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A Village Homecoming! (761)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Black & White - Adventures in Unova' started by Serebii, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Shneak

    Shneak this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨

    Drayden is super creepy. Stalking a ten year old girl from the bushes.
  2. Everlasting

    Everlasting Everything stays.

    What did Drayden say to Iris ? Pictures won't tell me.. :(
  3. HatersGonnaHate

    HatersGonnaHate Throwing Shade

    No, Iris told Dragonite and Emolga what to do and they listened. I think that cemented that Dragonite is obeying now. I don't think expect it to disobey during the Drayden battle.

    On another note...what was Shobu's problem during this episode? She looked so upset, but about what?
  4. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    That's coz he's her "daddy." x333

    Drayden is frippen hilarious when not trying to be.
  5. HatersGonnaHate

    HatersGonnaHate Throwing Shade

    Still waiting for someone to answer my question...what was Shobu's problem during this episode? Why was she so upset?
  6. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    I didn't watch the epi, only the screenies...but she just appeared to be shy to me
  7. HatersGonnaHate

    HatersGonnaHate Throwing Shade

    No if you watch it, you'll see that she actually had a problem. She was sad throughout the episode and at the end, Elder had some words for Shobu. I just want to know what is going on-.-
  8. Cresselia92

    Cresselia92 SM Ash = New Ash

    Be patient and wait for the subs (or for someone who knows Japanese). I want to know what happens too.
  9. fair enough..but i didnt say i hate iris...i just said i dont like her..big difference in words..i guess i apologise im more blunt then i guess your used to...didnt mean to "spam" just making a blunt statement...
    (and yes ash can be horrible at times LOL
  10. RVD_fan

    RVD_fan Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed the episode, it was nice to Iris get it done all on her own without Ash and Cilan's help.

    Good cliffhanger, excited to see the Gym Battle. (It is a gym battle, right? For the badge?)
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2012
  11. ConUxie223

    ConUxie223 Kalos Trap Queen

    Drayden was clearly the comedy of this episode XD Loved how they debuted him and Iris's reaction to him too. Hopefully the next episode gives us some really cool Drayden stuff and of course some awesome Iris stuff as well.
  12. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    Drayden's bush hidingwas really funny. Although they didn't destroy his cool image, while maintaining to be the figure Iris was soo intimidated of, they showed him to be comical in a serious way. Excellent job from our beloved writers/ animators I say.

    Watch a lot of anime in Japanes,e and you will basically understand 70% of what they talk. I believe Lucario at Service comes under the same category.

    Shobu want's to be a breeder or something (as I said I only have a gross understanding of stuff), but she was waiting for her Pokemon to evolve into Sazandora(Like this name more than Hydreigon) She was somewhat timid and shy, so she was a bit scared to put in front of the elder.

    I really liked the Elder's character. Based on what they showed till now I thought she was going to be some old woman spending her days off giving lectures to people. While it was only half true they even showed she could use some action too. Her character was somewhat quirky too, she managed to scare Ash twice lol. And for an old woman they drew her eyes to be very beautiful, a hint that she might be beautiful at a younger age.(I wonder if Drayden hit on her LOL jk)

    Over all the episode did a good job showing Iris's character, and I think Drayden has a keen interest in her. The old woman even called her special. Perhaps Drayden wants to groom Iris into a gym leader just like in the games. (But of course she did end up into something more but that's off topic for the anime)

    A very good job, dear writers.

    Although I could understand if a few people find this episode boring. Ever since Best Wishes started and TR's appearances became a once in a blue moon affair, the episodes seemed to run with a very simplistic approach to plainly tell a story, rather than the old formula of COTD character development--TR Crisis--Rescue Operation. I for one am happy that the writers left this formula (it is a cheap way to write entertaining episodes). So yes this episode will be boring for some, and none of us who liked it have the right to deny their opinion.
  13. JD

    JD .

    I didn't imagine Zweilous to sound like that oh well.
  14. This actually bored me, but then it's an Iris episode. What do you expect? xD Episodes focusing on her/other dragons have generally been boring this series.
  15. Janovy

    Janovy Banned

    In your opinion.
  16. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    What "Dracoflare" said, plus i am trying to learn Japanese so i can atleast understand it at a basic level, though i don't get the full meaning of whats being said.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2012
  17. I actually thought Zweilous sounded okay.~

    Spam much? Of course it's my opinion. xD
  18. ShinyCharyZard

    ShinyCharyZard Honesty=Infractions

    Absolutely loved this episode.

    Loved Hydreigon's voice, it'll be a shame when the dub ruins it.
    Loved the way every one of Iris's Pokemon was involved.
    Loved Emolga riding Dragonite to fire attacks and force Hydreigon backward.
    Loved Iris telling Axew the plan, then Axew commanding Excadrill.
    Loved Drayden hiding in the bushes to watch from a distance like a predator.
    Loved the Elder telling Ash and Cilan to back the hell off and let Iris handle it.
    Loved.. Everything!

    Honestly, this has been one of my favourite episodes for a while.
  19. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    Going to agree with ShinyCharyzard finally the eepisodes was amazing.

    The Elder was a badass :p who wouldve guessed.

    Iris shows once again that she is the best female character to ever be part of the pokemon series, she is definetlty the most fun, personality filled character we ever had, I like her character more and more as time passes.

    Loved everything about the episode, even the weird cute voices Zweilos had .
  20. WaterShuriken

    WaterShuriken Well-Known Member

    Yeah the Zweilous had voices that I did not expect. They were too cutesy to be honest.

    I wish Emolga has used Attract on Hydreigon to see what would happen.

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