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A Togepi Mirage! (321)


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A Togepi Mirage!

After their battle with General Hansen, Misty's Togepi takes them to the Mirage Kingdom to try and protect them. However General Hansen is still trying to get in and get the Togepi. Can he be stopped?

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I thought it was 'Colonel' Hansen. This episode was really touching. I nearly cried when Misty and Togetic parted. Did anyone else notice Hansen crying as he was being watched by the Rockets while being taken to jail?
Overall rating:
10 out of 10!!!!!!!!
Probably the best AG episode yet!!! Keep up the good work Nintendo!!!

Pokémon Master Josh

Orange Champion
It was Colonel Hanson,
Togetic DEFINITELY kept it's Japanese voice "Chikku-Toge-cikku!"
It was touching with Misty's Togetic leaving, but Misty's Gyarados with Flamethrower was COOL!
And then Princess Sarah got her Togepi... aah!
The whole space/time/barrier/mirage kingdom thing was a bit confusing, and I don't think 2 Ninjasks and a Shedinja could break the barriers of space and time...


Battle Factory Champion
Just finished seeing it for the first time on Sky one there.

Awww, very sad epi' indeed. I couldn't agree more with you Sheer Cold, both "The Princess and Togepi" and "The Togepi Mirage!" were easily the BEST episodes of the Hoenn region. I have it up to here with all these other people giving so many freakin 10/10's for all these other Hoenn episodes prior to these two, if that's the case then these two would rank at about 1000/10.

Respect to Colonel Hanson, he was a REAL villian. That's I was trying to say to people earlier, if you stop it with the arse kissing between gym leaders and other trainers that Ash fights, you might actually achieve a decent episode for once! I mean if Colonel Hanson was a gym leader, he would rock! Forgot people like Roxanne, I mean ugh....

Wait a minute, no Team Rocket motto this time?! I was waiting for that all episode, meh no time I guess, it was too action-packed for anything other than solarbeam's and safeguards.

Yeah I think the highlight must be the Gyarados using flamethrower. You see that Shedinja, that was a frying alright.

Ah well, just gotta hope more of the same for the rest of the Hoenn region.

Silver Fusion

Hyper Coordinator
Yeah I noticed togetic was saying togechikku aswell but i did like misty's gyarados it was cool and I think misty will be back for the hoenn league.


Battle Factory Champion
shadowmaster said:
Yeah I noticed togetic was saying togechikku aswell but i did like misty's gyarados it was cool and I think misty will be back for the hoenn league.

Heh, lets not get too carried away that she's due to make another appearance in the Hoenn region. Those Misty haters will start accusing us of bashing May and Max otherwise :p


Nice Episode. Bit Sombre near the end, but then Togepi appeared, happy ending, blablablah :/. Nice filler though, but I wish Shedinja actually used ANYTHING other than Solarbeam, but maybe it picked up a Choice Band XD. Togetic's voice was rather squeaky, but the storyline was good.



I'm gonna be so lazy, and not bore you with one of my long reviews!

It was a great episodes, by far one of the best so far. I would have probably cried at the end but I was eating egg on toast, and I missed Togepi evolving. But hey, at least I got to see Togetic. His voice was cool, it was kinda clicky as well. Ash's face was priceless when he saw Misty's Gyarados. Also, it was really sad when I saw all the Togepi hurt in their paradise.

10/10 for me!


Soaring high above
Easily the best Hoenn ep so far! Togetic had a different pronunciation to what i thought


I thought it would be Tog-etic!


Contaminated KFC
Shedinja and Ninjask are such awesome pokémon I have to say. They just really seemed to suit Hanzou and seemed like pretty villainous pokémon thanks to their cunning techniques and strong attacks. I love to see that sort of thing in the series, because it really is somewhat lacking from time to time. Would be nice if there was a Hoso based around the Mirage Kingdom, would be cool to see Hanzou and his pokémon again.

The whole plot was pretty good, but I usually get the feeling of it being rushed at some parts. Can't really pin-point why I'm afraid ^^; But, none-the-less, it was still an awesome episode and it rolled along quite well. Decent characters, decent plot and decent pokémon. Although Togetic just dissapointed me. It didn't really seem to do anything except create a huge safegaurd.

I especially liked the animation in this episode, the Gyarados scene standing out the most (thank god they kept the music there).
Guess it was nice to see Misty again...*shrugs* 0.o
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Izit cuz I is black?
I just saw this episode and I loved it (like all 2-parters) Togetic was so cute. Have you noticed that this was almost identical to Pidgeotto's evolution and departure. I never thought Togepi would leave (I knew it would evolve sooner or later) And now, Porygon2 is the only unshown Johto pkmn (that I know of) I wish they'd explained how that egg got all the way to Grampa Canyon in Kanto. Oh well. Ninjask and Shedinja were a bit repetitve, and Solarbeam didn't take as long as it should. Same with Hyperbeam (maybe they've practised a lot) I felt bad when Shedinja was just lying there, all burned up. I almost wish someone had adopted it as their own.


I definetely had a tear in my eye when Misty and Togetic parted.

Hanson = Teh 3vil d00d! But honestly, he's one of the best villains in Pokemon for a while.

Factory Head Noland

This episode was great! I really don't like Hanson!!
It was so cool when Togepi evolved and Gyarados' Flamthrower was so cool! It was funny when it hit Shedinja and it just fell slowly to the ground, lol.
It was really sad when Togetic went!! And then Misty went!
Torchic done great when it Embered one of the Shedinja!! Go Torchic!!

Neo Kuja

I don't USUALLY watch the anime, but this one definately caught my eye. Without doubt the best in the series so far, and I'm not sure if it's ever going to be matched. There was a very creepy thing that Shedinja had going on there... I need to raise me one. However, the whole Togetic thing was a bit of a 'been-there-done-that' experience, but Togetic rocked nonetheless. Awesome ep! ;292;


Legendary Pokémon Coordinator
What are the chances that this episode will repeat on Sky.I missed it due to the fact I was going to the cinema with my mates to see Alein vs Predator,.


Custom User Title
Good God did 4Kids ruin this episode. I can't watch the dub version without yelling at my TV, it's just that bad. I had the extreme good fortune to be able to see this episode in the original Japanese and it was very good, one of the best episodes I've seen. There was so much suspense and emotion, and the part where Togetic left was truly touching. In the Japanese version, when Togetic is about to leave, they have very emtional music playing, whereas is the dub the background music just keeps going as if nothing important was happening. It's really unfortunate 4Kids had to ruin such a touching moment like that. Taking such a good episode and making it so bad is just wrong. Most of the time the music changes are just annoying, but in this case it really disgusts me.
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~*Aurora Wish*~

I especially liked the part where Misty sent out Gyrados to battle Hansen. I didn't know it could learn Flamethrower!


I thought this episode was awesome! Her Gyarados kicked butt with Flamethrower! Go dragon, go! I was crying when Togetic and Misty left, really! But I really hope we see her again soon! 10/10!

Ororo Munroe

It was great to see Togepi evolve but sad to see her leave. I liked this episode but think that it could have been done better.