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Aaron's Trade Shop



Hi My name is Aaron Ooi, I’m staying at Penang, Malaysia currently I’m studying at College I don’t have a lot of time to Trade but I will try my best to trade with u when I’m on. I love Pokemon since Pokemon Yellow is out. Recently I’m back to play Pokemon White & Black. I’m enjoy to collect Shiny and Event Pokemon that I Have miss them.Btw Read my Rules before making any offer in my shop :)

CLICK here to View my TIME ZONE!

Shop Current Statues:CLOSE

My Rules in this shop:
1) All serebii.net rules also apply to this shop.

2) Make offer on this thread then I’ll Pm/Vm & reply on this shop to you when I accept your offer. Don’t VM me or PM me without offering at the shop I’ll give u one strike.

3) I don’t consider clone or RNG’d(flawless) Pokemon are hack I’ll clone my Pokemon as well.

4) I don’t accept OT: Mat’s Pokemon anymore….Looks fake to me although I do offer Some Pokemon from Mat but I won’t accept anymore. If you want my OT:Mat’s Pokemon Trade at your own risk.

5) Trade at your OWN RISK

6) Make a reasonable trade. For example don’t offer me a normal Pokemon for a Shiny Pokemon I’ll Ignore U and give u a Warning~!.

7) IF I do forget about our trade DO Pm/ Vm me about the detail.

8) Don’t Spam the shop

9) Don’t Offer to help me clone if you just started joining in cerebii, I WONT let you to clone for me if you are not reliable, have no reputation.

10) Please Be Patient, sometimes I’ll be very busy. If you offer in my shop and I have prepare everything and You CANCEL the trade I’ll give u 3 strike for that because wasting my time to Clone/ waiting for You.

11) I DONT want PUBLIC Pokemon from PokeCheck...i'll check them before i trade..if it appears to be Public Pokes trade me back! or offer another pokes! thx!

12) Enjoy yourselves at here hope to satisfy All of You THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT.


-Shop Approved in 3/9/2011 by AromaFlora ^^
-New Rules Under Number 10...Take Notice....13/9/2011
-Pokemon highlight with Pink Colour means Its New arrive =)

Please using this forum when offering:
• What you want:
• What are You’re Offer:
• What Nature:
• OT of your Pokemon Offer:
• Shiny (Y/N?):
• Extra Item?:
• Your FC:

What else do u need to know About My Shop:
UT= Untouched
BT= Barely Touched
T= Touched
JAP= Japanese Pokemon
NN= NickName
*NFT=Not For Trade To Prevent from being rare to common(Will trade unless got a better Offer)

-MY Shiny Flawless For your Shiny Flawless
-My DW flawless for your DW Flawless
-My DW female/Shiny for DW Female
-My Event for Event
-My DW flawless for Your 2 Shiny Flawless

My Worker In My Shop:
Cloner1: Me ;)
Cloner2: craig87
EV Trainer:
Flawless Breeder 1:
Flawless Breeder 2:

If you Wish to Apply use this Form And Pm me
What Job You wish to Apply? :
How often will You be on?:
When u started to join Serebii?:
Your FC:

My Wanting List:
• Shiny Flawless Gallade Ev'd 252 Attack/Speed And 4 Hp, Justified Ability, Adamant Nature, Knows Bulk Up, Drain Punch, Snadow Sneak, Ice Punch
• Shiny Flawless Gallade Ev'd 4 HP,252 Atk,252 SpeJustified Ability, Adamant Nature, Knows Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Ice Punch, Trick.
• Shiny Flawless Shuckle Ev'd 248 HP,252 Def,8 SpD, Gluttony Ability, Impish Nature, Knows Toxic, Guard Split, Sand Tomb, Rest, Knock Off
• Normal Flawless Celebi with Modest Nature, Ev'd 232 HP / 240 SpA / 36 Spe, knows Hidden Power Fire, Recover, Giga Drain, EarthPower
• Pokecafe DW Smeargle
• Pokecafe DW Poliwhril
• Pokecafe DW Evee
• DW CoroCoro Croagunk – UT, Timid
• All Saikyou (Strongest) Event
• All JEREMY Pokemon
• Wish Chansey Clam Nature UT
• Wish Drowzee Any Nature UT
• Wish Exeggcute Any Nature UT
• Wish Farfetch'd Any Nature UT
• Wish Kangaskhan Any Nature UT
• Wish Lickitung Any Nature UT
• *Flawless Ditto with DW ability (shiny or not shiny does not matter)
• *Shiny Flawless Sableye with DW ability with careful nature
• All Starters with DW ability that I don’t have, Different OT that i have, NOT OT MAT and Have Pokecheck Poof
• All Shiny Flawless Pokemon that I don’t have
• All Shiny Flawless Legendary Pokemon that I don’t have
• All Event Pokemon that I don’t have
• All DW Pokemon(Shiny Flawless &female PKM)

