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A Village Homecoming! (761)

Marbi Z

An interesting episode that begs more IrisXDragon shippings :p It'll be interesting to see how Opolucid city is portrayed in the anime will it look more like it does in Black or White? Or maybe a combonation of both just to be neutral.


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I think this is one of the few episodes to feature a Pokémon that has a better voice in the dub. When Zweilous calls for the gang's attention, in English they have a sort of growl to their cry, but in the original they say "head! head head! head!" in a very annoying high pitch.


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An interesting episode that begs more IrisXDragon shippings :p It'll be interesting to see how Opolucid city is portrayed in the anime will it look more like it does in Black or White? Or maybe a combonation of both just to be neutral.
That's what I'm most excited to see; I'm staying away from screenshots and whatnot to be surprised.


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If I'm thinking of the right scene then it was a Tranquil or Unfezent.
I can't argue because that picture was too small to discern but I thought the shape looked like reshiram...and it could have been a reference to it appearance at the beginning and its importance to come later on...but I may be wrong...


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Very good episode, it's nice to see the writer's finally do more with Iris and Dragon Pokemon. Really nice to see that Dargonite is actually listening to Iris. Looking forward to seeing Her & Drayden face off.
Fun episode. "Sweye-lus," eh? Add another Pokemon name to the list I've apparently been pronouncing wrong, don't quite understand what was up with TPCi. "Hydra-gin," not "High-Dragon." I also prefer the former pronunciation given the double pun isn't so in your face. The Zwelious did sound like Stitch, that was a nice treat. I liked seeing Zwelious debut in an episode and I liked seeing Hydreigon itself. I'm probably the only weird-*** in the minority that thinks Hydreigon is really cute. I just really like the chubbiness of it and how it has such an endearing face and colors and such. Nice seeing the Dragon Village in real-time, expected to see more than Druddigon, Axew family, Deino family.
....and Altaria.
in the village. I still can't believe the village has wild Haxorus walking around. I mean waaaah? :p Felt weird seeing that.

Shannon was likable, not very interesting but better than Dawn's boring childhood friend and her ugly boring childhood friend. I cannot believe she plans to start her journey with two Hydreigon under her belt, she could skewer Chili, Cress, Lenora, Burgh, Elesa, and Skyla like they're nothing, sorta reminds me of AJ from Kanto who wanted to start off with a 100 wins. Interesting intel on the D-Village, so apparently Iris has a natural talent for understanding the hearts of Dragons in the same way her game counterpart was a prodigy from a young age. Shannon meanwhile had a natural talent for raising Pokemon and breeding, I'm taken back to Pokemon Adventures with those whole "The Fighter," "The Healer," "The Hatcher," titles. That's a nice little fact to think about.

Liked seeing Emolga, Dragonite, Excadrill, and Axew teaming up on Hydreigon to calm it down. Axew taking the role of leader in that sitch was nice, I thought Excadrill would have been more fitting though. Hydreigon blasting the village randomly with a Draco Meteor was intense, mainly because the chaos and destruction was clearly close to wrecking those Fraxure, people, and Axew. The Elder is a freaking ninja to be able to evade D-Nite's Thunder Punch, I don't quite understand why the dub didn't make it clear once Dragonite saw the Elder he was doing his best to restrain himself from hitting her which caused his klutz moment. I liked how the Elder informed that Dragonite had been through many battles to get to its power-levels, sure it's grasping for straws but I always like getting little mention of a Pokemon past like that.

I don't understand why Emolga just didn't Attract Hydreigon but that was a serious moment and an Attract solution might have been too abrupt and anti-climatic. I liked seeing Iris get so embarrassed and sound like a shamed teenagers when she's all "Not around my friends!" and how she was so happy to get praised by Drayden himself. Drayden acting all cryptic this episode was cool, I think it his VA does the job well. Not as quite commanding as the Japanese VA but Mike Pollocks get the job done. I also liked how Iris was so excited to show what she learned and how she had changed on her journey along with her Pokemon, specifically Dragonite and Excadrill as well as Axew.

