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AA's ~PMP~

  • Thread starter Arcanine Apocolipse
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Arcanine Apocolipse

Arcanine Apocolipse's ~Pimp My Pokemon~​

Bored of a normal Pokemon's colours? Want them changing? Well, this just might be the place, but I doubt it.

So, in other worlds all I de is recolour Pokemon to your need. So, just choose a Pokemon as the base then choose a Pokemon as a colour pallet.

Here are some of my examples:

< Shuppet was the base and Voltorb was the colour pallet

< Wobbufet(sp?) was the base and Umbreon was the colour pallet

< Zangoose was the base and Elekid was the colour pallet

I suppose they're ok, maybe need a bit of work to 'em.

Also, i'm gonna try and recolour trainers because it'd be quite good, but only in Pokemon colours. For now, though, i'm gonna stick to Pokemon.

When you get your recoloured Pokemon it WON'T have the other Pokemon next to it but it WILL have the white because I can't WBG, ok?

BTW, it's not that easy to recolour Pokemon and trainers so give me some time.

~My Policy~​

If I don't get your Pokemon/trainer done within the first 2 hours i'll do yours within the next hour, if I don't do yours in a whole day i'll do you an extra 1/2. However, if I don't get your request done within 3 days i'll add you to my first come, first serve list where I automaticaly do yours!

Oh, a max of free requests please! Until I get better at it then i'll only do about 4 requests at a time.

Another oh, I might be offline sometimes so that won't be included to my policy...


Do this when requesting:

Pokemon Base -
Pokemon Pallet -

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Graphics Fan
pokemon 1- Elekid
pokemon 2- Umbreon
Pokemon Color- Elekid

Can i Work here ?

Arcanine Apocolipse

Sure, if ya want to!

Oh, so you want an Umbreon in Elekid's colours?

king krab kingler

Can some-one make me a green,white and gold pikachu,using green as the base?
NOTE:It is not for me,you will see it in the sig of ''pokemon god''.

Thank you!

Arcanine Apocolipse


I'll have to see about that, but if I try then it'll probobly end up looking really bad...