All My DW Pokemon:

DW Event Pokemon:
• *NFT-JP ;001;Chlorophyll Bulbasaur [ID: 17627 Bold (Mischievous.)]
• *NFT-JP ;007;Rain Dish Squirtle Bold nature
• *NFT- JP ;255;Speed Boost Torchic (31/31/31/x/31/31) [ID: 09810 Adamant (Capable of taking hits.)]
• *NFT-JP ;258;Damp Mudkip (FLAWLESS) [ID: 47070 Adamant (Alert to sounds.)]
• *NFT- JP ;252;Unburden Treeko (OT: テイルズ)
• *NFT- JP ;390;Iron Fist Adamant Chimchar (OT: Dom)
• *NFT- JP ;393;Defiant Piplup - Modest nature (In dream ball lvl10, UT) (30/27/28/29/31/26)
• *NFT- JP ;387;Almost Flawless Shell Armor Turtwig –Adamant Nature (In dream ball lvl10, UT)
• Birthday DW ;468;Togekiss [OT: Ashly ID: 33651 Modest (Somewhat vain.) UT -Modest nature knows extremeSpeed, Aura Sphere, Air slash, Present.

Shiny Flawless Dream World Pokemon
• Korea Shiny flawless ;060;Poliwag Bold Nature
• Shiny Almost Flawless ;211;Qwilfish adamant nature(/31/31/31/31/31/x), OT:NEBILIM
• Shiny flawlss ;032;Nidoran(Male) UT Modest nature knows head smash , sucker Punch, poison tail and iron tail. (31/31/31/31/31/31)
• Shiny flawless ;098;Krabby UT Jolly nature
• Shiny flawless ;037;Vuplix UT Timid nature, Knows hypnosis, Heat wave, Hex Extrasensory
• Shiny flawless ;133;Evee UT Timid nature, Knows wish, Fake tears, Stored Power, Yawn(31/16/31/31/31/31)
• Shiny flawless ;147;Dratini UT Adamant nature
• Shiny flawless ;131;Lapras UT Adamant nature, OT: WINNING, knows EM dragon dance , dragon pulse
• Shiny flawless ;309;Electrike UT Adamant nature, OT: Azel

Dream World Female
• Smeargle(Moody)
• Lickitung(Cloud Nine)
• Kangaskhan(Inner Focus)
• Poochyena(Rattled)
• Exeggcute(Harvest)
• Dratini(Marvel Scale)
• Gligar(Immunity)
• Carvanha(Speed Boost)
• Poliwag(Swift swim)
• Remoraid(Moody)
• Vulpix(Drought)
• Stantler(Sap Sipper)
• Shinx(Guts)
• Corsola(Regenerator)
• Wailmer(Pressure)
• Yanma(Frisk)
• Doduo(Tangled Feet)
• Swablu(Cloud Nine)
• Elekid(Vital Spirit)
• Lotad(Own Tempo)

Shiny Pokemon
• ;419;Floatzel lvl 22, BT, Bold Nature, Ability Swift Swim, knows- Water Gun, Pursuit, Swift, Aqua Jet.
• ;066;Machop lvl16, BT, Lax Nature, Ability Guts, knows- Low Kick, Leer, Focus Energy, Karate Chop
• ;130;Gyarados lvl20, UT, Quite Nature, Ability Intimidate, knows- Payback
• ;054;Psyduck lvl16, UT, Careful Nature, Ability Damp, knows- Scratch, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Disable
• JAP ;445;Garchomp lvl57, T, Serious Nature, Ability Sand Veil, Knows- Crunch, Dragon Rush, Dragon Claw, Dig
• ;258;Mudkip lvl 1, UT, Hasty Nature, Ability Torrent, Knows tackle and growl

Shiny +Flawless+ Ev’d Pokemon:

