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A Trick Room Team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Romeo Romeo, May 5, 2011.

  1. Romeo Romeo

    Romeo Romeo Well-Known Member

    EDIT: After getting great advice from the posters below, I have been testing out a lot of options for my team, and I think I've finally found the final version of my Trick Room team. I'm really happy with it, and am having a lot of success with it on PO. So without further ado...



    Bubblegum (Slowbro) @ Leftovers
    252 Hp / 252 Def / 4 SpD
    - Scald
    - Flamethrower
    - Slack Off
    - Trick Room

    This is my lead. Trick Room gets the ball rolling. Flamethrower deals with Forretress leads, Ferrothorn (which is an often switch in, as they think they can wall me and KO with Power Whip. Not so.), Skarmory and Scizor. Scald deals with Hippowdon leads that try to set up, and Aerodactyl leads that try to Taunt me. I experimented with Confarigus, Dusclops and Whimsicott as my lead ‘Trick Roomer’ but have had by far the most success with Slowbro. Trick Room teams require a lot of switching in an out, and her ability Regenerator combined with Slack Off and her natural bulk make her very durable and allows her to switch in multiple times during the battle to set Trick Room up, whilst being more than capable of getting a few cheeky KO’s herself. Overall, I feel she is a great Pokemon.

    Mother (Marowak) @ Thick Club
    Rock Head
    252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
    - Earthquake
    - Stone Edge
    - Fire Punch
    - Double Edge

    Marowak is a favourite of mine from the very 1st Gen and she is right at home in my Trick Room team. Thick Club doubles her Atk, so with Trick Room she hits fast and hits hard. Earthquake puts a huge dent into anything neutral, and outright KO's most things that are weak to Ground. Fire Punch for Ferrothorn, which is often brought in to wall her; Forretress; and more importantly, Skarmory. Stone Edge for the likes of Gyarados , Togekiss etc. Double Edge is beastly and is for anything that Earthquake and Stone Edge don’t deal with.

    Voldemort (Reuniclus) @ Life Orb
    Magic Guard
    252 Hp / 252 Def / 4 SpD
    - Trick Room
    - Psychic
    - Focus Blast
    - Recover

    This is my second Trick Room setter who is more than capable of a sweep himself. This thing is a beast. Even without any SpA investment and Calm Mind he still packs a huge punch. Focus Blast for things like Zoroark, Lucario, Heatran, Scrafty and Psychic for everything else. Recover to keep him alive longer as I need those Trick Rooms! One of my favourite Pokemon this Gen, without a doubt. Life Orb for the damage-free extra power, as I'm not running Calm Mind.

    Talon (Druddigon) @ Life Orb
    Sheer Force
    252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
    - Dragon Claw
    - Superpower
    - Fire Fang
    - Sucker Punch

    Druddigon is a beast whilst Trick Room is in play. Switches in on other dragons whilst they are setting up or using a non-Dragon attack, and then priority Dragon Claw them for the KO. Works a charm. Superpower for annoying Dark types that are threatening to two of my Trick Room setters, whilst it also deals with the likes of Cloyster etc, standard stuff. Sucker Punch has saved my *** countless times from Gengars/Alakazams/Azelf etc, particularly when they are switched in when the Trick Room has faded. Fire Fang gets a nice boost with Sheer Force too that can deal with enemy Scizors, Gensects, Jirachi etc etc etc.

    Qwerty (Porygon2) @ Eviolite
    252HP /252SAtk / 4Def
    -Trick Room
    -Ice Beam

    A newer member of my team. I've had enormous success with this guy. His Normal typing allows him to switch in to Shadow Balls aimed at Reuniclus and Slowbro. Ice Beam for Dragons, Thunderbolt for the likes of Gyarados and Vaporeon. With Eviolite, this guy is bulky as hell and can take a lot of hits as well as dishing the damage out himself, with his decent SpA stat and awesome coverage. Recover to keep him alive longer. He is also my counter to Volcarona and Genesect, both of whom I was having trouble with - they would be switched in the turn Trick Room faded and would then outspeed and KO both my TR setters with Bug Buzz leaving the rest of my team slow and susceptible to a brutal sweep. Porygon2 is more than capable of taking hits from either of them, allowing me to set Trick Room up again. This guy really does play a vital part in my team.

