bloodshed, although a more tame option is also available should people listen. Because of the current war, much of the borders of Salos are closed off from travel, leaving the country to fend for itself, and solve it’s own problems until its ready to tie the knot again with its neighbours.


Our story takes place in the town of Belpoint. Known as Fort Belpoint currently. It is a mid-sized town nestled between grasslands and forests, and is home to a myriad of occupations such as markets, mill work, and farmers, etc. However, due to the war, there is an increased presence of soldiers from Kale, due to its location and needing protection from Diaz. Barriers and scaffolding have been set up on the outside of town, with more guards stationed beyond city outskirts. A watchtower has been built right outside the city, for the sole purpose of being able to keep a lookout for anything or anyone passing by. Even travellers find it difficult to enter this city. Life for the most part is quaint in Belmont, and relatively easy going. People work, eat, and sleep and is a straightforward town. In fact, many would call it as one of the more populated cities of the country, due to its size.

Your character is a resident of Belpoint. How they came to this town, is up to you. What their profession is, is up to you. How they spend their days, is also up to you. The world is a cruel place, and people backstab each other all the time. It is up to you to find allies and make friends with those you value and trust.


Magic according to lore, is considered dangerous, volatile, and unpredictable. As such, the world has strict rules for the use of Magic. It cannot be used openly in public, unless under certain life or death circumstances. Generally speaking, magic can be learned through books, or through teachers. Studying magic takes time, no matter who you are. It’s stressful on the body to perform, and it can be mentally exhausting to even study. With that said, given time and constancy and w willingness to learn, nothing is impossible. Furthermore, Magic can be broken down into these categories:

Offensive: Offensive magic includes all spells that inflict some sort of damage directly. Examples of this include a standard Fireball spell, etc. Essentially if it will harm someone or something, then it counts as Offensive Magic.

Defensive: Magic in this category includes spells that don’t do damage. Generally speaking, Defensive Magic usually fall under one of two criteria: 1) The spell protects the user or someone else from harm 2) The spell will incapacitate someone or something without directly harming them. Examples of each could include some sort of barrier than ward off foes, or a spell that may stun a foe.

Healing/Miracle: Healing magic is also referred to as Miracle Magic by some in the world, especially religions. Doctors often use this to help with their medicine, and treat their patients. It is fairly straightforward, in the sense that this type of Magic heals the user or target, or helps ailments. Please note, no Healing Magic will ever 100% repair wounds or damages. Same goes for illnesses. It is not always possible to cure diseases through magic.

Support: Support magic is anything that does not fall under the above categories. Examples of Support Magic include reinforcing an object, blessings, to possibly even some sort of combat boost. Examples of each can include possibly reinforcing an iron arrow to become stronger, or a blessing spell to bestow someone with more energy to perform magic.

Note, if you think a spell you are creating is deemed ‘too strong’, or you are unsure of what its category would be, just ask. You don’t necessarily have to ask me, but maybe post in a discussion thread so other people can chime in. With that said, these types of spells are not allowed (Note: This list will be updated regularly as I see fit):

  1. Reviving the dead is not allowed
  2. Any sort of magic that can create or conjure life
  3. Curses of the sort that can insta-kill
  4. Shapeshifting magic
  5. Anything that can create an object out of nothing. For example, creating a physical weapon out of magic.
  6. Time travel, slowing down time, ripping space, etc. That would be too powerful, and such magic does not exist.


When making your character, it’s important to pick a class. Although your character won’t actually introduce themselves with such a title (e.g. - “Oh I’m a thief class!”), these classes are a good starting point for building the basis of your character. As such, each class has their own set of abilities and limitations. Also note, the classes by no means dictate who your character is or what they are supposed to be. For example, picking a warrior class doesn’t mean your character has to be a literal warrior or knight. Likewise, picking Thief class doesn’t mean your character is a Thief by trade. The classes are strictly for combat purposes, for the most part. It has no effect on personality, traits, appearance, etc. I do this for balance among the characters, as I do not want every single character super efficient in magic.

Most characters of this class utilize a sword or close-ranged weapon and have traditional, basic combat skills (e.g - Striking). Some characters within this class are able to use very limited magic. Healing magic is generally out of their range, however, with A LOT of practice, they may be able to use some forms of offensive magic. Their magic will never be as complex as someone that has a natural affinity for it.

+ Strong Melee
+ Access to Offensive Magic

- Not able to use anything other than Offensive Magic​

Also known as Hunter, characters within this class generally utilize long-ranged weapons such as a bow and arrow. Some may also carry daggers, or other small weapons. Archer/Hunter class characters usually have access to magic, although their natural affinity for magic is limited, and generally limits them one or two types of magic (e.g - healing magic, offensive, defensive, support etc). However, learning these types of magic comes rather easy to them.

+ Strong Ranged combat
+ Can also utilize small close-ranged weapons
+ Can Learn up to two types of magic at a good pace

- The actual strength of their magic may not be as good as those who excel in magic​

Mages have the strongest affinity among any class. Generally speaking, characters of this class are naturally able to learn magic, as they have the requirements needed among humans. Although one must still study hard, and learning magic is difficult, Mages can definitely perform and learn magic with more ease than another human who has no natural affinity for it. For example, one human could try to learn magic as much as they could, but make little to no progress whereas another may be able to comprehend its concepts much easier. Magic can be broken down into these elements: Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Nature, Earth, Lightning and Wind. Healing magic is generally limited to Water and Light based magic. Humans by their very limitations as a species, are also able to only excel in a certain element of magic. What that element is, is dependant on the Mage themselves. Of all the classes, Mages naturally have the most energy when it comes to performing magic. Some Mages may also utilize a wand or sceptre or staff to focus magic, although it is difficult to learn how to use a magical tool of the sort. This is because many inexperienced magic users, may find the tool ‘suppressing’ their magic rather than focusing it.

+ Able to perform all types of magic
+ Learning magic comes rather easily

- Generally do not have much melee combat capabilities​

Apostles, like Warriors, often fight with a close ranged weapon. Sword, Spear, etc. However, unlike the Warrior class, they are able to perform magic to a higher degree. However, its generally focused into one or two types. For example, Healing, defensive, support, etc. Learning magic takes time for them, and with practice. They find it hard to learn and perform offensive magic. Sort of opposite of Warrior, who would have an easier time learning offensive magic.

+ Strong close-range combat
+ Able to Learn magic to a higher degree than that of a warrior

- Not able to learn all types of Magic
- Offensive magic is hard to learn​

Mercenary class characters have absolutely no magical capabilities whatsoever. Their only tool is combat, and are generally the most versatile in terms what they use. Weapons can range from axes, to swords, to even maces and arrows.

+ Versatile in the weapons they can use

- Have no magical abilities whatsoever​

Thieves are often smart combatants. They are quick on their feet, and can be analytical, waiting for a single moment to strike. Because of this, they excel in quick kills with knives, and small weapons, and even swords. Their magic is very fitting with their combat styles, and they generally have a wide range of the type of magic they can do. They can also learn magic at a decent pace, however the actual power behind their spells may sometimes be lacking.

+ Tactical, and good close-ranged combat
+ Able to learn all sorts of magic at a good pace
+ Good with certain tools

- Actual power behind these types of magic may be lacking, however, the versatility can sometimes make up for this​


Note: I know it may seem like Magic is nerfed in this roleplay, and it sort of is. A character with no magical capabilities should still be able to kill someone who does have some. This isn't elemental ‘bending’, as there are strict spells and rules of magic involved, and performing magic takes up energy of the character and thus should be used when necessary. Here are the general rules of using magic:

  1. Magic should not be used openly in public. By its very nature, magic is dangerous it can be used to harm someone, whether that’s accidental or not.
  2. Magic takes up energy. Someone cannot constantly exert energy for hours on end to perform magic, as that is dangerous to the body.
  3. Learning spells takes time. It’s not as simple as reading a book or learning from a teacher and then being able to perform it. Magical spells can be found in books, or can be taught from other people who know magic. Some spells may require a chant to perform, while others do not. This all depends on the spell itself.
  4. Spells that bring the dead back to life, do not exist. Although certain advanced spells can take control of a host (including a dead one), spells that actually instil life into a corpse are unheard of.
  5. Other than obvious elemental advantages (Water can extinguish fire, etc), specific elemental advantages among magic are not present.
  6. Shapeshifting magic exists, although it is not usable by humans.