Emulating Elder like that was nice, though I still think the most emotional display of the ability to understand Dragon's hearts was when she had calmed down Druddigon. It wasn't a raging or angry Dragon, instead it simply had a problem with its emotions and letting others in and its own depression. All Elder had done was talk to it and she still managed to free it from its insecurities. That was quite an amazing, not really regularly done, way of connecting to a Dragon's heart and I wish we got moments more like that. They're very relatable and cute.

Overall it was a fun episode, looking forward to the next dubbed.


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This episode was interesting. It was nice to see Iris's hometown apart from flashbacks, and it's interesting how Drayden was watching Iris from the sidelines until the end of the episode. I liked how Iris calmed down the hydreigon too (and I wish they'd pronounce it like "hydra-gon" instead of "hy-dragon", it just doesn't seem right. Isn't that how they pronounced it in movie 14?). And I don't care what people say about Iris's particular pokemon, those little axews running around were so darn cute. ^_^



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It was a great episode. I loved that they finally got to the Village of Dragons.


I thought this episode was interesting. The setting (the Village of Dragons) was a place I wanted to see Ash and the others explore for a while now so I was glad that Iris returned. Seeing Dragon-types like Fraxure and Haxorus all around the village was cool, and it was also nice that Iris had a friend there; I always assumed she was the only child in the village but I guess I was wrong. My favorite scenes were when the elder of the village soothed Iris's Dragonite (Dragonite looked so cute when it was sitting down) and when Iris's Pokemon helped calm the rampaging Hydreigon. I just loved that they all got to appear and do something.


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A Village Homecoming!

In this episode, Ash and Co. finally arrived at Iris's home, the Village of Dragons, a place where Dragon-type Pokémon live. We didn't get to see much of the Village of Dragons, we only get see some of the Unova Dragon-type Pokémon.

The village Elder dosen't having any problem with Axew not evloving wasn't surprising, I knew she'd suportive of Iris....no matter what. Sure, Axew leared Dragon Rage and Giga Impact, but it's still pretty weak. Later Iris brought out her Pokémon (along with her disobidient Dragonite) for showing it to the villagers, but Dragonite started a fight with a Haxorus! Of course, Iris couldn't stop her Pokémon, so the village Elder had to do it. I liked how she calmed down both Dragonite and Haxorus.

I really liked Shannon, she was really cute and nice too. It's nice how she was willing to stay at home to become a Pokémon breeder, but I think she should experience more by traveling outside like Brock.

I actually liked how Iris stopped the angry Hydreigon(I can't belive they pronounced it High-Dragon at a point). Instead of just using Dragonite, she used all of her Pokémon to corner it. That showed a little teamwork that we rarely see in BW. Shannon hugging Iris like that was surprising, but cute. I never thought they'd show that in Pokémon.

Even though Iris managed to stop Hydreigon without the help of Ash and Cilan, I don't think she deserves all the praise see got from Elder. She still calls Ash a kid and her battle isn't that impressive. It's funny how Iris was trying to avoid Drayden throughout the BW series, but in this episode she got caught by Drayden. Too bad Drayden wasn't mad at Iris for avoiding him like that, but I'm glad he challeged her to a battle.
How does Drayden breath through that beard mask?
I mean, that's not natural.
It was nice to see the Village of Dragons in a present time. Shannon was pretty cool too, and the whole ordeal about Zweilous evolving was chaotic lol. Drayden is a huge creeper too. I enjoyed having Iris's Pokemon all together to help calm down Hydreigon.

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It was cool to finally see the village of dragons fully and the elder woman in person too. I was surprised when Zweilous evolved and rampaged however, but this gave Iris' pokemon a chance to show off a bit. :D


It was good to finally see the village where Iris hailed from. I thought that Kairyu's skirmish with Ononokus was tense, and I felt bad for that wild Dihead. Its evolution came as a shock to it, and it was simply spooked. But I would've liked if Iris had caught the Sazandora, or if she had evolved Kibago here.
Omg, this was an amazing Iris episode. Sigh, it's episodes like this that make me proud to be an Iris fan. All her Pokemon working together was beautiful and her calming Hydreigon is another Dragon Master situation conquered. :p


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I like that Emolga played a role in the plan with Hydreigon. It goes to show she's not just a cute Pokémon but a resourceful one too.