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A Tale of Heroes (The Discussion Thread)


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"Here he comes, filled with hatred and anger. I don't know what caused a man to become like this, but here he comes...with a hunger to devour everything we've worked for."

- Minister Bardell

The sounds of windows shattering, horrified screams and shouting filled the nighttime air as citizens scrambled to get to safety. Like a nightmare, the town was engulfed in flames and shot out chimneys of smoke that nearly covered the full moon. Horses sped through the streets, with soldiers slaying those they raced past with their blood covered swords. As the townsfolk began to fall one by one to the Emperor’s men, the remaining citizens who weren’t able to flee, suddenly found themselves at the centre of the town, unable to escape the soldiers and their horses, who had surrounded them. “Halt!” A man ordered, raising his hand, signalling his men to cease their attack on the remaining citizens. Jumping down from his horse, the man slowly and confidently approached the group of townsfolk. They cowered at the man, his face covered in a mask that was lit orange from the embers that surrounded their razed town. Pleading and begging, the townsfolk huddled together to prepare for their bloody fate.

“Commander…is all of this really necessary?” Another man spoke, slowly approaching the masked man. His steel blade nearly glistened from the red of its fallen victims, seemingly not caring about its appearance as he lifted his cape and sheathed it. Flecks of ember floated in the air, which would almost be beautiful if it weren’t for the current situation.

“It was his Emperor’s request.” The Commander then lifted his hand, pointing at the townsfolk. “One or two of them…It’s no big deal if they are out of line. The problem lies within numbers.” The Commander turned to look at the caped man. “They were given plenty of chances, and they chose the other option.” He then quickly jolted his gaze back at the townsfolk, watching as they continued to panic and huddled together. He watched for a few brief moments, almost in solace, before raising his hand. Signalling his men, numerous armoured soldiers raised their spears, and readied them in front. walking towards the townsfolk, with their final screams filling the air.


Currently amidst a civil war, the country of Salos is not exactly the most stable place on the continent. Split between two warring states, North Salos and South Salos, a man known as Diaz has made it his mission to overthrow the current Royal family, and take the country for himself. Although he currently goes by the title ‘Emperor’, the real King of Salos resides within the country’s capital city, known as Kale. King Kazul, as he’s known by, currently controls South Salos, although his grip on the country wanes the longer Diaz’s reign continues. Utilizing methods such as razing cities and towns, Diaz’s takeover is hostile, intending to burn all those who oppose him to the ground. The people backing Diaz often align their ideals with him, agreeing with his notion that there needs to be something done about Salos’ current state. A country run by the same family of monarchs for generations, needs change, and many people agree with Diaz.

As of right now, Diaz resides in the ‘unofficial Capital city’, Grandora. Located in North Salos, it can be considered to be the capital city if Diaz succeeds in his plan. Slowly but surely, his men travel from town to town, forcing the towns to give up rule under the current King. These visits often enough result in bloodshed, although a more tame option is also available should people listen. Because of the current war, much of the borders of Salos are closed off from travel, leaving the country to fend for itself, and solve it’s own problems until its ready to tie the knot again with its neighbours.


Our story takes place in the town of Belpoint. Known as Fort Belpoint currently. It is a mid-sized town nestled between grasslands and forests, and is home to a myriad of occupations such as markets, mill work, and farmers, etc. However, due to the war, there is an increased presence of soldiers from Kale, due to its location and needing protection from Diaz. Barriers and scaffolding have been set up on the outside of town, with more guards stationed beyond city outskirts. A watchtower has been built right outside the city, for the sole purpose of being able to keep a lookout for anything or anyone passing by. Even travellers find it difficult to enter this city. Life for the most part is quaint in Belmont, and relatively easy going. People work, eat, and sleep and is a straightforward town. In fact, many would call it as one of the more populated cities of the country, due to its size.

Your character is a resident of Belpoint. How they came to this town, is up to you. What their profession is, is up to you. How they spend their days, is also up to you. The world is a cruel place, and people backstab each other all the time. It is up to you to find allies and make friends with those you value and trust.