• Shiny Flawless :560:Scrafty lvl39, T, Adamant Nature, Ability Moxie, EV’d in 252atk/speed and 4 Hp, Knows- Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Zen Headbutt, Ice Punch
• Shiny Flawless ;212;Scizor Lvl73, Adamant Nature, Ability:Technician, Ev’d in 252 atk/speed and 4hp, OT:Shreyas, ID No:58832, Knows- Sword dance, Bullet Punch, Superpower, Roost.
• Shiny Flawless ;381;Latios lvl100, UT, Timid Nature, Ability Levitate, OT:Mat, Knows- Draco Meteor, Surf, Thunder, Ice beam EV’d 252 spec Atk, Speed and 4 hp
• JAP Shiny Flawless ;445;Garchomp lvl 50, BT, Jolly Nature, Ev’d in 252 atk/speed and 4 hp, Ability Sand Veil, OT: JAP name, ID No:08771, Knows- Swords Dance, Outrage, Earthquake, Fire Fang.
• JAP Shiny Flawless :530:Excadrill lvl 100, T, Adamant Nature, Ev’d In 252 atk/speed and 4 hp, Ability Sand Rush, Knows- Swords Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide, X-Scissor.
• Shiny Flawless ;460; Abomasnow Lvl 100, T, Sassy Nature, Ability Snow Warning, Ev'd 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD, Knows Ice Shard, Leech Seed, Seed Bomb, Blizzard
• Shiny Flawless ;202;Wobbuffet Lvl 50 With PKRS, UT, Clam Nature, Ability Shadow Tag, Ev'd 28 HP / 228 Def / 252 SpD, Knows Encore, Mirror Coat, Counter, Safeguard
• Shiny Flawless ;454;Toxicroak Lvl 100, Adamant Nature, Ability Dry Skin, Ev'd 252 HP/ 252 Atk, Knows Bulk Up, Substitue, Sucker Punch, Drain Punch
• Not Shiny But Flawless ;291;Ninjask Lvl 100, Jolly Nature, Ability Speed Boost, Ev'd 176 HP / 252 Atk / 80 Spe Knows Swords Dance, Baton Pass Substitue, X-scissor
• Shiny Flawless ;359;Absol Lvl 100, Adamant Nature, Super Luck Ability,Ev'd 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe, Knows Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Sucker Punch, SuperPower
• Shiny Flawless ;214;Heracross Lvl 100, Adamant Nature, Ability Guts, Ev'd 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe, Knows Night Slash, Close Combat, Stone Edge, Megahorn
• Shiny Flawless ;452;Drapion Lvl 100, Careful Nature, Ability Battle Armor, Ev'd 252 HP / 6 Def / 252 SpD Knows Toxic Spikes, Crunch, Rest, Sleep talk
Shiny + Flawless Pokemon:
• Shiny Flawless ;252;Treecko Lvl1, UT, Timid Nature, Ability Overgrow,, Knows-Leech seed.
• Shiny Flawless ;090;Shellder Lvl1, UT, Adamant Nature, Ability Skill Link, Knows- Rock blast.
• Flawless ;280;Ralts Male Lvl1, UT, Hasty Nature, Ability Trace, Knows- Growl, Psyshic.
• Shiny Flawless ;479-w;Rotom Lvl 1, UT, Timid Nature, Ability Levitate, Knows Thunder Shock, Confuse ray, trick, Shockwave.
• Shiny Flawless ;246;Larvitar Lvl 1, UT Adamant Nature, Ability Guys, Knows EM Dragon Drance
• Shiny Almost Flawless :562:Yamask Lvl 1, UT, Modest Nature, Ability Mummy, knows Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Psychic, Nasty Plot
• Flawless ;132;Ditto Lvl73 modest Nature (For Breeding purpose)
• Shiny Flawless ;371;Bagon Lvl 1, UT, Adamant Nature, Ability Rock Head, Knows EM Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump
• Shiny Flawless :574:Gothita Lvl 1, UT, Bold Nature, Ability Frisk, Knows Dark Pulse, Calm Mind, Thunder Wave, Hidden Power
• Shiny Flawless ;236;Tyrogue Lvl 1, UT, Jolly Nature, Ability Steadfast, Knows Bullet Punch, Mach Punch, Mind Reader, Hi Jump Kick
• Shiny Flawless :548:petili Lvl 1, UT, Timid Nature, Ability Own Tempo, Knows Growth, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Mega Drain
• Shiny Flawless ;304;Aron Lvl 1, UT, Adamant Nature, Ability Sturdy, Knows, Body Slam, Stealth Rock, Iron Head, Superpower
• Shiny Almost Flawless :597:Ferroseed lvl1, UT, Relaxed Nature, Ability Iron Barbs, Knows- Tackle, Harden.