    Atlas (Conkeldurr)@Macho Brace
    Iron Fist
    -Hammer Arm
    -Mach Punch
    -Stone Edge

    The last member of my team has been chopped and changed a lot. In this place I've tried the likes of Machamp, Escavalier, Rhyperior, Gigalith and Scizor, amongst others. I basically want a huge hitting sweeper, capable of OHKO's or putting massive dents into anything bulky. This guy is the best at that. Brave natures, STAB'd Hammer Arm, with Iron Fist, Macho Brace and max Atk EV investment destroys a lot of things, even if it's not very effective. This guy is an absolute monster, and I'm definitely sticking with him. His design is really cool too, and he's got to be one of my fave 5th Gen Pokes.

    So there it is, my newly updated Trick Room team. Rate away, and as ever, been brutally honest - but constructive. I'm really pleased with this team, it's probably my favourite team I've ever made, and one of my most successful too. Let me know what y'all think!

    Last edited: May 7, 2011
  2. DiScrafty123

    DiScrafty123 Member

    Good team but i like Ice pwanch on Marowak cuz of grass types
  3. Shining Fire

    Shining Fire A little rusty

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Sheer Force doesn't effect moves like Superpower and Hyper Beam, only moves that have a chance under 100%.
  4. Romeo Romeo

    Romeo Romeo Well-Known Member

    @DiScrafty123 - Fire Punch deals with Grass Types too ;)

    @Shining Fire - Heh, it's not a big deal anyway. Superpower is the move I use least on that Druddigon set, and besides, he's switched out a lot anyway when the Trick Room fades so the negative stat changes aren't a biggie. Thanks for pointing it out anyway, though! Is there anything you wanted to say about the actual team? Thanks!
  5. hallstromjr

    hallstromjr Boston Celtic

    The one thing I notice is you only have one Speed lowering nature on Slowbro. All your others are good, but she be more along the lines of Brave, Quiet, and Sassy.
  6. like 20 newbs

    like 20 newbs Member

    Since Scizor is mainly there for his typing, I would recommend also looking at Escavalier. It's basically a slow moving tank with the same typing and even better stats, except for speed. I also might suggest and Occa Betty on them, in case of and item clause in battles.
  7. Romeo Romeo

    Romeo Romeo Well-Known Member

    @hallstromjr - wow, how did I not think that lol. Thanks for pointing that out! I will change all their natures straight away. :)

    @like 20 newbs - That's a good idea too. Have you ever used an Escavalier? The idea of more power does appeal, as I am finding that, because I have to switch Scizor into something after Trick Room is set up, I never have the chance to set up as a Swords Dance as his HP is already dented, which limits his ability to OHKO or do large damage. I am going to test out Escavalier now, thanks for the suggestion. :) EDIT: Am checking its move pool now and it's pathetic lol. Still, I am thinking Choice Band Megahorn will do some nice damage :p
    Last edited: May 6, 2011
  8. darkrai's_shadow

    darkrai's_shadow Fear of the Dark!

    yeah, chance machamps nature to brave, also i suggest stone edge over ice punch, because it will get the 100% accuracy
  9. Romeo Romeo

    Romeo Romeo Well-Known Member

    @darkrai's_shadow - another great idea. Ice Punch hasn't really been working out for me anyways, the most common grass type I am facing is Exeggutor and Venusaur on sun teams and Ice Punch does hardly anything to them anyway. -.O I will test out Stone Edge on him, but I am thinking of just scrapping Machamp altogether tbh.
  10. First post so hopefully I don't sound like an idiot.