  1. All Serebii forum rules apply (No god modding, bunting without permission etc)
  2. The roleplay is rated M. It’s rated as such to allow the most freedom with your character and the story. Do not abuse this. Even if it’s rated M, does not give enough excuse to constantly swear in your posts.
  3. This OP will be constantly updated with Lore, in relation to the role-play universe. Make sure your character doesn’t do anything Lore breaking (E.g - illegal magic, knowing something they shouldn’t etc). Don’t worry about this too much, if something comes up, I’ll let you know.
  4. As mentioned before, Magic is under stricter rules this time around. Follow the rules of magic, and don’t be overpowered. This is not a role-play about fighting, but rather story and adventure.
  5. Only human characters are allowed
  6. The world can be unlawful place sometimes, however, try to refrain from killing random people in the roleplay. Unless there is some sort of conflict where life or death is imminent, don't go around killing random townsfolk. Law is still in effect.
  7. Physics also apply. No jumping 10 feet into the air, breaking rocks with a karate chop, etc.
  8. You are allowed to create your own towns, cities, landmarks etc as well as your own plots. If you have a mini-plot in mind for your character, let me know and we can work something out and I will let you take reigns of the role-play for a bit while the players play through your plot line.
  9. Not really a rule, however something I wanted to note: This role-play is going to build upon the last one. This means that all events that transpired and the characters in the previous RP are canon. If you are a new player, do not worry, you don’t need to know anything beforehand to join this role-play; just consider it as a new roleplay. I only mention this for any player(s) that joined the previous iteration.


(First and Last)


(Age does not matter. Can be 13, can be 80. Just has to make sense)

(Paragraph or two with your appearance. Picture is also good, but make sure write-up is there too)

(brief description of personality)

(A history of your character, and how they came to be. Doesn’t have to be anything special, they can even be a regular average Joe)

(pick one of the classes listed above in the OP)

(Warrior and Apostle get one basic spell each, to start off. Thief and Archer get two. Mage gets three. Mercenary get none. You don’t have to use up your magic slot right now if you don’t want to, however, you MUST explain how you came to learn your particular spell(s). Make sure you abide by your class' magical capabilities)

(Your character will not start off with a weapon, unless it is fitting to their character. Your character will get one per story purpose anyways, so put down the weapon they will be getting. Nothing outrageous like a Buster Sword or anything.)

(Anything else, you'd like to mention?)


Name: Devin Brodd

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Devin stands at above average height, at around 5’11”. Working outside all day has given him a rather athletic body, although closer to the skinner side. His hair is blonde and long, at around shoulder’s length, and is generally well kept for the most part. It isn’t uncommon for him to also tie his hair back into a ponytail for when he’s working outside. His facial hair, although not long at all, is rather scruffy, almost giving him a slight rugged look. His eyebrows are darker in colour, with his blue eyes topping off his rather typical appearance for someone ethnically native to Salos. His face is also generally free from major imperfections, and looks relatively clean and oil-free from someone who works outside a majority of the time.

His clothing is rather typical and uninteresting, and this is reflected in his personality. He despises cleaning his clothes, and as such, wears clothes that are easy to clean. His usual attire consists of a cream-coloured short sleeved tunic, made up of a comfortable yet breathable material. The tunic stops right at his waist where he tucks in the rest into his dark coloured pants, secured by a brown belt and silver buckle. The pants themselves are made up of a tough material to prevent wear and tear, especially to endure when he works. To top off his look are a pair of regular brown boots. They aren’t anything special, and it’s obvious they have been through a lot as they are tattered and covered in scratches and tears. However, they are reliable and far from being trash.

Personality: Devin, for the most part is a generous, and friendly individual. He is known as a handyman, and he loves it when people come to him for help. Not necessarily the money he gets from these jobs, but mores the interaction with the townsfolk. He loves being hands-on, and loves to help people. Sometimes depending on the person, he even does the job for free (also dependant on the amount of work needed to be done). That’s not to say he doesn’t know when he’s being taken advantage of though.

Despite his nice, friendly demeanour, Devin has a knack for finding out when he’s being ripped off. Fending for himself early on, he was quick to know how the people work, especially in the city he lives in. Being ripped off many times early his handyman career, has made him weary and cautious at times, especially if the client’s strike a particular chord with him. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t give the benefit of the doubt though. He does try his best to see past certain traits and behaviours, however, he has no qualms expressing how he feels about someone if he dislikes them.

History: Devin for the most part has fended for himself from a rather younger age. His mother passed away after succumbing to a disease nearly 25 years ago, and his father also died in the line of duty many years ago. His grandmother was the sole motherly figure in his life, however, she also fell ill to the same disease that Devin’s his mother had. Commonly known as Witch Swell, it’s a disease that’s often genetic and slowly deteriorates the lungs. Because of this disease, Devin notes that it’s very well possible that he will suffer the same fate as his mother and grandmother, although he has tried several times to ask Doctors about a possible preventative measure or cure.

However, although he shows no symptoms of the disease as of yet, Devin does not let this affect his day to day life. Growing up, he was fond of fixing things, and handy work, and thus turned it into his job. His grandmother was the one who taught him everything from mannerisms, to raising and nurturing him. Despite being old, she also worked as a maid and cleaned the local Inn within the city, for money to get by and survive. It was around this time, that Devin found petty work to do, mainly errands for people for extra money for the household and barter for food and other working equipment. As of right now, and current events, Devin lives by himself in a small house on the opposite edge of town. It is nothing spectacular, only consisting of a single bedroom, open room and latrine. However, it does get the job done for him.

Magic: (None)

Class: Mercernary

Other: He wears a brown satchel that slings across his body, that he usually keeps basic supplies in when he goes to work. Things such as hammer, nails, etc.


Current Party
(no characters as of yet)
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Monster Guy

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When you say the events of the previous RP are canon, what do you mean? I’m considering bringing Tim back, but like I need to know how much time has passed, and what events I need to include in my history section... Or if I’m even allowed to use Tim...
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Metallic Wonder
Yes to all of this!!! May i reserve a spot?


Tentative reserve, still have catching up to do in a lot of places - but if I can manage that this week, definitely signing up! Thinking of a healer of some sort, since I usually don't play them.


Metallic Wonder
plopping down my WIP now.

Name: Salem of Morgrem
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Salem stands slightly above the average crowd at 6'0" feet, and appears slightly taller due to the upright posture he carries most of the time. He has a surprisingly toned physique, revealing that he trains a lot despite his otherwise slender figure. His skin is fairly pale, as he burns easily in the sun and thus prefers to be indoors, or under a tree, or down in a sewer. A notable trait of Salem's is that he has heterochromia: One of his eyes have a deep green color, while the other is bright red. His hair has a notable crimson color, and he takes great care of it, styling it to look its bst whenever he can. His hair is medium short, with natural waves that ends in curls. Despite the admittedly unsettling eye, Salem has an otherwise youthful face, with high cheekbones, prominent jawline and gently arched eyebrows which gives his face a more friendly look to it. He also has freckles on his cheeks and nose.

For clothing, Salem always think practicality over appearances. The way he gets around this in order to look dashing is by wearing very light armor. He wears a puffy-sleeved shirt with a sturdy leather vest over it, which he keeps unstringed to show off juuust a little too much of his chest. Under the sleeves, he wears slim yet sturdy leather bracers which ends in fingerless gloves. He also wears one silver bracelet on each hand to accessorize. He wears stretchy leather pants that are tight enough for you to know he does it on purpose. They're black leather, with lacing going up on both sides, revealing some skin and some.. chainmail? His boots reach to just under the knees and are made from a dark brown leather, same as his vest. He wears a decorative belt around his waist with holsters for a variety of nifty items and trinkets and, of course, some of his daggers. Salem also wears a hooded cape, deep crimson in color, with a rose and thorny wine pattern. Salem also has rose accessories on his gloves and boots in the same color as his cape. He wears a simple chain necklace with a golden ring attached to it.