Magic according to lore, is considered dangerous, volatile, and unpredictable. As such, the world has strict rules for the use of Magic. It cannot be used openly in public, unless under certain life or death circumstances. Generally speaking, magic can be learned through books, or through teachers. Studying magic takes time, no matter who you are. It’s stressful on the body to perform, and it can be mentally exhausting to even study. With that said, given time and constancy and w willingness to learn, nothing is impossible. Furthermore, Magic can be broken down into these categories:

Offensive: Offensive magic includes all spells that inflict some sort of damage directly. Examples of this include a standard Fireball spell, etc. Essentially if it will harm someone or something, then it counts as Offensive Magic.

Defensive: Magic in this category includes spells that don’t do damage. Generally speaking, Defensive Magic usually fall under one of two criteria: 1) The spell protects the user or someone else from harm 2) The spell will incapacitate someone or something without directly harming them. Examples of each could include some sort of barrier than ward off foes, or a spell that may stun a foe.

Healing/Miracle: Healing magic is also referred to as Miracle Magic by some in the world, especially religions. Doctors often use this to help with their medicine, and treat their patients. It is fairly straightforward, in the sense that this type of Magic heals the user or target, or helps ailments. Please note, no Healing Magic will ever 100% repair wounds or damages. Same goes for illnesses. It is not always possible to cure diseases through magic.

Support: Support magic is anything that does not fall under the above categories. Examples of Support Magic include reinforcing an object, blessings, to possibly even some sort of combat boost. Examples of each can include possibly reinforcing an iron arrow to become stronger, or a blessing spell to bestow someone with more energy to perform magic.

Note, if you think a spell you are creating is deemed ‘too strong’, or you are unsure of what its category would be, just ask. You don’t necessarily have to ask me, but maybe post in a discussion thread so other people can chime in. With that said, these types of spells are not allowed (Note: This list will be updated regularly as I see fit):

  1. Reviving the dead is not allowed
  2. Any sort of magic that can create or conjure life
  3. Curses of the sort that can insta-kill
  4. Shapeshifting magic
  5. Anything that can create an object out of nothing. For example, creating a physical weapon out of magic.
  6. Time travel, slowing down time, ripping space, etc. That would be too powerful, and such magic does not exist.


When making your character, it’s important to pick a class. Although your character won’t actually introduce themselves with such a title (e.g. - “Oh I’m a thief class!”), these classes are a good starting point for building the basis of your character. As such, each class has their own set of abilities and limitations. Also note, the classes by no means dictate who your character is or what they are supposed to be. For example, picking a warrior class doesn’t mean your character has to be a literal warrior or knight. Likewise, picking Thief class doesn’t mean your character is a Thief by trade. The classes are strictly for combat purposes, for the most part. It has no effect on personality, traits, appearance, etc. I do this for balance among the characters, as I do not want every single character super efficient in magic.

Most characters of this class utilize a sword or close-ranged weapon and have traditional, basic combat skills (e.g - Striking). Some characters within this class are able to use very limited magic. Healing magic is generally out of their range, however, with A LOT of practice, they may be able to use some forms of offensive magic. Their magic will never be as complex as someone that has a natural affinity for it.

+ Strong Melee
+ Access to Offensive Magic

- Not able to use anything other than Offensive Magic​

Also known as Hunter, characters within this class generally utilize long-ranged weapons such as a bow and arrow. Some may also carry daggers, or other small weapons. Archer/Hunter class characters usually have access to magic, although their natural affinity for magic is limited, and generally limits them one or two types of magic (e.g - healing magic, offensive, defensive, support etc). However, learning these types of magic comes rather easy to them.

+ Strong Ranged combat
+ Can also utilize small close-ranged weapons
+ Can Learn up to two types of magic at a good pace

- The actual strength of their magic may not be as good as those who excel in magic​

Mages have the strongest affinity among any class. Generally speaking, characters of this class are naturally able to learn magic, as they have the requirements needed among humans. Although one must still study hard, and learning magic is difficult, Mages can definitely perform and learn magic with more ease than another human who has no natural affinity for it. For example, one human could try to learn magic as much as they could, but make little to no progress whereas another may be able to comprehend its concepts much easier. Magic can be broken down into these elements: Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Nature, Earth, Lightning and Wind. Healing magic is generally limited to Water and Light based magic. Humans by their very limitations as a species, are also able to only excel in a certain element of magic. What that element is, is dependant on the Mage themselves. Of all the classes, Mages naturally have the most energy when it comes to performing magic. Some Mages may also utilize a wand or sceptre or staff to focus magic, although it is difficult to learn how to use a magical tool of the sort. This is because many inexperienced magic users, may find the tool ‘suppressing’ their magic rather than focusing it.

