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A wild Torracat appears!

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I've been lurking since the 90s, and with Pokémon Sun and Moon coming up, I figured it was well past time to make an account and say hi to everyone!

Other than Pokémon, my hobbies include cooking and baking, art, hiking, and video games. Of course, it's fun to mix Pokémon into those, too! :p


stay sweet
Whoa, your username is awesome. Torracat is super cute.. not a fan of Incineroar though, blah. Hopefully that opinion will change at some point lol. Welcome to Serebii!

Yeah always a good choice to join a Pokémon forum. There are a lot of things to do here, and of course being around other fans will help keep your love for the franchise lit. Have a good time posting. <3 (I sure wish I were a good baker... ahaha)


Welcome :) Have fun in the community! Torracat is awesome, I have to say I really like the designs of these new starters. Much better than the ones from XY imo.

And I agree with Yuko, except I wish I was better at cooking. I've set off my smoke detector many times...
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