Personality: Salem is, in his own words, a pretty relaxed guy that dislikes stressing, as he would rather prefer to take life at his own pace in order to take in the many different wonders the world has to offer. Traveling a lot, he enjoys meeting new people and learning about their backgrounds in order to get new inspiration for his music. If you ask him, he'd answer that his favorite place to be, besides in your company, would be sitting under a tree with his harp, playing around with emotions with its strings while humming softly. When it's for the art, it's important not to rush or stress, but to let things come naturally; Now, where did your dad keep his valuables again?

Salem is also a pathological liar. While he carries himself with a certain finesse, he is anything but how he portrays himself. It's true that he dislikes stressing, but for a guy in his profession, he rarely can afford not stress or being on the alert, as he has made quite a few enemies over the relative short span of his lifetime. Being a poet, he would rather spin a web of lies to make himself sound interesting than being honest, as he is, in fact, quite unremarkable otherwise. Even though his lies are bulletproof, he's otherwise fairly easy to read as he is very expressive. This only causes a bigger wedge between him and his lies, making him more believable to those he manipulates. Pretty much everything about Salem's personality is fake, from his supposed interesting life story, to his witty antics and charm

Underneath all of Salems pizzazz lies an extremely well-developed sense of self-preservation. Calculating and selfish, Salem looks out for nobody but himself, at the cost of any human compassion or remorse that he would otherwise feel, choosing instead to deal with the moral backfirings of his actions later down the line, preferrably over a lot of alcohol, music and women. And men lol. His cunning lets him craft elaborate plans and deceptions, often also putting himself at risk in order to make it appear more believable, though only if he knows for certain he won't be in any real danger. If a task needs doing, he'll find a way to accomplish it, usually through a combination of uncompromising will and skilled manipulation of people and circumstances. People are nothing other than means to an end for him, and while he use them left and right, he tries to never directly put other lives in danger.

Salem is dishonest to a pulp, using his cunning to manipulate people into doing what he wants. His charming personality makes it easy for him to wiggle himself into where others would listen to him, and he is not above bedding you for the purpose of getting something out of you. While all his stories have at least a single root of truth to them, he exaggerates greatly in order to impress and make a name for himself. He's not one of the most famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) bard in the lands for nothing, and have a reputation to uphold, after all. That is one of the few things about him that is real: His talent. He's both an excellent musician and a surprisingly competent mage, as he has a natural affinity for learning magic of any school. If he ever put his harp away and started living an honest life, he'd most likely be able to become an excellent mage.

Underneath all of Salem's thick layers of deception, he's really just a uncertain kid being way in over his head. He's emotional and guilt-ridden, and no matter how often he shrugs off guilt and remorse, they always find a way to sneak back up to him. Due to his upbringing, Salem is also a skilled fighter, using one of his many hidden daggers to get a surprise attack or a flank attack on unsuspecting people, or in an all out fight. He takes great care of his fighting skills. He's also a very seasoned thief, even at his young age, and knows his way around locked doors with lockpicks, his charm, or just a good boot to the door. He has a habit of taking things that doesn't belong to him, and despite him being actually very wealthy now, due t his poor upbringing, he never feel satisfied as he is deathly afraid his life will lend up back where it began eventually. Salem wants to be the greatest, no matter who's toes he has to step on in order to get there

History: Salem would have you believe he stems from the humble city of Morgrem, located in a faraway land, you've probably never heard of it. A place of roses and lillies, Morgrem is a quaint city where everyone knows each other, and are untouched by the ongoing hostilities elsewhere. None of this is true, however, as Salem actually grew up in the slums of Grandora. His mother was a victim of uncongenial intercourse and walked away from him the moment he was born, and the father got killed off in a scruffle over territory even before that happened. As such, leaving little orphan Salem to fend for himself. That would've been a great story but no, he was picked up by a woman of faith, and put in an orphanage, with so many other children who have been in that same predicament.

Growing up in the orphanage, they always tried cramming heir religion down on the children, giving them what they called "Spiritual names" in order for the children to feel more in touch with divinity. Salem was thus named Remyel; a name he would never accept. As things like these kept on going, Salem was deeply unhappy, feeling that a life on the streets were better than a life in this strict regime. As such, he would start planning on escaping. He was 6 when he finally made his escape. (being a child, he was not very clever), and successfully managed to fake his own death in a fire that happened in a church located in the slums. (he really just bolted when no one was looking), and such started his exciting life as a thief.

As mentioned a few times already, Salem was 6 years old when this happened, with zero survival skills or experience. He got mugged for everything he owned literally the first day, and had to beg for scraps from food stalls or older people who pitied him. He would wear an eyepatch to hide his unnatural eye coloring, giving the impression that he was a visually challenged green-eyed kid. Despite that, however, he was determined to not head back to the orphanage, fearing, of all things, that they would mock him for his incapability of looking after himself. Fueled by this determination, he would keep on living on, dreadful as his new living arrangements had become. He lived under a bridge with a few other orphans with whom he would later become friends with. They would also teach him how to pickpocket, even though Salem was somewhat of a slow learner. He often got into trouble when getting caught red-handed, and would often come home with some new bruises.

Eventually though, as he grew older, Salem would become even more skilled as a thief and pickpocket, even learning to fight properly for when the heists went wrong. Things like "Accidentally" bumping into people in busy streets, or make swift movements with a knife over someones coin purse when they were preoccupied with other things would become as easy as breathing for him, and he slowly managed to create an ever-growing nest egg for himself, which would eventually allow him to travel, thus saving him from ending up like his father: Face down in some ditch over a trifle about who gets the corner of the brothel and who gets literally the other end of the street. This worked out for Salem, who knew he didn't want to be stuck in the same spot forever. He was skilled enough to acquire more money if he needed to, and was also inconspicuous enough to not draw attention to himself. He was still young, and would often fake being the kid of someone else near him, or pretend to not understand the language. Being street-smart, he knew his way around, and with the money he got while traveling, he was able to travel even more.

He would spend a lot of time during his travels on playing a harp he had acquired from somewhere, inspired by a growing interest that in turn stemmed from all the different musicians and performers he had observed throughout his life. He would often pickpocket those who were distracted watching street performers, after all. He always enjoyed music, and had always planned to pick up the trade eventually when he wanted to put his thieving life behind him. He would travel across the land, searching far and wide for a place where he could actually settle down, but he would eventually find himself preferring the road over more permanent residency, as he would come to enjoy seeing new places, and his shenanigans rarely allowed him to stay in one place for too long anyway..

It was during this time that his life would slowly but steadily become better. He would begin playing the harp for money instead of stealing (Even though he did snatch the occasional coin purse for the rush of it), and would spend his free time studying some magic, as he had learned he had a natural affinity for learning it. He learned a lot about proper etiquette as well from patrons in the establishments he played at, which he in turn would use for his own manipulative needs. Oh yes, even though Salems life was on the up-and-coming, he was still a thief at heart. Trust no one, only yourself, always be ready for when **** hits the fan, and always have an escape plan. He also never let down his guard, even with the people that would consider him a friend. He had experienced enough betrayal and backstabbing to practically write a book on the topic, and he would do the same to others, though more subtle in ways that wouldn't lead them back to him.

Calculating and selfish, Salem would make sure to befriend the right people and make a name for himself in the right circles as the handsome mysterious bard from a faraway land he made up, in order for nobody to be able to trace his origins. He would gain favors from nobles and learn valuable secrets from them. How, you ask? In bed, of course. Everyone talks when they feel like they can tell you everything, and Salem was an actor! Wooing his way into young nobles in order to dig up dirt on their families that he could later use to blackmail them or sell to competitors. He became quite the Casanova, known for his silver tongue in almost every town and city he left behind him, with nobody making the connections between him and the unfortunate events that sometimes followed the families he had been seen with.