+ Able to perform all types of magic
+ Learning magic comes rather easily

- Generally do not have much melee combat capabilities​

Apostles, like Warriors, often fight with a close ranged weapon. Sword, Spear, etc. However, unlike the Warrior class, they are able to perform magic to a higher degree. However, its generally focused into one or two types. For example, Healing, defensive, support, etc. Learning magic takes time for them, and with practice. They find it hard to learn and perform offensive magic. Sort of opposite of Warrior, who would have an easier time learning offensive magic.

+ Strong close-range combat
+ Able to Learn magic to a higher degree than that of a warrior

- Not able to learn all types of Magic
- Offensive magic is hard to learn​

Mercenary class characters have absolutely no magical capabilities whatsoever. Their only tool is combat, and are generally the most versatile in terms what they use. Weapons can range from axes, to swords, to even maces and arrows.

+ Versatile in the weapons they can use

- Have no magical abilities whatsoever​

Thieves are often smart combatants. They are quick on their feet, and can be analytical, waiting for a single moment to strike. Because of this, they excel in quick kills with knives, and small weapons, and even swords. Their magic is very fitting with their combat styles, and they generally have a wide range of the type of magic they can do. They can also learn magic at a decent pace, however the actual power behind their spells may sometimes be lacking.

+ Tactical, and good close-ranged combat
+ Able to learn all sorts of magic at a good pace
+ Good with certain tools

- Actual power behind these types of magic may be lacking, however, the versatility can sometimes make up for this​


Note: I know it may seem like Magic is nerfed in this roleplay, and it sort of is. A character with no magical capabilities should still be able to kill someone who does have some. This isn't elemental ‘bending’, as there are strict spells and rules of magic involved, and performing magic takes up energy of the character and thus should be used when necessary. Here are the general rules of using magic:

  1. Magic should not be used openly in public. By its very nature, magic is dangerous it can be used to harm someone, whether that’s accidental or not.
  2. Magic takes up energy. Someone cannot constantly exert energy for hours on end to perform magic, as that is dangerous to the body.
  3. Learning spells takes time. It’s not as simple as reading a book or learning from a teacher and then being able to perform it. Magical spells can be found in books, or can be taught from other people who know magic. Some spells may require a chant to perform, while others do not. This all depends on the spell itself.
  4. Spells that bring the dead back to life, do not exist. Although certain advanced spells can take control of a host (including a dead one), spells that actually instil life into a corpse are unheard of.
  5. Other than obvious elemental advantages (Water can extinguish fire, etc), specific elemental advantages among magic are not present.
  6. Shapeshifting magic exists, although it is not usable by humans.


  1. All Serebii forum rules apply (No god modding, bunting without permission etc)
  2. The roleplay is rated M. It’s rated as such to allow the most freedom with your character and the story. Do not abuse this. Even if it’s rated M, does not give enough excuse to constantly swear in your posts.
  3. This OP will be constantly updated with Lore, in relation to the role-play universe. Make sure your character doesn’t do anything Lore breaking (E.g - illegal magic, knowing something they shouldn’t etc). Don’t worry about this too much, if something comes up, I’ll let you know.
  4. As mentioned before, Magic is under stricter rules this time around. Follow the rules of magic, and don’t be overpowered. This is not a role-play about fighting, but rather story and adventure.
  5. Only human characters are allowed
  6. The world can be unlawful place sometimes, however, try to refrain from killing random people in the roleplay. Unless there is some sort of conflict where life or death is imminent, don't go around killing random townsfolk. Law is still in effect.
  7. Physics also apply. No jumping 10 feet into the air, breaking rocks with a karate chop, etc.
  8. You are allowed to create your own towns, cities, landmarks etc as well as your own plots. If you have a mini-plot in mind for your character, let me know and we can work something out and I will let you take reigns of the role-play for a bit while the players play through your plot line.
  9. Not really a rule, however something I wanted to note: This role-play is going to build upon the last one. This means that all events that transpired and the characters in the previous RP are canon. If you are a new player, do not worry, you don’t need to know anything beforehand to join this role-play; just consider it as a new roleplay. I only mention this for any player(s) that joined the previous iteration.


