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A Togepi Mirage! (321)

I loved all of the Togepi that were seen here. I was upset that the General guy managed to get his hands on Misty's Togepi halfway through the episode. Thankfully, Ash and friends found the guy and they confronted him.


I've been very pleased with the past few episodes, with each one getting better and better plot-wise. I would give the combined Misty comeback episodes 10 out of 10, but the fact that Togetic had to leave the show made it bittersweet.


I have to admit that I don't see why the writers waited this long to give Kasumi's Togepy some closure, but I loved every minute of it including Togepy's evolution into Togechick. I was also impressed by how competent Hanzou's Nukenin and Tekkanin were, especially considering how the anime usually handles Bug-types.


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I went into this episode expecting to dislike it. So it was a nice surprise to get a set of amazing scenes. Shame how Misty's Togetic had to leave just when it was getting good.

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Let me just say, I hate how Hanson betrayed Team Rocket. That was undeniably predictable. I thought for a moment they'd actually keep working together. Hanson might've actually been a likeable villain if he hadn't done that, plus it would've been a lot cooler to see everyone vs Hanson and Team Rocket instead of everyone vs Hanson.


Hanzou betraying the Rocket-dan made me chuckle, because had he not done that to them, he would have suffered an eventual betrayal by them at some point. So it was amusing how he got a jump on them.


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It might have meant more if Team Rocket had a more amountable payback.

Then again, TR were the perennial straw loser for most of AG's baddies, compared to most other series where they at least get loads of team ups with the twerps (they weren't even allowed proper revenge against the poacher that cost them Arbok and Weezing). Combined with Ash and May's tempers giving them some of their most merciless beatdowns and their losing streak in the contests, AG was not a kind series for Team Rocket. :p
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Hear me out: Misty's Togetic is totally Dawn's Togekiss.
They both know Safeguard.
The Princess's Togepi evolved and became the new leader after Togetic evolved into Togekiss and found her way into another royal palace, where she was eventually gifted to Dawn.