However, things changed once the civil war started. Traveling mostly within the Northern Salos, Salem would notice the increased amount of soldiers in the streets on an everyday basis, as well as the change in the political climate. People he had known that used to oppose the emperor had mysteriously started to disappear. Yeah very sketchy. As such, Salem became a Diaz Supporter whenever the topic was brought up, claiming that the emperor wanted what was best for everyone, and just flat out denying the massacres he orchestrated like an idiot. Whatever to stay afloat, right? As such, Salems travels would continue, though it became more difficult for him to travel south, as the boarders were often the locations for the bigger battles which in turn made traveling by the roads a bigger hassle than it was worth.

Salem now finds himself in the city of Belport. With the war-effort going on, and the city being an anti-Diaz one, he keeps his political facades to himself for now, sailing where the wind takes him if the topic comes up. He tries living his life as he always have, by charming his way into the people with powers' circles, all while sleeping with one eye open.

Class: Thief. (Corresponds to the classic Bard class from different MMO's)

Magic: Salem's dark magic is channeled through his harp, and he can achieve a variety of effects to a varied level of effectiveness depending on how he plays. His magic is often supportive rather than offensive, and while he knows a few curses and hexes, his main focus lies in buffing his allies or immobilizing his enemies. While he can cast spells without his harp, it is more difficult for him as he use his harp as a conduit to channel his magical energy, as he use sound as a medium to fuel his spells.

- March of the Dead: Playing an upbeat tune on Veritas, Salem's allies feel light and nimble, enabling them to move and strike faster than they normally would. The effect of the spell varies with how much magical energy Salem puts into Veritas, and how intensely he plays. The effect goes away when Salem stops playing.

- Spiritual Anthem: By playing a somber tune on Veritas, Salem is able to induce powerful migraines to enemies of his pickings. The spell can be used on multiple opponents, allbeit not as lethal as if he would use it on one individual, causing disorientation and headaches when used on multiple targets and thus, causing them to stagger. Enemies affected by this spell will start bleeding from their eyes and nose.

Weapon: - Veritas: The harp Salem carries. Allthough not a weapon in itself, he channels his magic through it, playing tunes and melodies to a variety of magical effects both in and out of battle. While any instrument can be a medium for his channeling, he prefers the harp as it plays more to his preferred style. Any instrument would do in a pinch.

As mentioned, Veritas is not an actual weapon, and when Salem is up in close combat, he carries daggers. Just a lot of daggers. He hides them in clever places such as on his boots, under his cape, in his trousers etc. He's always armed. While he prefer to fight in a more passive way by buffing his allies with his magic, when it all comes down to it, he's a formidable opponent in close combat, attacking with quick precision and agility.

- Salem is bisexual by trade.
- While he's very skilled at armed close combat, he prefer range combat using his magic.
- He's a heavy drinker.
- He got his aptitude for poetry at the orphanage where he lived his first few years.
- The harp, Veritas, is actually stolen goods.
- Salem picked his own name, and his title "Of Morgrem" is made up because he figured it sounded cool with Salem.
- His work as a bard has made him famous in Northern Salos. Not like 5 star Celeb Beyonce kind of fame, but enough that one would think "Oh its him, neat".
- While he doesn't support Emperor Diaz, he claims to do so in order to save himself from the emperors wrath. He has given up a lot of names in order to hide his own tail.
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@Mon: So, what I mean is that characters cannot be re-used. Time frame is the same. So if I recall correctly, the original set of characters were somewhere in some manor (I could be wrong) and that’s where this role play will start, albeit another town.

Edit: I will be capping SUs after 1 more SU
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Abigail Wealdharth



From a glance, it's clear Abigail hails from humble origins. Standing at an average 5'4'', she carries herself with purpose, but not particular grace. She's used to taking long strides, and cares more about getting to a destination than looking elegant doing it. Years of physical labour around the farm have left her shoulders slightly slouched, but also given her a toned build - be that her clothes tend to hide the full extent of it. Her hands used to be calloused, but the frequent use of her healing magic has since made them far softer, more befitting a noble lady than a farm girl. She finds this quite troublesome, as it also means they're more sensitive and prone to injury.

Though it's clear she's no noblewoman, her unassuming presence and seemingly small frame tend to make people underestimate her severely regardless. She was taught not to announce her presence needlessly, and so she tends to stick to the sidelines unless something needs doing. As said, clothes tend to hide her physical prowess, and it doesn't help that her facial features are quite petite. She has a round face and a small mouth, which is further dwarfed by her relatively strong nose. Her green eyes are large and bright, and freckles dot her tanned skin. Her hair is light brown and very long; she has thought about cutting it for practicality, but fears her parents might get a startle if she returned home with short hair. For now, she makes do by wearing it in a long braid, with bangs swept to the side.

She isn't very particular when it comes to clothing. At the moment, she wears simple commoners' garb; a simple long dress of light brown, tightened from the middle with a corset and a pair of worn brown boots. Though her religion doesn't explicitly demand it, she wears a symbol of Lumia in the form of a pendant hanging around her neck. It's the least she can do to honour the Goddess that gave her the chance to save lives.

Abigail was brought up to be respectful and modest, never asking more than is willingly given - and she embodies both ideals quite well. She gets by with very little, and isn't one to complain no matter what circumstances befall her. She is quite afraid of change, and generally prefers to keep things as they are rather than take the risk of changing them - unless others are also suffering. It's not that she has low self-worth; she's just thankful of whatever little she has. She has seen fates far worse than hers in the war.

Speaking of, while Abigail does her best not to let it show, the war has left her mind quite ravaged. She is very jumpy when it comes to sudden sounds and movements, and people showing signs of violence makes her heart race with fear. Sometimes, the fight portion of her fight-or-flight response kicks in, and she has to catch herself before she ends up retaliating against a friendly hand on her shoulder. Not that you'd be able to tell in most situations; she is quite able to hide it all behind a smile - at least for now. Still, despite her trauma, Abigail should by no means be considered weak. Her good manners and mild temper belie immense amounts of resilience and power of will. Some grown men have crumpled from less than what she has seen. Perhaps she might have, too, if she wasn't so set on her goal to save lives and find her brother.

After all, though surprising to many, Abigail is as stubborn as they come. Once she has set her mind on something, it's nigh impossible to talk her out of it. She will offer her apologies and do her curtsies, then proceed to give her all to reach her goal. And while she does have a thing or two to learn about standing up for herself and has a problem of putting others' comfort over her own, she does stand up for the things she believes in and the people she cares about. If somethings needs to be said, she will say it - as loud as it takes. She has no tolerance for people who seek to hurt others, and is willing to take up arms to protect the people around her. Violence will always be her absolute last resort, only used when words and prayers have failed time and time again, but if it comes down to it, beware; she has swung her axe before.

Abigail's life is not one for the storybooks. Born and raised on a farm in Southern Salos, she lived most of her life in normalcy. She had loving parents, two brothers, and more livestock than she could hope to count. Her closest neighbours were miles upon miles away, and the 'center' of their small community consisted of naught but a marketplace and a church. Life was slow, but it was good.

Then came the war.

Her brothers weren't among the first to be called into service, but as the war raged on and men fell, the need for reinforcements grew. Excited for action and a chance to 'prove themselves' by protecting their homeland, her brothers assured the rest of their family that they would come home safe and sound after the war was done. To keep them from worrying, they also promised to send letters whenever they could.

Unable to stop them, Abigail bid them farewell and stayed behind to tend to the farm, take care of her parents, and wait for the letters. They came frequently at first; Abigail used to wait by the door every time the family dogs alerted them of a carrier pigeon's approach. But then, the letters grew infrequent and their contents short - until they no longer arrived at all. Besides herself with worry, Abigail did something she had yet to do in her life: she visited the local church and prayed. The gods worshiped therein were those of rain, sun and good harvest. Abigail prayed to all of them.

