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A Tale of Heroes (M)[The Sign-Up]


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Alright, my SU is done. im in a bit of a haze rn with illness, so let me know if i need to change anything.


Why not both?
All right, I'm done too! Let me know if there's anything I need to fix.


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@GoldenHouou: Finally got around to reading your SU, you are accepted!

@Minteh: I wasn't sure if you were finished with your SU or not, as it still says WIP, but let me know if it is.

I'll have the RP thread up this week as well as well as a discussion thread with notes.


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So I posted the RP thread. I'll post some notes here for your first post and then create the Discussion thread later tonight when I get the chance. Minteh, feel free to post whenever you finish your character ^^


1) In terms of current events: Belmont is currently in process of turning into a designated war city. This means that there's lots of construction going in and around the city in regards to fortifying it. As Lars mentioned in my post, it also means that the capital city is sending over lots of people to aid in the efforts.

2) Again, for current events: There is an execution currently underway. There isn't much to it, other than the fact that the Mayor himself is in charge of who gets executed. It's safe to say, in other cities and towns, such measures would not be taken.

3) It's very well possible your characters may know each other somehow, seeing as how they live in the same city. In that case, when interacting, there's no need for introductions.

4) If you have any questions let me know! I understand your first posts may not be super interesting, but I will try my best to pick it up very quickly.