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A Worse Day or a Good Day (SpecialShipping One-Shot Fic PG-Rated)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Seviper009, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Seviper009

    Seviper009 ii kanji

    This is my first fic ever. I'm going to do more fics about this shipping. This is not my language, but i hope you liked it. This is just a test.

    A Worse Day or A Good Day(SpecialShipping One-shot) PG-Rated

    Red, is a Pokemon Trainer in Pallet Town. He was in love with Yellow, since he revealed her real gender. But he never ask her if she really likes him. He also knows that Yellow likes Green. But he’s scary that she will find it worse. In Veridian City, Yellow was thinking exact the same as Red. But also she was too shy to tell it. No one does know that she likes him. But she also likes Green. And Green knows that she’s like him, so she was sending Red a letter. If she finish it she will meet Green on Route 1.

    On Route 1:

    Charizard, use Fire Blast, Green said. Charizard makes a beautiful attack. His flames sparkling everywhere. Now use Hyper Beam, he said. Charizard’s Hyper Beam was a powerful attack. And it was great to see it with Fire Blast.

    Hello Green, a Girl said.
    Oh, Hello Yellow, Green said.
    How’s your Charizard doing? Asked Yellow. Is it doing well?
    Yes, what do you want? Green asked.
    I thought you like me… She said
    Did I Said that? Green replied.
    Uhh, in that way, I think. Yellow said.
    That have you wrong. He said
    “I don’t want a relationship, then I’m going to be a nervous brat, likes Red. And I don’t want to be a nice person like him. It makes you a little bad trainer. Green said.

    In Pallet Town, Red just get the Letter from Yellow. He was really happy that he finally gets a letter from Yellow. But the end of the letter makes him cry and jealous. This was the worst day in his life, he thinks. He cried, and read the letter again:

    Dear Red.

    I would say that I like Green. I know you likes me, but Green asked me (I think) to be his Girlfriend. And if he asked it, I think I’m going to say: Yes. So, I will going to Route 1 to ask him for a date. This will be the first time. I hope we can still be friends.


    He read’s the letter 50 time’s again. Then he falls to sleep.

    On Route 1, Green was finished with his training. He said goodbye to Yellow and flies off with his Charizard. Yellow cries now, and lies on the ground. Then a girl walks to her:

    Look, I found a Magikarp. She said.
    Yellow looks upstairs and sees Blue.

    What’s the matter, Blue asks.
    Well, I’m getting dumped by Green… Yellow said.
    Is that all? If I was you I should go to Red. He’s a lot nicer than him, you know. Blue said.
    Yeah, but I have sent him a letter that I likes Green. And that I asked him for a date. Yellow said. She cries again. You know what than, Blue said. I’m going to Red, and say that you don’t are in love with Green. Maybe he likes you. You want? Yellow asked. Thank you. And she hugged Blue.

    Tringgggggg Tringggggggg

    Red opened the door and sees Blue. Hello Blue, Red said. Hello Red, she said to him.
    What’s the matter, Red asked.
    I want to talk with you about Yellow, she said.

    Are you serious? Red asked.
    Yes, I am. Blue said.
    On Red’s room they are going to talk. Pika and Jiggly are eating Pokemon Food on the floor.

    What’s the problem with Yellow? Red Asked.
    Well, she’s dumped by Green… She said.
    Really? He asked.
    Yes, she was thinking that you not likes her. And she was a little too lonely. Blue said. And she was thinking that Green was liking her. But, he don’t want her. You know that Red.
    How’s she doing now? Red asked.
    Not good. She’s crying now. And is very unhappy that she send you that letter… She said
    Really? Red asked.
    Yep. She hopes that you will be like her, after all. Blue said.
    Well, the truth is: Yes. He said.
    Maybe you will be go to Route 1, to tell her, she said.
    That’s a good idea. Red said

    It was raining, and she was wet. But she was crying after all.

    Yellow? Red asked.
    Red, what are you doing here? She asked.
    I’m coming for you, he said. I heard from Blue that you likes me after all…
    Yes, but I don’t want to ask. Yellow said.
    Be spare me the story, he said. I just heard it from Blue.
    But I have a question for you. He said. Do you want to be my girlfriend.
    Yes, she says happy, and she hugged him.

    Then they kiss each other, and they forget that it was raining. Shall we go to my home, she asked. If we stays here we will get a cold. Okay he said.

    I hope that you can forgive me, she said.
    Of course. He said. We all making mistakes.
    I thought that this was my worst day ever, but this is the best day ever, he said.
    Oh that so sweet.

    They hugged and kissed again. And when they are finished, they are going to Veridian City.

    The End
  2. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    AWW! I liked your first fan-fiction! ^^ GO Specialshipping, I think you should right another specialshipping fan-fiction but longer! ^^

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