And yet, no word came from the war. It wasn't until she turned her prayers towards the last of the deities worshiped around the community, the often forgotten goddess of spring, that a letter arrived to her doorstep once more. Perhaps it was coincidence - perhaps it was divine will. Whatever it was, Abigail read the letter posthaste. In it, her eldest brother, Reinheart, apologized for the lack of contact - and explained that their younger brother, Ulric was terribly wounded. He was being treated in a safe location for now, yet the resources grew thin and the war zone expanded each day.

Startled out of her wits, Abigail once again returned to the church to pray, this time for her brother's fast recovery, and for guidance on what to do. Before she could so much as finish her prayer however, the doors of the church burst open, and an injured boy was carried inside. He'd been maimed by a wild boar, and was bleeding heavily. Familiar with some manner of first aid, Abigail rushed to try and stabilize the boy along with the women that oversaw the church. But try as they all might, the boy was losing blood rapidly, and his state worsened every passing second.

The eldest of the women ushered the others out, yet Abigail lingered by the door just long enough to witness a miracle. The old lady's hands were aglow with a peculiar light, and once it faded, the boy was stable. Unconscious and weak, but stable. Abigail couldn't hold back a gasp at the sight - and upon realizing she'd witnessed her use of magic, the old lady quickly pulled her aside, startled. The old lady, Margaret, explained that healing magic had been passed down in her family for generations, and begged Abigail not to tell anyone about it.

While scared at first, Abigail did eventually make that promise - on one condition. She wanted Margaret to teach it to her as well. Margaret hesitated, saying that the gift of healing was originally given to them by the Goddess of Light, Lumia. But Abigail was insistent, vowing to dedicate herself to Lumia and study both. She needed the power to heal - to help her brothers.

Long months of constant study and prayer later, Abigail had started to get the gist of healing. It still took immense concentration and left her weary, but she believed she had what it took to be of some assistance to her brothers and countrymen. And so, she set out - to war. The months that followed were the hardest in her life, and not ones she likes to talk about. She did eventually find Ulric, and managed to aid in his recovery. However, she never did find her eldest brother, and to this day, his whereabouts and status are unknown.

At the moment, Abigail is tending to the injured in Fort Belpoint, wondering what her next move should be.


Touch of Mercy - A simple but potent healing spell. By laying her hands onto an injured or otherwise afflicted person, Abigail can pour her magic energy into them to ease wounds or help the body fight off disease. The more grievous the wounds, the longer she must keep physical contact.

A simple, unnamed axe not unlike the ones used by farmers to chop firewood. You'd be surprised by how proficient she is with it.

- Likes Animals, horses in particular.
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Dietrich Von Greyson (prefers to go by just 'Grey')

Male (he/him)



Grey cuts an imposing figure of a man, easily towering above many others by clocking in at a lofty 6'2''. Whilst a healthy weight overall, with some muscle definition in his arms and legs, he's a little on the skinny side. Thankfully, his thin frame, isn't too noticeable as his clothes give him an extra bulk to his body. Grey is a fair-skinned man, and though blemish-free, he has a number of healed cuts on his body, and one larger healed stab wound across his abdomen. He has straight brown hair, that falls to his shoulders, and is long for him to tie-up in a loose bun. Grey also has a beard, which he maintains on a regular basis - though, in truth, his "beard" could be better described as stubble most of the time. Grey has quite narrow eyes, which are a shade of bright green in colour. These are paired with surprisingly shapely eyebrows for a man.

In regards to fashion, Grey has a fairly neutral appearance, preferring practicality over appearance. His clothing is fairly simplistic in design, solely consisting of brown trousers, studded wool-lined boots, a brown undershirt with a mahogany vest combo. Perhaps the most vibrant piece of clothing he owns is his old cloak, which is a pale blue on the underlayer. When working on jobs Grey often covers his face with a neckerchief.

Despite being essentially a sword for hire, and having participated in numerous battles, he isn't one for wearing heavy armour. He's quite light on his feet, so deems it unnecessary to encumber his movements by wearing multiple pieces of armour. In fact, the only armour he wears frequently (if you could even call them that) are a pair of bracers.

If ever there were a poster child for not judging a book by its cover, then surely, Grey would be it. At first impressions, most people assume they have a good idea about the kind of man he is. With his at times formal, and businesslike mannerisms, he comes across as cold and detached by most people, a man merely following where the coin leads him. And whilst that is somewhat true in regards to his profession, Grey is far from the cold, unfeeling man people believe him to be.

Whilst he does consider himself to be a loner, Grey has little qualms about working with others, and will quite happily do so unless the other party were intending on doing something morally questionable. Although not the sort to go looking for conversations himself, he'll quite happily throw himself into one, if invited. And those close enough to be considered a friend by him, often describe him as a bit of a rambler when he gets going, with a bit of a propensity for telling great stories due to his countless travels.

When it comes to work, Grey works by a strict moral code, one that can not be swayed by coin or persuasion, despite what others might assume. It is the way he carries himself in his work - calm, focused, driven towards his goal - that has lead to the assumption that he is cold and unpersonable. His work ethic has made him one of the most accredited swords for hire, and many nobles have tried to convince him to work for them, wanting him to turn his blade to their troubles. Whilst some have succeeded, Grey taking his money and doing the job with little fuss, there are many others he has caught out in a lie and flat out refused.

Grey isn't always so upfront about his own opinions and emotions, but is fairly perceptive, and can pick up on certain mannerisms of others.

Dietrich Ivan Amadeus von Greyson was born in the small town of Rosevale, located somewhere in central Salos. Grey has always told people not to bother looking it up, as even before it was razed to the ground by Diaz' forces, it was too small to be considered a town by most and fell under the jurisdiction of its sister town, Montvale, and as such was listed on few maps.

Grey was born as the youngest of twelve, and as you might imagine, life wasn't easy for him. Though his parents were loving to all their children, they struggled to handle the sheer number of them, and even with the assistance of one of their older children who had flown the nest at the time of Grey's birth, they struggled to cope. As such, it was decided that when Grey was a baby he was to be adopted out. His parents did not trust or approve of the suggestions offered by the court in Montvale, so made plans of their own, giving him to his uncle to be raised. Jeralt Picard, was not technically his uncle, but was a close friend of the family, and had been friends with his father since boyhood. Jeralt had always wanted a child of his own, and had been unable to have one with his wife before she passed, so was more than happy to take Grey in as his own.

Grey's childhood was a rather happy one, and though raised by his uncle, he still saw his biological parents often as he grew up, as they all still lived in Rosevale, and they would frequently visit Jeralt. For many years, Grey didn't know his relation to his biological parents, but once he was old enough they told him so he would understand. Whilst a bit of a shock at first, Grey eventually accepted it, though would never truly come to view them as his parents. Although not extraordinarily wealthy, Jeralt was rich enough that he was able to afford education for him until he was 13, after which he was sent to squire under a wealthy family in Montvale, where he supplemented his years there with private education.

Grey was a decent student but had never been one for scholarly pursuits, at least not as a possible career option. Knighthood wasn't something he had really aspired to either, but with a natural talent for swords, it seemed the best option. Grey trained under a grizzled old knight, who despite teaching him everything he knew, was a rather sour and unpleasant man. When Grey left at 16, he was not sad to depart from him.

As mentioned, Grey left Montvale at 16. It was expected he would sign up with the town's local guard, but he had no desire to be tied down to what he deemed to be a fairly corrupt system and decided to operate independently. For the first few months, he worked primarily out of Rosevale, travelling to Montvale and other local villages to offer his help. After a while, the mayor of Montvale began to grow annoyed with his presence around town, referring to him as a thief and butcher for hire, generally quite irritated by Grey's high success rate over that of his own men. Eventually, the mayor offered him an ultimatum, join the local guard or get out of Montvale. It didn't take long for Grey to make his choice. Saying a farewell to his uncle, Grey departed, with little to his name other than his horse, sword and the clothes on his back.

