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A Zero With No End! Till the Day We Meet Again!! (943)


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A Zero With No End! Till the Day We Meet Again!!

The time has come. Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie are going their separate ways after their journey through the Kalos region. Promising to meet again one day, as they go to board their flights, Dedenne runs away. As it is young, it doesn't want to say goodbye. Can Bonnie find Dedenne in time? In the interim, Clemont challenges Ash to one final battle to bring their journey full circle. Who will win?

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Half an hour to go. Hope it's a good send off.

Lucario At Service

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So, Bonnie wants to challenge Serena to a Performance, Ash to a Battle and win badge from Clemont, when she becomes a Trainer.

WAIT DID SERENA KISS ASH? or did she say something?
They left that vague.


Serena kissed ash

holy crap


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Shame of the league was saved.

You cannot confirm if it's a lip kiss. You can leave it up to your imagination but you can't confirm it in canon. It was ambiguous for a reason.
I find it hilarious on how she slightly kissed him softly on his cheek and once she said thank you to him, everyone acted like nothing really happened LOL!

I didn't say Serena, I said the writers. That is a horrible thing to say. Especially to a young female growing up. It's as if your goal in life is to find a man and grow to be charming for said man. It's beyond sexist and disgusting. Paints a horrible message for youth.
Maybe for a weekend hobby feminist that thinks there is no woman who is allowed to decide if that's a worthy goal for her. What is more disrespectful, HMM?!
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Did she kissed him on the cheeks or lips?

Well right after the majority was saying that she won't confess or kiss him and that AS was a wasted potential.




Lucario At Service

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Ground Breaking Images from POKEMON,



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She kissed Ash! She actually kissed Ash omg! And look at Bonnie and Clemont! I know someone will complain about this and dub this the worst series now lol.
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