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A woman buys a DS and it caused her children to be crazy - Why children h8 Sharing.


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Well there were many attributes that were not necessarily the work of the console to make her think like that. Like the fact that she had 4 children and that she had like 20 games for them to play with...


Yes, the horrible things that parents write to instill fear for something that they may not understand... lol
I think that the parent could have handled the situation a little bit better, like restricting the amount of hours played if they didn't do what they were supposed to do.


Damn media never blames the mother, or the kids becuase they're innocent and too young to be thought of as troublesome, so all the blame falls onto the games. T_T


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No wonder why SPPf is crazy. This woman is right!


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I remember reading this in the paper . Strangely enough, it was not the only video game rant thing on that day. Some bloke wrote in complaining about GTA4 a day after it had been released. Haden't played it of course, but felt that his misinformed opinion was interesting enough to be featured.

But anyways, thats not the issue...

What did she expect when she bought one handheld console for her four kids?!?! Jebus! It's common knowledge that kids don't like sharing. A wii would have been better. Basically she got guilt tripped into buying one, falsely expected them to share and blames the DS for it. That's right. DS. Not "Nintendo" as she keeps reffering to it as. Suggests she didn't do any sort of research into it, otherwise she would have known that.

I hate it when video games are used as a scapegoat for stuff like this. But I have to laugh at the picture. Her kids look like they're scheming at how to get her back.

Mother:"Have any of you seen the dog?"
Kid 1: "Yeah, we were having an argument over whose turn it was to walk it. Rather than solve the problem, we gave the dog to a charity shop. Hurts, doesn't it?"

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit

DS's are more for single childs (or older brothers/sisters who are too mature for such trivial things as gaming consoles, as in my case), not as a 'family DS' as she would've hoped.

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I must agree that she herself is to blame, rather than the DS. For starters, she's expecting the impossible - four kids aged ten and under to get along sharing something. Then there is the point, correctly mentioned above, that a Wii is the ideal "family Nintendo", not a DS. Maybe I should write into the paper, with the story of my family. I have 2 brothers and myself, and 2 of us have a DS (a third one will be with us shortly) and we get along just fine. In fact about 10 minutes ago we were laughing and playing together. It is all down to the fact that she bought the wrong console to share between four people - not the console itself.


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The mother should have had a deathmatch between the four kids, and the winner gets the game. Nintendo should have no love for the weak.


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Mother:"Have any of you seen the dog?"
Kid 1: "Yeah, we were having an argument over whose turn it was to walk it. Rather than solve the problem, we gave the dog to a charity shop. Hurts, doesn't it?"
Thank you, Charaligatr. My first smile of the day.

So, what have we got here? Another one who thinks Nintendo is the construct of the anti-Christ? Well, that's a drop in the ocean, now isn't it.


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Sogeking said:
The mother should have had a deathmatch between the four kids, and the winner gets the game. Nintendo should have no love for the weak.
You might be a genius.

Honestly, anything that the kids like that would have to be shared between five people is bound to cause arguments. She just doesn't want to admit that her children are selfish.

Shy Guy

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She just got the Kids a wrong system thats all, she could have just got a Wii/Wii Sports/MP8(not SSBB since its fighting) and 4 Wii/Motes and Nunchucks and make a 3-4 hour limit of playing. and there it is.


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Stupid witch suffers from Pogic Laradox.

One divided by four is destined to doom, Splash out on a console for each of them.

Thanks to that stupid *****, the media has more 'Satanism' of the whole video game media, when these are but isolated cases.

I can only facepalm when I read this pitiful excuse of an article, and note that it's from the Daily Mail, AKA We H8 Gaemz.

No surprise there.

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Really Why buy one for a family of 4 kids? I can see it going crazy and Laugh when they cried when it was given away. But really that addicted? That is just LOL. Wow 20 games and they only used like 3? Now i doubt they forgot about it, Being nice so they could get one.


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"The Nintendo" lulz. Call it by it's real name >.<
That's what you get when you try to share a 1 player only games console between 5 kids. I hate the Daily Mail. They scare monger.


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Could that mother be any further up her own rear? Honestly?

Sounds to me like the lifestyle their adorable little family unit had was clearly devoid of stimulation if a few little ponies and footballers on a screen could disrupt things so badly.

Ok, so she got one console and twenty games for the kids... Games here cost around €40 each and the console is €150, so that's €800 on games which could have been used to get another three machines and she'd still have enough money to get them those awful games they enjoyed...

Then again, I'm sure having multiple systems'd make things worse. Or something.

If the DS was on a rota, what were the other three doing while one played with it? Sounds like that would've been a good time for the moron to take her cello out of it's case, but did mother dear think about that? No...

Stop blaming Nintendo and loosen the grip on your kids, woman.
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The mother blew the whole thing out of proportion; siblings fight over the ownership of items all the time, suprise suprise, but that doesn't mean they are monsters. She acts like her family was perfect until she got the game. She made a mistake in thinking that four young children would be happy sharing one toy, but this is reality and it usually doesn't work like that way. She was also a pushover as well if she couldn't even keep her little kids away from a small handheld device. Point is, she needs to stop being ridiculous, take the blame for what happened, and obtain some common sense...yeesh.