In the years that followed, Grey travelled all over Salos (or at least the places not to badly worn down by the war) offering his help to any who needed it. Whilst many saw just as a mercenary for hire, a man who only cared about coin, Grey actually operated by his own moral code. So long as he could help it, he would never align himself with an army


Grey can not perform magic as he is a mercenary.

Small xiphos-sized sword, nothing extraordinary to note, save for the blade is rose gold in colour.

(Anything else, you'd like to mention?)
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Linda Hartford





Linda is a fairly unimposing figure, standing at slightly below average height. She was malnourished for a while, and remains skinny, but a year’s worth of farm-work and good hospitality have helped her regain a good amount of muscle and generally get her back to fairly good health. Her brown hair is slightly wavy, reaching slightly above her shoulders (she cut it for convenience). A small streak is bleached into a much lighter, almost white shade. Her eyes are a very pale blue colour, and on the narrower side, giving her resting face a fairly placid, slightly tired expression. Her skin was originally very pale, but working out in the sun for so long has darkened it a little. Her skin isn’t exactly healthy-looking, being covered with faded bruises, some scars, and a generally rough, battered look from all the abuse and rough work it’s been through. She doesn’t exactly take great care of it.

In terms of fashion choice, Linda is a simple person who takes what she can get. As long as it’ll protect her from the elements and isn’t egregiously uncomfortable, she’ll wear it without complaint. The family she's staying with gave her some hand-me-downs from their elder son, and those make up the entirety of her wardrobe — simple shirts and pants with plain or faded colours. They’re generally not exactly made of great material, and are often frayed, or have holes in them. Made to fit someone with much broader frame, they end up quite baggy and ill-fitting on her, but beggars can’t be choosers, and she’s eventually grown used to the look. She also typically wears an orange-tinted bandana around her neck, something she's done since childhood and finds comforting.

Linda is, on the surface, a very pleasant person to be around. She’s very mellow, rarely showing any displays of intense emotion (positive and negative). In social situations she speaks little, and when she does she doesn’t say too much. She’s also pretty good at avoiding conflict and putting up with things, meaning that most people get along decently with her, even wholly unpleasant people that she herself dislikes. In terms of interaction, she’s very much a passive person — she rarely initiates anything, habitually making herself inconspicuous, but she’s happy to follow along or join a conversation or whatever activity a group is doing. People can't harm you if they don't pay attention to you.

Above all, Linda is a pragmatist. The world is a harsh place and if you can get through life without too much suffering, you take every chance to do just that. All she really cares about is living a life that she enjoys, and her morals are ‘loose’ at the very best. When it comes down to it, she will prioritise her own survival, and her own interests, over everything else. In her view, pride and righteousness is a luxury only available to those in fortunate circumstances — if push comes to shove, she has no qualms throwing her morality and dignity aside, begging, lying, stealing, whatever it takes. That’s a way of life that her old culture and year of living as a street urchin drilled into her, and she’s happy with it.

That’s not to say she doesn’t care for friendship, love, or that kind of thing. If anything, her circumstances have taught her that those things are crucial to surviving in an unpleasant world, and that loneliness sucks, so she values them quite highly. She’s surprisingly willing to help others out, and is a generally supportive and earnest person. As long as she knows someone personally, she’ll generally do her best to remain on good terms with them (if you’re some random guy on the street, though, she won’t hesitate to pick your pocket). What Linda wants most in the world is stability and peace, and you can’t get that without forging relationships. After finally landing on what to her seems like a quaint little paradise, she desperately wants things to stay this way forever.

In spite of her seeming maturity and self-confidence (going through what she did does that to you), the core of Linda’s being is grounded in fear. She knows more than most that everything in this world is uncertain, that things you love and think are yours to keep can be torn away in the blink of an eye. Much of this fear is also based upon a deep-seated insecurity within herself. She isn’t confident in her ability to do the things she wants to do, maintain the relationships she wants to maintain, and generally be a person who’s worthy of and capable of achieving the unchanging happy-ever-after she desires. She’s grown to fear change and will cling onto whatever good things she gets — be they material possessions or relationships with other people — sometimes to the point of obsession and paranoia. She’s prone to seeing threats and dangers where there are none, and reflexively assuming the worst in the people around her until proven otherwise. She’ll often go to extreme lengths to make sure that the people she wants to think highly of her do so, and that the people she relies on don’t abandon her. On the other side of the coin, she’s very appreciative of the things that she does have, and has the ability to more or less see the value and beauty in everything.

When it comes down to it, however, Linda is hopeful, and that has been what has sustained her throughout her life. She firmly believes that a future where she is happy ever after exists in the world, and she’ll work as hard as she needs to, and do whatever it takes to get there.

Linda was born to a family of travelling gypsies, spending the majority her life in the company of an elder sister Evelyn, as well as both parents. Evelyn was a talented painter, her father was an amateur magician who dealt in magical wares of questionable authenticity, and her mother a musician. Linda, who had no real talents to speak of besides a knack for thievery, simply took on a supporting role in the family and occasionally did some pickpocketing when money was really running thin, or there was a target that was just too easy to pass up. They had no fixed home, and their lives were defined by uncertainty — the prices of the wares they sold for a living fluctuated, and so did the attitudes of the people they met (meaning that the income from their street performances fluctuated wildly).

From an early age, both Linda and her sister Evelyn were taught to look out for themselves above all else, and to treasure whatever they had. Above all, they were taught that anything they wanted in the world, they had to fight for. There were often patches of time where they had to scrape by on the bare minimum they could, and other times where they found themselves with massive surpluses of wealth. Outsiders whenever they went, they had to make everything happen on their terms. All things considered, however, she was quite happy. The family was tight-knit and their many troubles brought them close together.

However, it all evaporated into nothing in the blink of an eye. Her family was unfortunate enough to be caught in one of the very first violent uprisings that would later turn into the civil war. The encampment they were sleeping at was set on fire, and everyone was forced to scatter as they fled the violence. That was when Linda first saw a person killed before her eyes, impaled by a spear. People were angry and scared, and as their family fled, they were forced to split up. Her father instructed them to head to Glenwood, a town that was a few days worth of travelling away, and meet up there.

Managing to escape with her life, Linda made her way to Glenwood, as she was instructed. Her mother had given her a bag of coins in the event of an emergency, and she used some to get herself a room at the local inn while she waited for the rest of her family to arrive. For a while, her days passed in a haze — the world seemed distant to her, and her nights were haunted by images of violence and death.

But week after week passed, and still there was no sign of her family. Glenwood was a fairly well off town, and the rent was high. Before she knew it, the bag of coins was empty, and the innkeeper threw her out onto the streets. She was out of money now, and certainly not welcome here.

So she left. Her upbringing had prepared her well, and she managed to get along okay as she wandered through Salos, forced further and further away from Glenwood as the rumours of war spread. Soon after her departure from the town, she’d managed to steal a lute from a very drunk minstrel, and attempted to get some money by being a street performer — but she was by no means a remarkable musician, and the paltry sum she made was never enough to keep her fed. So she returned to doing what she did best — stealing.

The next several months of her life went pretty much like this: she’d reach a town, or a city, and find a small cranny in an alleyway somewhere to call home. While there, she’d play music, beg, and steal money until, inevitably, she gets caught one time too many, and has to flee to the next town, when the cycle repeated. Constant hunger became a regularity for her, and she grew used to being on the receiving end of beatings, to digging through trash for food, to simply forcing herself through illnesses instead of receiving treatment. For a long time she was too busy just surviving to even think about what the fate of her family might’ve been.

After she’d lost count of the months, she began to realise that she couldn’t go on like this forever. It didn’t help that she’d been infected by some sort of flu a while back, and her condition was slowly worsening beyond any hope of recovery. It was around then that she arrived in Belpoint.

By a stroke of luck, she managed to find a convenient entrance to the storage shed of a family of farmers — a door with a lock broke by rust. It was disorganised enough for her to have easy hiding places, and alongside all the tools, there were some stocks of preserved foods. She began using that as a source of nourishment as well as occasionally shelter, always being sure not to take too much or stay too long. It was risky, but she was too sick to go back to what she normally did, so it was a gamble she had to take.