Shiny Legendary Pokemon:
• ;384;Rayquaza lvl50, UT, Mild Nature, Ability Air Lock, OT: BRETT, ID No:07614, Knows- Rest, Air Slash, Ancient Power, Outrage
• Flawless ;491;Darkrai lvl 50, UT, Timid Nature, Ability Bad Dreams, OT: Mat, ID No:19849, Knows- Hypnosis, Faint Attack, Nightmare, Double team.
• JAP Not Shiny ;378;Regice Lvl 40,UT, Gentle Nature, Ability Clear Body, OT:はひみ, ID No:55228, Knows-Icy Wind, Curse, SuperPower, Ancient Power
• Shiny Flawless :640:Virizion Level 42 UT Timid Nature, Ability Justified, OT:BLUEMEW, ID No:64143, Knows Helping Hand, Retaliate, Giga Drain, Sacred Sword.
• Shiny Flawless ;382; Kyogre Lvl 70, UT, Naive Nature, Ability Drizzle, Knows Hydro Pump, Rest, Sheer Cold, Double edge
• Shiny Flawless ;249; Lugia Lvl 70, UT, Modest Nature, Ability Pressure, Knows Recover, Aeroblast, Future Sight, Sky Attack

All My Event Pokemon:
• *NFT-Worlds Championship :560:Scrafty Lvl 50, UT, Brave Nature, OT: WORLD11, ID No: 08141, Moxie Nature, Knows-Fire Punch, Payback, Drain Punch, Substitute
• JAP AAA Sing ;025;Pikachu( OT IS わっしょい) Lvl 30 (holding Light Ball) , UT, Serious Nature, Ability Lightningrod, OT: わっしょい, ID No:07301, Knows- Sing, Teeter Dance, Encore, Electro ball
• JAP ANA Flying ;025;Pikachu Lvl 50 (holding Light Ball), UT, Quiet Nature, Ability Static, OT: ANA, ID No:07181, Knows- Fly, Iron Tail, Electro Ball, Quick Attack.
• Pokemon Movie 11 Satoshi :644:Zekrom lvl100, UT, Sassy Nature, Ability Teravolt, OT: サトシ, ID No:07161, Knows- Bolt Strike, Fusion Bolt, Haze, Outrage.
• Pokemon Movie 11 Satoshi :643:Reshiram lvl100, UT, Lonely Nature, Ability Turboblaze, OT: サトシ, ID No:07161, Knows- Blue Flare, Fusion Flare, Mist, Draco Meteor
• Pokemon Movie 11 Carlita :635:Hydreigon lvl70, UT, Lax Nature, Ability Levitate, OT: カリータ , ID No:06171, Knows- Hyper Voice, Dragon Breath, Flamethrower, Focus Blast
• Pokemon Movie 11 Janta :623:Golurk lvl70, UT, Modest Nature, Ability Iron First, OT: ジャンタ , ID No:06171, Knows- Shadow Punch, Hyper Beam, Gyro Ball, Hammer Arm
• Pokemon Movie 11 Eind Flawless :494:Victini lvl 50, UT, Adamant Nature, Ability Victory Star, OT: アイント, ID No:04161, Knows- V-create, Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, Searing Shot
• GameStop ;251;Celebi lvl50, UT, Lax Nature, Ability Nature Cure, OT: WIN2011, ID No:02211, Knows- Leaf Storm, Recover, Nasty Plot, Healing Wish.
• GameStop ;245;Suicune lvl 30, UT, Relaxed Nature, Ability Pressure, OT: GAMESTP, ID No:01311, Knows- Sheer Cold, Air Slash, ExtremeSpeed, Aqua Ring
• GameStop ;243;Raikau lvl 30, UT, Rash Nature, Ability Pressure, OT: GAMESTP, ID No:01031, Knows- Zap Cannon, Auro Sphere, ExtremeSpeed, Weather Ball


