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A Village Homecoming! (761)


Yeah the Zweilous had voices that I did not expect. They were too cutesy to be honest.

I wish Emolga has used Attract on Hydreigon to see what would happen.
^ i wonder how the dub will make th zweilous voice.

i wouldve been really funny to see her use attract and find out it was female. i still found it funny how she would just fly up and kick it then fly away


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Just finished watching this episode. I enjoyed it for the most part Ok writers, give Dento some awesome episodes now xP
And Iris is excited to be home d’aaaw
ZOMG Dento, I missed ur voice
Pfft Dento’s theme or whatevers
OMG the Kibagos are cute
Did Dento just say it tasted like Dragons? Seems legit
Aw Shobu’s a sweet girl
I wanna hug them
Omg I want one
More awesome Dento theme x333 I love this theme…it’s a waltz
Where’s Kasanoda?
Herbivore vs. Man-eating Dragon
The Elder is awesome XDDDD
Hiding again are you?
Yes I am. She is my precious daughter, I want to carry her grocery basket for her
Mmmhm I love the Village Bridge music <3
PFFT Dento talked with his mouth full
I gotta rewind that
AHAHAHA I keep laughing
Aw crap. My internet kicked out *goes to watch Dento talk with his mouth full again*
D’aaw look at Dento talk with his mouth full
I think he said it was “delicious”
AWWWWWw They sound so cute
Oh crap. WE’re all screwed
Aw he put on a fire work show 8D
I don’t care for Hydreigon’s voice…too mechanical D:
I……..kind of feel bad for it
The first hug in BW. And it went to a girl x girl >.>
Oh no.
It’s Drayden XD

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What moves did Hydreigon use?


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Been waiting for this for a long time; and it's the 100th Black/White episode!

It was nice to see the Village of Dragons in a present time.

Shannon was pretty cool; the whole ordeal about Zweilious evolving was insane.

Drayden is a huge creeper; if hiding in bushes doesn't screen "stalker" then I dunno what.

I enjoyed having Iris' Pokemon all together to help calm down Hydreigon. Definitely a magnificent episode for her.


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I liked the episode, although I can't help but think it would have been much shorter if Meloetta was still with them. I also enjoyed all the moves used against Hydreigon, like when it used protect against Axew's dragon rage and Excadrill's focus blast.
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All this time I was pronouncing Hydreigon as (Hi-Dree-Gun). That's another mistake added to the list.


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Great episode for Iris. Seeing all of Iris' Pokémon in action was very nice. Hydreigon was weird, but at least Iris managed to calm it down after the Elder did it with Haxorus and Dragonite. Drayden was nnice to see, though he was hiding in bushes, checking on Iris.


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I can't quite believe how much Iris has grown. When we first met her, she would pull the cheeks of cute pokemon not really caring how the pokemon feels but look at her now and the way she calmed Hydreigon down. Her determination was just as impressive, something else we would probably would not have seen at the start of the series.

The village of dragons is an interesting concept. A calm and tranquil place in the most natural of environments but its inhabitants are some of the most dangerous creatures in the pokemon world and yet it works perfectly. The people of the village are just as interesting. Shannon; a shy and gentle girl has the ability to control Zweilous and the Elder; so wise. In general I think the village of dragons is brilliant.

Finally, I will touch on Drayden. He seems quite a reserved character but I'm sure his battling style is anything but. I look forward to the battle at the Opelucid Gym.

Anyway, onto the next one!


So this episode is nice! I like the most of it but sort of feel bad for Iris and Shannon.

I like the idea of them finally going to visit the Village of Dragons although not much shown, as I feel it kept us from seeing some awesome dragon types.
So the village Elder seems cool, I like how she calmed down Dragonite but she's a little scary, not letting Ash, Pikachu and Cilan help Iris...

I really like Shannon, she seems really nice and sweet. I hope she does go on a journey soon! Its also cool she's a Pokemon Breeder.

So Shannon's Zweilous were cool but I felt bad for her newly evolved Hydreigon, its a good thing Iris was there to help out and with all of her Pokemon too.
I didn't like Drayden much, it seems like Iris didn't at first too which is maybe why... I thought he's stalking her or something but its all right.

So its a nice little episode! I'm glad we got to finally see Iris's home; the Village of Dragons.


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Interesting episode. At first I thought Drayden made the Zweilous evolve when the group wasn't looking just to test Iris. Dragonite is so pugnacious, it's actually a little amusing.

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This was a decent episode. I don't really have much to say beyond seeing lots of great dragon types.


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According to Bulbapedia, Carli Mosier was the voice of Shannon.