After a few days, she began to develop an interest in the farm’s owners — a happy looking family of four. With nowhere to go, she would often watch them from inside the shed or up on a nearby tree. Seeing them go about their day as a happy, content little unit filled her with envy and pain, but above all, a desperate longing. Now that the shed had given her enough means to take her mind off of simply staying alive, the reality of her family’s death — or, at least, the probably-eternal separation — finally settled onto her. The nightmares returned, filled once again with images of violence and death, but also a dark, chilling loneliness.

One day, she overstayed her welcome in the shed, and ended up passing out in plain view. It wasn’t a mistake she would normally have made, but she was sick, and weaker than she usually was. When she woke, she found herself tucked into a soft bed, with a damp cloth over her forehead, which was burning up. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that she’d been found, and that the farmers had taken pity on her.

Her first instinct was to escape through the open window, but something kept her from doing so. After watching them for almost a month, she’d grown oddly attached to this family. She also knew, from overhearing their conversations, that they were in dire need of another pair of hands on the farm after their eldest son had been abruptly conscripted to join the army. And above all, she’d known for a long time that if she ever wanted to have a chance at living for something other than just living, she needed to find some stability — no matter how. The family was clearly kind enough to help her out, which meant that they could plausibly be convinced to let her stay.

Her intuition was right — once she told them her tragic story (with some slight exaggerations), they were happy to take her in so long as she helped out around the farm, which she was glad to do. Once again, she’d managed to return to some semblance of a stable life. Slowly, she integrated herself into the family, and adjusted to the newfound comforts available to her but there remained a sense of unease that never really left her. In the back of her mind, she was sure that this new happiness wouldn’t last — but already, a few weeks had passed, and she dared to hope.



Slot 1: Flash -- A very basic spell that Linda can use to conjure up a bright flash of light from her hands. It's a versatile spell that she uses to temporarily illuminate her surroundings or blind enemies, giving her time to strike back or escape. Her parents, merchants who dealt in magic-related wares, taught her the spell as a form of self-defence.
Slot 2: Unused for now.

Dagger. Linda isn't a trained fighter by any means, and doesn't have the strength to properly wield larger weapons for any extended duration. She's learnt that for someone like her, something very light and very sharp is ideal if she ever needs to defend herself.

- She's a decent musician, having learned to play the lute from her mother.
- She has a talent for sleight-of-hand, and is great at relieving people of their valuable belongings without their knowledge.
- She's very good at climbing things.
- She's also very good at moving quickly hectic or precarious environments such as marketplaces or rooftops.
- She refrains from ingesting any sort of intoxicating substance, considering anything that dulls or otherwise manipulates her senses a danger.
- She often has trouble sleeping, and is prone to having nightmares.
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Why not both?
@AJ2000 : I was just wondering if you could possibly give us a few more details on the plot (as in, what we'll be getting up to), just so I could plan out my character a little bit better? I just want to make sure they have a valid reason to go and stay on the journey / whatever else the group will be doing.


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@Vern: yes, for sure. Without too much being given away, the War will essentially be the moving factor in terms why your character will travel (so not so much travelling by choice, but due to the war). The plot Itself will force that along on its end. I am not sure if that’s sufficient enough, but if it’s not feel free to DM me and I can clear up more in detail ^^

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Jason Miller




Jason is tall and lean, standing at exactly six feet tall. He does a lot of time doing physical labor on his family’s farm, and while he is not as big as his dad is, he still has a slender build with defined muscles that he is proud to show off. He spends plenty of time out in the sun, and thus has a tanned skin complexion. He has a boyish face, though he still possesses a firm jaw. He has a small nose, and large, expressive almond shaped eyes, which are a bright electric blue color. He has short dirty blonde hair which is always a mess, and frankly he likes it that way.

He dresses fairly simply. His family isn’t rich, so they don’t have nice clothes. Besides, fancy outfits are impractical for farmers anyway. To be honest, he spends most of his time shirtless. He’s seen books with pictures of how mages dress, and adapted the style to suit his own tastes. He wears a sleeveless light blue hooded cloak. He leaves it open all the time revealing his chest and abs. As bottoms he wears a pair of matching blue pants, that are held up by a beige belt. As footwear he wears a pair of sturdy beige boots that are comfortable to walk around and work in.

Jason is brave, daring, and extremely determined. He can be very impatient, wanting to get stuff done as soon as possible. As such, he will often charge straight into danger, and often prefers to zap first and ask questions later. As such, he can be reckless and get himself into danger if he thinks he is right. Jason is also very blunt. He says exactly what he thinks no matter who he hurts. He lacks patience for people he deems to be slow.

Jason can be very stubborn, and it’s difficult to get him to admit when he’s wrong about something. He can also be hostile to people who have different opinions than him. He doesn’t like to accept help for things he knows he can do on his own. He’s confident in his own skills, and believes he can handle his own problems himself. The upside to this though, he doesn’t give up easily when things get hard. He also has no problems giving help to others when they need it.

Jason has a fascination with magic. He greatly appreciates good displays of magical power. It started as a curiosity about the subject. After the death of his twin brother, his fascination gradually grew into a desire to gain power for his own needs. He works hard everyday to master his magical abilities. On the subject of working hard, he actually doesn’t hate farm work. It’s exhausting work yes, but at the end of the day there is nothing more satisfying than a job well done. Even though being a powerful mage is important to him, he still hopes to take over the family farm one day when his parents retire.

Jason is still reeling from the death of his brother. While he doesn’t like standing there brooding about it all the time, it is on his mind, and it upsets him when he’s alone. He hopes to one day avenge his brothers death. Jason is capable of being a friendly person. If you’re willing to tolerate the negative aspects of his personality, he can be a pleasant person to talk to. He empathizes with people in a similar situation as himself.

Jason was born in Belpoint to an average family. The family worked on a farm. His father did all the physical labor that running a farm involves, his mother sold the stuff they produced on the farm at the market as well as ran the home, and Jason and his brother, William were expected to help out around the farm. They lived a fairly average life. Jason and his twin brother were very close. The two played together all the time, and got along great. They rarely fought, and when they did have a disagreement, they made up fairly quickly. Jason’s parents hated magic. They believed that relying on a dangerous and unpredictable force could lead to nothing but trouble. For a while, the brothers shared those feelings.

One day, while the boys were playing one day, away from the eyes of their parents. In their playing, William got hurt. He tried diving into a lake, and ended up cutting himself on a rock. Jason panicked. His brother was hurt, he had no idea how to make him not hurt anymore, and more importantly he didn’t want to have to tell his parents that his sibling got hurt on his watch. Fortunately for them, an older gentleman happened to be passing through. He saw what happened, and helped out. The man was a doctor. He used miracle magic and his own medical knowledge to fix the boy right up. After that, the boy’s opinions on magic changed.

Life continued on after that, but now something was different. Now Jason was fascinated with magic. It had saved his brother, and now he was curious about what other things it could do. Whenever he had free time away from doing farm chores, Jason did all he could to learn about magic. He read every book on the subject he could get his hands on, and at night would practice spells. He wanted to learn healing magic, but at some point discovered he had more of an affinity for lightning magic, and soon changed course. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do with this power, but it was still cool all the same.

The only person who knew Jason was studying magic was William. He supported his brothers goals, but didn’t try learning magic himself for fear of getting his parents upset. Life continued on as normal, untill William turned 18. He decided to join the military, and become a knight. He wanted to serve his country, and help put a stop to this Civil War plaguing the land. He left the family to go train. For a period of time, he wrote letters and kept in touch with his family. Then the letters stopped coming. They would come to find out that William was killed in combat.

The entire family was devestated, but Jason was the most upset by this. They had literally spent their whole lives together, and now he was gone. After this, Jason poured himself into his magical studies. He wanted to gain more power, to avenge William’s death, and do what he couldn’t, put a stop to this war.

