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A Way Off Day Off! (100)


It's one of the best episodes in my opinion, I loved seeing all the Pokes out of their Pokeballs.

Tracey and Misty were too cute. Team Rocket was so naive, I miss the good ol' days...


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Kay, boring filler much? The high point was Jigglypuff coming around to scribble on everyone again. How sad is that?


it was a boring filler.

I loved only the fight between Charizard and Scyther, that's all.


A good Filler every once in a while is great.

I liked how it was a vacation-type episode, with everyone relaxing. Glad that Team Rocket ruined that in the end otherwise it wouldn't have been fun.

I liked the rivalry between Charizard and Scyther. 7/10


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i lOOVE this episode, possible my favourite ever. the team rocket motto was hilarious, and i it when everyones pokemon comes out


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I really didn't not like this fillter episode. Another Jigglypuff-inside episode. It's a lot cool to see the Pokemon outside of their pokebolls.

That one look Charizard gave Ash, to me, said: "**** you!"

And also, apparently Marill, Squirtle, Psyduck and possibly a few others are too heavy to drag. Obviously Snorlax is too heavy to drag.


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I read all the posts for this thread and I would just like to say I am disgusted and sick of the bashing of this episode. I don't give a damn whether this is a filler or not and am fed up of people using the word as if it was a bad word. This episode is one of my favourite episodes of the Orange Islands series.


A boring filler episode. I didn't care for much of anything besides seeing what Jigglypuff drew, Team Rocket not being able to pull Snorlax, and Snorlax eating food. That's it.


This episode is a beautiful little boy. <3

It was nice to see how Charizard was acting, it showed he wasn't a big grump but he just took Ash for granted sometimes. And also Scyther's all like BEHAVE >:U and Charizard is like NU >:U And they're both all like >:U >:U >:U >:U >:U >:U >:U.
Best Team Rocket Motto variation EVUR.
And like the title says, it was just a relaxation point for the Pokémon. Also this episode is the most lulzy of the entire Orange League. Why do people hate it so much? I'm all for plot but I was about to quit watching Pokémon because it was getting way too much like DBZ. Too much action and plot which ultimately cancelled itself out over time and not enough lulz and enjoyment. I REALLY liked it when Pikachu and Ash sat down together by the stars and talked. <3

Also, best quote of all time below.

Ash: Come out Charizard!
*few minutes later, Charizard is still laying around*
Ash: C'mon, Charizard, socialize with your Pokéfriends!
Charizard: *le sarcastic face*
Ash: I don't like the way you're acting, Charizard! Shape up!
Charizard: *torches ash*
Ash:...Or not.


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I liked the fight between Charizard and Scyther, but apart from that I happened to find this episode rather boring. At least it was a well named episode for such a filler, "...day off".
The rivalry between Ash's Charizard and Tracy's Scyther was fun. Togepi being the only one who wasn't afraid of Scyther was funny as well! It was a really fun filler. And James's Victreebel should've used Sleep Powder more often in the anime! 10/10.


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I found this to be a so-so episode. Much of it was a little boring since nothing really happened...
But on the bright side, I did like Snorlax eating the food and Team Rocket getting attacked by those Farfetch'd at the end. Oh, and the island everyone was on was very beautiful.


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I agree with that this episode was pretty pointless. In my opinion, they could have done at least some character development in this, but it had only very small developments. Lucky, I'm getting close to the 3rd gym in the Orange League and after that, it gets better from what I've heard.


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This episode was a nothing but a boring filler. the only thing I liked about this episode was the rivalry between Ash's Charizard and Tracy's Scyther.
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This was the Charizard and Scyther "Filler" episode if I recall. Funny how this was heavily promoted as the 100th episode of the series back then. It was kind of cool seeing all the Pokemon in one episode, despite nothing really happening other than being on a one day vacation. My favourite scene is where Ash and Pikachu are alone at night, and are looking at the ocean together with "My Best Friends" playing in the background.


EDIT - I completely forgot about the flashbacks with the two Orange League Gym Matches happening in this episode, which were awesome too.
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I was just waiting to see Charizard and Scyther have one big fight with each other during this episode.
Oh yeah, I guess this was the shows 100th episode wasn't it. Not surprised it didn't get some big recognition for it, I mean kids shows usually don't anyway. At least, not that I noticed.