    Escavalier has amazing stats for trick room, base 135 attack, 105 base sp. defense and defense, then his base 20 speed make him one of the slowest ( and in turn fastest ) things in a trick room.The only thing I dislike and find to be a weakness is his move pool which is seriously lacking imo. He gets STAB mega horn and then STAB... iron head. But he does hit really really hard and can take everything pretty well outside of anything fire which is common but if he gets to hit something hes going to be hurting it badly.
    The only other let down are his abilities which are pretty lame, protection from critical hits is lame since he resists a lot of things and then gets utterly destroyed by anything fire.

    I use him alot in my trick room team and he can be a great asset.

    If I where you though I would look into another trick room user though, Bronzong or Claydol work really well, or you could go with whimsicott to lead out and taunt then set up trick room which I like a good bit since its destroying there set up more often then not.

    I run Whimsicott with full speed and sp. defense EVs, then taunt, trick room, encore, and U-turn just because whimsicott has pretty good speed and after setting up trick room its got a good chance to go last and take a hit to let the sweeper come in safely.

    Or another trick room setter is Exxegutor with harvest and lum berry, the moves I use are rest obviously, bullet seed, trick room, and whatever for the last move. Its really survivable and status proof, can take some hits and keep setting up trick room later on into the game.

    Oh and one problem I see to is nothing blows up, your pokes exploding or self destructing might not seem productive but it really is integral imo to running a trick room that competes with OU teams and such, it keeps the flow going and allows you to dictate the flow of the match much better then switching out to your trick room setter.

    I do like this team a lot, really similar to mine but probably better. I run Druddigon, Marowak, and Reuniclus with similar sets to your team, I usually run whimsicott, Bronzong, Claydol, or Exxegutor to set trick room. And on occasion I swap out marowak for Gigalith, mainly because of explosion at the end of trick room to keep the flow going properly.
  11. Romeo Romeo

    Romeo Romeo Well-Known Member

    @TrickRoomMarowak - No, your advice is fantastic, you obviously know a lot more about Trick Room teams than myself! In fact, I've been testing your advice out all evening on PO. I didn't even know Whimsicott could learn TR, and the Exeggutor idea is fantastic too. The Lum Berry / Harvest / Rest combo makes him very durable lol.

    I decided to test the team out, having replaced Scizor with Escavalier, and I took Machamp out for Exeggutor, as I liked the idea of running Giga Drain for extra recovery, as he can stick pack a punch with his high SpA. I ran these sets:

    Escavalier@Choice Band
    252 Hp / 252 Atk / 4 Def
    - Megahorn
    - Pursuit
    - Aerial Ace
    - Knock Off

    His move pool is disgusting tbh lol, but Megahorn is so powerful - when it hits. I must say though I am enjoying using him and will test him out some more.

    This is the Exeggutor I've been running:

    Exeggutor@Lum Berry
    252 Hp / 92 Def / 160 SpD
    - Giga Drain
    - Sleep Powder
    - Trick Room
    - Rest

    I've been having a lot of fun with this guy too :)

    But my team has a huge weakness that ends with my whole team getting raped when it happens. I hate it when a fast sweeper with Bug, Dark or Ghost type moves (Gengar, Volcarona, Gensect, Lucario after a Nasty Plot) switches in on me on the turn my Trick Room fades. Because it destroys all of my Trick Room setters before they can actually set up, and then sweeps the rest of my team because they are so slow. SO. I have decided I am going to take out Exeggutor and put Whimsicott in specifically for that problem, because it solves it with its priority Trick Room with Prankster.

    I have a quick question about the Whimsicott you said you used: wouldn't it be better to put the EV's you invested in Speed into Def? Because it would help you wall hits better, and you don't need speed with your priority ability, whilst after you set up Trick Room, you'd want to be as slow as possible, so that you could hit first with U-Turn?

    Again, thanks for your advice - it was so useful! :)

    EDIT: I am trying Whimsicott out, but it seems that Trick Room isn't being given priority with Prankster?!

    EDIT 2: Checked Smogon, and Prankster does NOT work with Trick Room, that is so annoying lol. Guess I am going to have to max his Speed Evs after all, and try it out that way.