His parents did find out that he was studying magic. While they didn’t punish him, they did everything they could to discourage him. Telling he was wasting his time, and saying he was better off on the farm helping them, and doing something useful with his time. Jason didn’t care what they thought. He was determined to be a master of magic, and no one was going to tell him otherwise.


Jason has spent years studying magic. He learns from reading books on the subject, and practicing himself. He would like to find a teacher to train him however as there is only so much he can do on his own.

Lightning Punch: Jason’s fist is surrounded by lightning, and he is able to deliver an electrified punch. It was the first spell he learned how to do. He could surround his hands with lightning. He only recently found a use for this

Lightning Speed: Jason can surround his entire body with lightning, and with that he temporarily gains the ability to run at high speeds. He learned to do this some time after learning the previous spell. He sometimes uses it to get his chores done faster.

Discharge: Jason releases a large burst of lightning in all directions. It has a small chance to stun foes who are hit by it briefly. The most recent spell he learned.

He doesn’t use one. He is not opposed to using a staff or wand later on, but he hasn’t felt the need to at the moment.
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Name: Barbara Berson
Gender: Female
Age: 30


Barbara is on the taller side but it's nothing too extraordinary. The woman measures in at 5'7", slightly above average height. With a slender yet firm build, she appears to be a very fit lady. Her light brown skin tone is mostly covered in slight scrapes and scratches. The worst is a scar going down from the bottom of her left eye. Her medium brown eyes blend in with her skin tone since it's only a little darker than it. What stands out is her red-orange hair. Long bangs are completely covering her forehead and stop right above her eyes. When Barbara's hair is down, it goes below her shoulders. It is often styled in a high bun or ponytail with a few long strands left down to frame her face. Despite her 30 years of life, Barbara is surprisingly very young looking. She could pass as a lady in her late teens or earlier twenties.

For her attire, Barbara is mainly decked out in leather clothing. She has a light tan color leather skirt with a small slit on the side, a matching leather vest left unbuttoned, tall brown belted boots, and a single darker brown leather glove with green straps on her left hand. Outside of the leather clothing, she has a green linen sleeveless shirt she wears under the vest and form-fitting green leggings she wears under the skirt. Wearing duplicates of the same outfit with a slight color variation, most don't notice they're different clothes. She has a few accessories to a little color to her character. There are some cute green flower hair clips worn on the left side of her head. Each of her ears is pierced twice with two golden earrings. Finally, she goes a gold pendant with a circle and a cross on it dangling from around her neck.

Personality: With her head held high and sharp look in her eyes, Barbara emits an air of a strong independent woman. When coming face to face with trouble, she doesn't waver. Barbara is always resolved in her actions and rarely let others change her opinion without good reason. Although she stands firm against animosity, she isn't afraid to retreat when she feels its a losing fight. She is brave but not reckless, having people she wants to return safely back to. The woman becomes the most aggressive when those people are threatened. People she cares about will always find safety and protection with her.

Barbara may have an unwavering spirit, but she is still a kind and understanding person. She listens to others' problems and will try to help with the best of her abilities. Though she won't go as far as she would for someone she truly cares and trusts, the woman will get more deeply involved than the average person. Instead of just assuming based on rumors, Barbara listens to the person before deciding how they are. She doesn't push her opinions on others and truly tries to understand the other party. This does not mean she will change her mind about her own. The woman stubborn when it comes to that.

There are many times where Barbara will slip into a more motherly attitude. It regularly comes out when the person is a lot younger than her. No one is truly immune to her talking or treating them like they are her child. People will get compliments and pats when they perform the correct actions. They will also be reprimanded when they are being bad, sometimes resulting in a little smack as she tells them to straighten up. And when someone is hurting, she gives them a hug and rubs their back as she attempts to soothe the person. Barbara is encouraging but not overbearing, which is a very comforting feeling to most.

History: Born in a modest little town, Barbara grew in a family of hunters. There were only the three of them as far as she knew, the girl and her parents. They weren't particularly poor, but they would use things that they had hunted before they would buy anything. The more lavish things she wanted as a child was denied. Because of how she was always dressed in leather and plain clothing, many of her peers would tease her. Her response to their behavior was to beat them up. For years, she was known as a bully that'll pummel anyone that looks at her funny. Barbara spent a lot of her youth years without any friends so, she began to study magic without knowing if she had any skills in it. That's how she met Barry, her first and best friend.

Barry was a sickly and small boy, who frequently stay inside because of an illness. During one of the rare times he was outside, he noticed her reading a magic book. That's why he talked to her, Barbara the Bully. He didn't know that about her, which is why he thought she was a nice girl. They became quick friends and very close in a short amount of time since neither had ever had a friend. As they spent time together, Barbara began to worry about Barry's health. There were times when he would spend weeks in bed with a fever. His family didn't have much expectation of him living to adulthood. She switched her studies on fire magic to miracle magic, a type that could cure illnesses and other ailments. Barbara worked hard on perfecting it, pushing her own body to its limits to learn it.

When Barbara finally got it down, she would use it on Barry whenever he was sick. Although his sickly constitution didn't disappear, his health improved. He was able to go outside more and move around better. This made all her efforts worth it. When he reached the adult age of eighteen, he proposed to her. There was no hesitation or doubt, they married in early spring and had a son later that winter. People had criticisms about the working huntress wife and the stay at home husband, but they didn't let it bother them. They lived happily together as a close-knit family of three. Though there were some up and down, they live without much worry.

The family's peaceful life came to a halt. The event that disrupted it was earlier in the year, the war. Even their small town was not safe from advancing troops. Worry more about the safety of their son, they fled from their home. While not Barbara's ideal place to live, Belpoint Fort was the closest place to seek shelter for her family's safety.

Class: Archer


Cleansing: A miracle spell that will accelerate a wound healing very slightly but will cure many ailments that are inflicted on an individual. It works best on illnesses but will cure other status problems as well. In desperation and hope to one day help her sickly friend, Barbara put in a lot of effort to learn this spell. From reading multiple books to getting advice from more skill healers, she dumped years of her life into perfecting his spell.

Inflame: A spell that enchants the objects she touches to set it fire. The enchanted object stays on fire for a minute. Barbara uses it on her arrows and her daggers for more damaging attacks. She can only do this to small objects. In her youth, learn how to do this from an old book. Hasn't worked on it much since so it's not very strong.


Hunter's Bow: A longbow that she uses for hunting in the woods. It made of out sturdy material to prevent it from breaking easily. The bow itself could be used to striking in an emergency but avoids doing so. The arrows can get quite the distance. She typically stores in the quiver on her back.

Twin Daggers: When an opponent gets in too close for her to fire arrows, she depends on daggers to fend herself. While the bladed weapon isn't anything special, they are made for attacking, unlike the skinning knife that she keeps on her. These are carried at her side for quick drawing.


Barbara has a hunting hawk companion name Argos.

She has a husband named Barnaby, Barry for short.

She also has an eleven-year-old son named Barnard, Barry Jr. or just Jr. for short.

The only thing that Barbara can cook consistently good is roasted meat.
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@Monster Guy: So, you’re almost there! I forgot to specify this, but the Civil War has technically only been going on for about a year. So assuming Jason was the same age as his brother when he died (18, ‘cus they are twins), it wouldn’t have been possible for him to have died during the Civil War, and then Jason learning magic for the next few years onwards (unless he just ended up dying somewhere else in the line of duty?)

@InnerFlame: You are accepted!

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@Monster Guy: So, you’re almost there! I forgot to specify this, but the Civil War has technically only been going on for about a year. So assuming Jason was the same age as his brother when he died (18, ‘cus they are twins), it wouldn’t have been possible for him to have died during the Civil War, and then Jason learning magic for the next few years onwards (unless he just ended up dying somewhere else in the line of duty?)

What I was thinking was, Jason’s bro didn’t die at 18. He joined the military(?) at 18, they trained him for a bit, maybe fought in other other battles or something, and then he fought in the civil war later on and died then. I can’t imagine they’d throw an 18 year old into a battle without training him first. xD

Does that work?
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