• JAP GOON ;212;Scizor(ハッサム) Lvl50, UT, Adamant Nature, Ability Swarn, OT: グーン, ID No:06180, Knows- X-scissor, Sword Dance, Iron Defense, Agility
• SMR2010 Wish maker ;385;Jiarchi lvl5, UT, Impish Nature, Ability Serence Grace, Max 31 IV in Speed, OT:SMR2010, ID No:06030, Knows- Wish, Confusion, Rest,Draco Meteor
• Oblivia 2010 ;386;Deoxys(D) Lvl50, T, Modest Nature, Ability Pressure, OT: Oblivia, ID No:03060, Knows- Psycho Boost, Counter, Detect, Mirror Coat
• MICHINA ;493;Arceus lvl100, UT, Clam Nature, Ability Multitype, OT: MICHINA, ID No: 02010, Knows- Judgment, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Show Force

• Pokémon Movie 09 ;493;Arceus Lvl100, Adamant Nature, Ability Multitype , OT: えいがかん, ID No: 07189, Knows-Judgment, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Shadow Force

• TRU ;149;Dragonite Lvl50, UT, Mild Nature, Ability Inner Focus, OT:TRU, ID No:11088, Knows-Draco Meteor, Thunderbolt, Outrage, Dragon Dance.
• Nintendo of Korea ;491;Darkrai Lvl50, UT, Modest Nature, Ability Bad Dream, OT: ?????, ID No:11088, Knows- Roar of time, Special Rend, Nightmare, Hypnosis.
• JAP WCS 2008 Flawless ;350;Milotic Lvl50, UT, Timid Nature, Ability Marvvel Scale, OT: WCS, ID No:10128, Knows- Rain Dance, Recover, Hydro Pump, Icy Wind.
• Gamestop 2008 Flawless ;386;Deoxys lvl50, UT, Timid Nature, Ability Pressure, OT: Gamestp, ID No:06128, Knows- Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon, Iron Defence, ExtremeSpeed

• TRU ;490;Manaphy Lvl50, UT, Mild Nature, Ability Hydration, OT: TRU, ID No:09297, Knows- Heart Swap, Water Pulse, Whirlpool, Acid Armor.

• DOEL ;386;Deoxys(S) Lvl70, UT, Quiet Nature, Ability Pressure, OT: DOEL, ID No:03060, Knows- Cosmic power, Recover, Psycho Boost, Hyper Beam
• 10 ANIV ;251;Celebi, Lvl70, UT, Lax Nature, Ability Nature Cure, OT:10 ANIV, ID No:00010, Knows Acient Power, Future Sight, Baton Pass, Perish Song
• 10 ANIV ;381;LatiOs, Lvl70, UT, Gentle Nature, Ability Levitate, OT:10 ANIV, ID No:00010, Knows Luster Purge, Psychic, Recover, Dragon Dance
• 10 ANIV ;380;LatiAs, Lvl70 UT, Jolly Nature, Ability Levitate, OT:10 ANIV, ID No:00010, Knows Mist Ball, Psychic, Recover, Charm
• 10 ANIV ;006;Charizard, Lvl70, UT, Timid Nature, Ability Blaze, OT:10 ANIV, ID No:00010, Knows Wing Attack, Slash, Dragon Rage, Fire Spin

• Pokemon XD ;249;Lugia UT, OT: MICHAEL(will Add more in Future)

• ANA ;025;Pikachu(ピカチュウ) Lvl 10 UT 5/31/25/19/13/5, OT:ANA, ID No: 41205, Knows- Growl, Tail Whipe, Tunder wave, forget about Fly because transfer from RUby

• Wish Maker ;385;Jirachi lvl5 UT, OT: WISHMKR, ID No:20043, Knows wish, Confusion, Rest
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My White List:
-Gad, Azel, Zak Attack XIII, heiiumzz, IZ, Whitestone30, Bob517, AromaFlora For approving the shop ^^, NoToRiousBrawL, RiceMenPt(reliable trader), Nevlo(trading Me a Wish chancy my wanted pokemon~!)