    EDIT 3: Turns out Trick Room has -6 priority and will always go last :s honestly, I can't think of a counter for **** like Volcarona and Genesect if they switch in when Trick Room is down. Got any ideas?!?!
    Last edited: May 6, 2011
  12. Dragonite0217

    Dragonite0217 Active Member

    Well, Bronzong can set up trick room and take a few hits. I used on my trick room team.
  13. ashsinnoh

    ashsinnoh Well-Known Member

    I run eviolite Porygon2 with this set for setting up TR and packing a punch
    Porygon2 @ Eviolite
    Ability: Trace
    EVs: 252HP/252SAtk/4Def
    Nature: Quiet (+SAtk, -Spe)
    -Trick Room
    -Ice Beam
    With only one weakness to fighting types, Porygon2 can easily setup TR, he can also hit Volcarona for SE damage with Thunderbolt, can hit Whimsies and Dragons with Ice Beam. Recover is needed for more survivability. He can wall nice with his eviolite boosted defenses. Well it didn't have any se moves agains genesect, but can counter your big enemy Volcarona. Well i'm making my own TR team, so felt like sharing this to another trick room team maker. Good luck. Nice team altogether.
  14. @ Romeo

    Prankster is more or so awesome for after you set up trick room since you can catch people doing things and force out switches, so it in turn limits what people are willing to do in front of whimsicott which in turn gives your sweepers a better shot at getting in and taking a hit. No one is going to dragon dance in front of whimsicott which is awesome, encore is the **** but with prankster its legendary.
    I run Whimsicott as fast as possible in order to hopefully attack last after trick room is set up, that way whimsicott takes a hit instead of the sweeper.

    I havent really run into too many Volcarona but looking at it it really seems to only have bug and fire moves as its threatening offense, so anything rock should be messing it up or anything that can survive a hit and then hit back with a stone edge. That Sp. Attack is wicked on volcarona but quiver dance ups his alright sp. def and not his defense which sucks for him because all rock type moves are just going to eat him alive.
  15. Romeo Romeo

    Romeo Romeo Well-Known Member

    @ashsinnoh - Thanks for sharing your Porygon2 set! I like it a lot, and will definitely test it out. The only thing I would say is that Thunderbolt isn't super effective against Volcarona. Honestly, Volcarona and Genesect are the bane of my teams, they always seem to switch in as soon as my TR fades and then they're too quick and powerful for me to set it up again, so they sweep my team -.O anyways, thanks again and good luck with your team - post it up here when you've finished it!

    @TrickRoomMarowak - thanks for posting again bro. Yeah I understand what you mean now about the taking a hit instead of the sweeper, that's a great idea. Yeah, the only counter I can think of the Volcarona atm is prankster encoring it after it sets up a Quiver Dance, forcing it to switch. That would give me a free turn to set up TR again and get Marowak out with the Stone Edge. Doesn't sort out my huge weakness to Genesect but it should hopefully remove Volcarona from the equation.

    @Dragonite0217 - Thanks for the suggestion bro. I did look in to Bronzong, but ultimately decided it was far too ugly for my team lol! I honestly just hate Bronzong, horrid design xD
  16. ashsinnoh

    ashsinnoh Well-Known Member

    Oh, yeah sorry. My head isn't working well x) I truly apologize. Thought about Hurricane being flying type and forgot about Volcarona being Fire/Bug. Well, i counter Volcaronas with my Machamp and never encountered Genesect so far.
  17. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    Shell Smash Cloyster on a Trick Room team? Madness!

    That would basically make it frailer and then really slow in a Trick Room, so it'd die easily. I know you said after Trick Room, but what if something set up Trick Room and died and you were left with just a Cloyster. You could try another Trick Roomer instead...

    The rest looks pretty standard although I never really use Marowak or Druddigon to be able to rate them :(

    Excavalier is much better as it's bulkier, got naturally good attack and is slow as a snail so is a beast in Trick Room.
  18. Shuckle

    Shuckle EverydayI'mShucklin'

    No Power Share Shuckle? This saddens me...Shuckle is the perfect switch-in on TR sets because it can take anything, heal itself with Rest, and use Power Share to boost its own (lackluster) offences...at its foes' expenses. Now, if it had only gotten something better than Contrary...

