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Ability Face-Off

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Magnet Pull

This has been approved by Himiko

This face-off is for the abilities that Pokemon have, for example Sturdy. Vote for your favorite of the current 2 abilities, one vote per round. The first ability to get 10 votes wins, and if there is no winner in 2 days, the current leader will be declared the winner. Once every ability has participated the second round with the survivors will begin, and so on until just one remains!

Past Rounds:
Magnet Pull(10) vs. Thick Fat(5)
Air Lock(0) vs. Insomnia(10)
Shadow Tag(10) vs. Flame Body(0)
Blaze(4) vs. Overgrow(7) vs. Torrent(5)
Wonder Guard(12) vs. Color Change(1)
Effect Spore(16) vs. Rough Skin(0)

Current Round:
Drought vs. Drizzle

Drought: Possesed by only Groudon, this ability makes the sun shine brightly.

Drizzle: Possesed by only Kyogre, this ability makes it rain.
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Well-Known Member
Great idea Magnet Pull!

I vote thick fat because it represents the fatties.

Magnet Pull

Magnet Pull-1
Thick Fat-2

My favorite isn't doing so well...


i dont know which one to choose. my favorite ability isn't magnet pull or thick fat.
between magnet pull and thick fat, mine will be magnet pull (thick fat is useless)
my favorite ability is sturdy cause it prevents ohko attacks
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Komedic Konservationist

N00b in the dungeon!
I vote Thick Fat.
Magnet Pull is extreamly useful, but only Magnemite/ton and Nosepass can get it, and neither of them are exactly favourites of mine.
Thick Fat, on the other hand, has served me well. I once had a Spoink with Thick Fat, who beat the Lavaridge Gym for me by resisting Flannery's fire attacks. Ironically, it was one of my weakest Pokemon, and had only gotten limited training prior to taking Flannery on.

Magnet Pull

Magnet Pull-4
Thick Fat-3

Himiko said:
I vote for the starter of the thread. 8D :p

BTW, you should include what the abilities do if you know them. Because some people might not be sure what they do.
Good idea, done.
Thick Fat I find magnet pull useless#


I r gud riter.
Magnet Pull, I don't care much about Thick Fat and Magnet Pull on Magneton is the only reason why Magneton destroys Skarmory so easy. Skarmory would be evil in battles if there was no such thing as a magneton with magnet pull.

Magnet Pull

Magnet Pull-5
Thick Fat-5

Both are half way to winning and tied.


The Queen
Niether has helped me...*goes random* Magnet Pull

Magnet Pull

Magnet Pull-8
Thick Fat-5

That was a quick comeback, this round is nearing its end.

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3
Magnet Pull.

Nice idea, BTW.
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