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A Tiny Trio on a Big Adventure!! (959)


Bonnie stan


Bonnie stan


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Actually, they didn't touch the ground in the end because of Bewear, so it wasn't a complete blast off.
By that logic, more than 600 blast offs aren't complete blast offs.

I wonder if the narration in the middle of the episode is the first time that it has been done in Pokémon anime history... I don't recall any other episode where the narration speaks more than twice.


Bonnie stan
The only way I can see this happening is if they do something similar to Rockruff where Ash helps with Popplio's training to make a strong enough balloon. Then, with Lana's dream fulfilled, she'll decide to give Popplio to Ash because she thinks he'll be able to unlock its full potential or something. I personally don't want this scenario to come true, but that's the most likely way I can see it happening.

I'm excusing Ash for forgetting something like that this one time since I think Rockruff is his first dog pokémon. Plus, in the past, he would normally use Flying types such as Pidgeotto, Swellow, Talonflame, etc. to find missing pokémon.

Hm, this makes me wonder: what has he done in the past when his Flying type went missing as Rowlet did in this episode? I can't think of any examples right now

Incineroar for Infernape deluxe edition 100% confirmed.

Do we really need Ash to have a Dark-type ace for the third straight generation? #Decidueye2018

What, you think they expertly avoid crashing?

He's saying that you defined ground as the point that matters, but many times they end up in tree branches etc


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-Oh hey, Popplio is making balloons.
-Both Popplio and Rowlet got trapped in that big bubble. Thanks for nothing, Bonsweet.
-Whoa, Lana! Serena would be soooo jealous if she saw that.
-They're falling... and they fell on top of Team Rocket's gadget! What a place to land.
-Haha, look at Popplio bounce Rowlet with its nose.
-Uh oh, it's Meowth!
-And blabbermeowth got BTFO.
-It's the sick Stoutland!
-Darn, the starter trio got captured by Team Rocket.
-Shut up, blabbermeowth.
-Heh, Litten tricked TR... and it looks like they're FINALLY blasting off again!
-Ash, Lana and Mallow finally found their Pokémon thanks to Rockruff
-Sun/Moon Hall of Fame music!! It sounds a way better than the boring as heck XY Hall of Fame music. I really wish Pikachus records releases all these great BGM soon.

Well, They Might not be Giants was one of the better "Pokémon gets seperated from their trainer" episodes. I liked seeing Litten briefly teaming up with the other two starers. All the foreshadowing of Stoutland's ultimate fate was rather intriguing, too.

Music kept in dub (4)
  • Title card music
  • Fight! Wild Pokémon (Alola)
  • Team Rocket Alola motto music
  • Sun/Moon Hall of Fame theme
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He's saying that you defined ground as the point that matters, but many times they end up in tree branches etc

So as long as they land on something, the blast off is successful.
A fun episode.


- Rowlet and Popplio were hilarious. Popplio was a lot more entertaining here than it usually is, and I really loved that.

- I like the idea of Litten bonding with the starters before joining Ash. I also feel like Litten trusts Ash more after this episode, but Stoutland is still there, so Litten joining Ash wouldn't make sense yet. Looking forward to seeing how this situation unfolds.

- Team Rocket once again falls for a dumb trick, ugh. Can't we have Team Rocket intelligent for once?

- OMG, I loved the meta moment when Team Rocket finally blasted off and said this was the first blast-off in Alola. Pretty funny.


I liked how we witnessed Mokuroh and Ashimari holding their own against Nyasu and Hidoide, and I also enjoyed Nyasu and Nyabby's little stand-off. I appreciated seeing Iwanko's sense of smell help with tracking down the missing Pokemon too, and how Nyabby tricked the Rocket-dan into letting their guard down.