    Why would anybody be stupid enough to lower Shuckle's stats? Harvest would make it a better TR than Exeggutor...but such is Shuckle's luck. I've found that this set works the best for me, although it is only over Wi-Fi because PO won't download properly onto my old XP.

    Shuckle @ Lum Berry/Chesto Berry/Leftovers
    ~Power Share
    ~Stone Edge/Gyro Ball
    ~Earthquake/Gyro Ball

    The only one who, possessing both Stone Edge and Earthquake, is unable to use them properly...until now. With the advent of Power Share, so far only discovered naturally in Cofagrigus (who can't really use that...), Shuckle has become quite the powerhouse in terms of tricking sweepers and generally making a nuisance of itself. Rest + Berry is standard; I prefer using Chesto because Rest heals other afflictions anyway, so Lum will just waste itself if Shuckle's hit by a Toxic, but if you want to heal that up without wasting a turn, Lum is the way to go. Leftovers is an alternative; Shuckle's massive, black-hole-esque defence is enough that Leftovers is a very credible option. I didn't go with RestTalk this time because Power Share used more than once makes Shuckle sad.

    Gyro Ball + Base 5 Speed + Slowest Pokemon EVAR + Power Share = Base 150 move that will 9 times out of 10 strike first for massive damage, especially on inverted sweepers. There are no sweepers (to my admittedly limited knowledge) or tanks or anything with a reasonably high Attack stat that can out-slow Shuckle, meaning that it can steal their Attack with Power Share first round, then proceed to wreck with EdgeQuakeBall thing, your choice. And then Rest and Leftovers away the damage you take.

    Hurray for Trick Room! I ran Shuckle + EspyJump (TR), and the results were entertaining even in the gen without Power Share. Sorry if I'm boring you with this...^^;

  19. The Lunescent

    The Lunescent Izanagi the Creator

    Truthfully I wouldn't use Cloyster on a TR team, with its speed increase it will only be a liability, however I do suggest investing in something fast (or this case slow) to deal with the Dragons (Latias, Latios, Salamence, Garchomp, Dragonite etc) because I can see now they are going to rip a whole through your team. Probably a slow water type with and Ice move, or maybe Lapras.
  20. Romeo Romeo

    Romeo Romeo Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the replies, guys.

    @ashsinnoh - No worries man :) Can't believe people aren't encountering Genesect as much as me..on PO I fight a Genesect I would guess once in every five battles.

    @murkrowrob - Yeah Cloyster was just an idea I was toying around with. In the original team that I posted I was finding that my two Trick Roomers were being KO'd before my last two sweepers, which made them useless because they were so slow. I was just considering using Cloyster, because he can set himself up late game for a sweep, but you're right, if somebody else set up TR he would be screwed :p I have given up on that idea anyways so should probably delete it. And yeah I've been testing out Escavalier and I like him a lot, but I think I am going to take him out this evening to test out Gigalith.

    @Startstruck - I've never thought about using Shuckle in that way. Something makes me think that Shuckle is your favourite Pokemon, but I can't put my finger on what it is...haha ;) I've noted your set down and will definitely test it out.


    @The Lunescent - Yeah the Cloyster was just an idea I was toying around with at the beginning, but it doesn't work :p I'm gonna delete it out now. I actually haven't had any problems with dragons yet (apart from Multiscale Substituting Dragonite) - My Druddigon under Trick Room has always dealt with them perfectly. Genesect and Volcarona are proving to be my team's two biggest nuisances and I'm trying to think of counters for them atm :) thanks for posting!

    Thanks for all the great ideas and advice so far guys, big help. I'm really enjoying Trick Room tbh, probably my favourite team I've ever made. Tonight I will be testing out Porygon 2, Gigalith and Shuckle. Will post results later :)
    Last edited: May 6, 2011

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