VM me if I didnt write yours ^^

My Banned List:
• None Yet lets keep it that way ^^
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Successful Trade
-evan0913, MewTwoEx, barak446, miyac, TheMetalOverlord, TVGuru, RedJemFlash90, Livinitup17, NoToRiousBrawL

Pending Trade

@Swampert is my homeboy offer near flawless sandshrew for my shiny flawless Petil (Not sure is it still vaild? )
FC 0518 6782 3782

axew/OT: jap./Hp 12/atk 7/def 6/spe atk 5/spe def 4/speed statues 6
pansage/OT: jap./Hp 12/atk 6/def 6/spe atk 6/spe def 5/speed statues 5
pidove/OT: jap./Hp 12/atk 6/def 6/spe atk 5/spe def 5/speed statues 6

for my AAA sing pikachu

@all around collector

• 10 ANIV LatiOs, Lvl70, UT, Gentle Nature, Ability Levitate, OT:10 ANIV, ID No:00010, Knows Luster Purge, Psychic, Recover, Dragon Dance
• 10 ANIV LatiAs, Lvl70 UT, Jolly Nature, Ability Levitate, OT:10 ANIV, ID No:00010, Knows Mist Ball, Psychic, Recover, Charm
• Pokemon XD Lugia UT, OT: MICHAEL(will Add more in Future)
• Pokemon Movie 11 Carlita Hydreigon lvl70, UT, Lax Nature, Ability Levitate, OT: カリータ , ID No:06171, Knows- Hyper Voice, Dragon Breath, Flamethrower, Focus Blast

for his

10JAHRE Pikachu (gentle), OT 10JAHRE, ID 06227, 136/88/47/84/72/146
10JAHRE Articuno (rash), OT 10JAHRE, ID 06227, 208/129/164/161/162/130
Pktopia Magmortar (modest), OT PKTOPIA, ID 12077, 143/101/83/155/105/89
Electivire (adamant), OT PKTOPIA, ID 12077, 136/149/73/97/91/100

@huskers222 want my

shiny flawless treecko
shiny flawless bagon
shiny flawless aron
Shiny flawless tyrogue
shiny flawless shellder

for his
Rayquaza-lvl 50-Timid-FLAWLESS
Latias-lvl 100 Evd-Timid-Flawless
Pachirisu-lvl 14-Timid Nearly flawless 31/30/31/30/31/30
Yanma-lvl 1-Modest FLAWLESS
Dugtrio-lvl 100 evd-Jolly FLAWLESS

10151993 wants
Singing Pikachu
for his
Ash's Pikachu
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~ Reserve ~


Now u can post your Offer but i will only decide to accept or not when the shop is open ^^ (estimate Monday the Shop will open)
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Pokemon Master
Bro, congrats on the shop :)

Looking forward to deals with u!!


Talk with my Hand.
hiya! I'm interested in your Petilil.I can offer my Shiny flawless Bold Reuniclus Lv.100 Ev'd in 40 Sp. Atk, 252 HP, 212 Def. Interested?


@Evan0913, the Gothita HP is fighting, Vulpix HP is Dark

@heiiumzz THX!!! Me too! =D

@anonymous² Sorry i'm not interested in that... do u have other Pokes besides that?

@Fissurous Do u mind that i want
#427 Buneary lvl 1 Jolly <EMs: Sky Uppercut, ThunderPunch, Fake Out, Ice Punch> (good offers)
#183 Marill lvl 1 Adamant <EMs: Aqua Jet, Superpower>
Does the marill have huge power ability?

I'll be available to start my business/trade on Monday...=)


@Evan0913....can i have your shop offering
Shiny flawless Adamant Teddirusa, Pickup, with Yawn, Crunch, Superpower?

i'll be starting trading on monday ^^ its is ok for u? thx~


Shiny Hunter!
Hi, congrats on you shop!

I'm interested in your Shiny Flawless Gothita, check my shop for offers? c:


@evan0913 Ughh...i been looking for that...gona put that in my wanting list soon...well its ok....how about Adamant Absol, Super Luck, with Megahorn and Superpower?

@miyac looks like u got the pokemon i need! shiny flawless #216 Teddiursa UT (Lv.1 - Adamant) - (Yawn, Crunch, Superpower, Fake Tears)!! is it ok for ya?

@barak446 Trade accepted...

BTW guys Give me your FC =.= when u offering me...dont forget....


Shiny Hunter!
Yes its great! c:
my FC is in my sig but here it is FC: Letty 2623 1913 8422


Edit: Hi Evan! you traded the Teddiursa to me! xD
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Swampert is my Homeboy

Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma
Hello!! Congrats on the shop. :)
I'm interested in: Flawless shiny Ralts Male Lvl1, UT, Hasty Nature, Ability Trace, Knows- Growl, Psyshic.------- Is this NNamble by the way?

And this: Flawless shiny Ditto Lvl73 modest Nature (For Breeding purpose) (My flawless ditto turned out to be a hack. :O )

Anyways CMT for anything that might interest you.