(First and Last)


(Age does not matter. Can be 13, can be 80. Just has to make sense)

(Paragraph or two with your appearance. Picture is also good, but make sure write-up is there too)

(brief description of personality)

(A history of your character, and how they came to be. Doesn’t have to be anything special, they can even be a regular average Joe)

(pick one of the classes listed above in the OP)

(Warrior and Apostle get one basic spell each, to start off. Thief and Archer get two. Mage gets three. Mercenary get none. You don’t have to use up your magic slot right now if you don’t want to, however, you MUST explain how you came to learn your particular spell(s). Make sure you abide by your class' magical capabilities)

(Your character will not start off with a weapon, unless it is fitting to their character. Your character will get one per story purpose anyways, so put down the weapon they will be getting. Nothing outrageous like a Buster Sword or anything.)

(Anything else, you'd like to mention?)



This section will be dedicated to odd things here and there, mainly important characters as they come up, and Lore related information (The World, Monsters, etc). It may be messy right now, however as I add more to it, it will get more categorized. Players are welcome to add Lore as well. Here is a link to the map (Feel free to let me know if you want to add any landmarks or cities and towns): https://imgur.com/vZut4UC

Knowns as the deity that bestowed the gift of healing to humans, Lumia is a Goddess that is often worshipped and revered by many disciples that follow her teachings within the country of Salos. Many people that follow her teachings are given the gift of healing, representing the human ability to care for another living being.

A lot of townsfolk hate the Mayor. He rules with an iron fist, and it can also be said that he's extremely uptight. He dislikes anyone going against the status quo, and constantly worries about losing his grip on the town. He can be also deemed as a coward, as he dislikes confrontations, and tries to eliminate any negativity towards himself coming from the general public.

A straight-to-the-point kind of guy, Commander Bolther is one of many Commanders that King Kabul has at his disposal. He dislikes time-wasting, and unlike many leaders, cares for human life. Although he may come off as strict, all he simply wants is for everything to go smoothly.


Current Party

Devin Brodd (AJ)
Salem of Morgrem (Schade)
Jason Miller (Monster Guy)
Abigail Wealdharth (GoldenHouou)
Barbara Berson (InnerFlame)
Linda Hartford (Vern)


Here's the discussion thread, I will be posting updates on this thread such as notes for posts as well add in a Lore Section as the RP continues on. Let me know if you have any questions!
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Salem missed the execution because he didn't feel like watching it.

Ended my post in the marketplace, so hmu if anyone wanna interract. While i don't think Salem would know anyone on a personal level there, he would likely at least recognize people.


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I'm put myself in the marketplace at the Miller Farm's food stand if someone other than Jason want to talk to Barbara.
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Yeah, it would be somewhere around Spring? All we know is that it’s pleasant weather for the most part lol.

I’m also gonna add a lore section in the OP somewhere and touch up on religion (specifically Abigail’s religion). So GH, if there’s anything specific you want me to write let me know!

And that goes for everyone: if there’s anything you want to add to Lore, let me know. I’ll be making a map soon most likely as well, so if anyone wants to add landmarks or towns/cities etc to the map feel free to do so as well (since some of your characters are originally from elsewhere)


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I was going to end my post with Linda in the square, but it ended up feeling more natural to leave her at home for the moment. She's not really the kind of person who wants to be anywhere near that sort of thing.

But if anyone needs someone to interact with later, she can probably make her way into town a bit later in the day to buy some supplies.


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I decided to go ahead and make a post. I'm going to try and get things picked up fairly quickly since I know how dull these beginning points can be in RPs. For those of you who are present in Town Square, the extra workers have arrived so you can add that into your post if you were having troubles writing something to make your posts longer or whatever the case. For those of you who weren't present at Belpoint Square, if you want to incorporate anything that happened in my post through rumours (or likewise, noticing the travelling group), you can do that too. Anyways, I'll have you guys wrap up your posts or any interactions you want to do before we move on. Since the Mayor is no longer technically in charge, the Commander will be hosting a town meeting soon which will signify the end of this short chapter.

Also, I added a Lore section to the OP. If anyone wants to add anything to it, let me know!


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Ooo, lore section! If I'm feeling it I might write some lore about the travelling merchants and their culture later.