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Ability Face-Off

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Well-Known Member
Marvel Scale for me please.

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
Wow. That was a fast round. Anyway, MARVEL SCALE ftw.
Water Veil. I'm not saying why. Though if anyone has seen one of my rants before, you'd know.
Oh, and
f*ck Milotic


Better than before!
Marvel scale, duh.


Emerald Shinigami
Marvel Scale = Great In Contests.


Coal Trainer
I vote for Marvel Scale.


I know, I know..
I've decided to take over this face-off.

The owner hasn't been on since 4-9, over 2 months ago.

If MondoTR has a problem with this, or if the owner comes back and would like his game back, I'll give it back, but it's a good idea, and I'd like to see it finish.

RULES: My rules are usually elaborate, but I'm gonna make this short & sweet.
1. Voting - Once a round.
2. Tallying - Don't do it.
3. Helpers - Not needed.
4. Complainers - Not wanted.
5. Commentary - Welcome

Magnet Pull(10) vs. Thick Fat(5)
Air Lock(0) vs. Insomnia(10)
Shadow Tag(10) vs. Flame Body(0)
Blaze(4) vs. Overgrow(7) vs. Torrent(5)
Wonder Guard(12) vs. Color Change(1)
Effect Spore(16) vs. Rough Skin(0)
Drought [10] vs. Drizzle [18]
Clear Body [5] vs. Sand Veil [3]
Flash Fire [5] vs. Hyper Cutter [2]
Stench [12] vs. Illuminate [3]
Damp [5] vs. Early Bird [3]
Guts [6] vs. Cute Charm [4]
Own Tempo [4] vs. Limber [2]
Hustle [0] vs. Rock Head [8]
Arena Trap [4] vs. Shell Armour [4]
Keen Eye [10] vs. Oblivious [0]
Trace [4] vs. Water Absorb [7]
Swift Swim [5] vs. Chlorophyll [1]
Cloud Nine [4] vs. Pressure [9]
Immunity [6] vs. Suction Cups [0]
Minus [1] vs. Sound Proof [9]
Volt Absorb [2] vs. Syncronize [9]
Levitate [16] vs. Plus [0]
Serene Grace [3] vs. Static [5]
Swarm [0] vs. Speed Boost [7]
Forecast [5] vs. Run Away [4]
Poison Point [6] vs. Sticky Hold [0]
Inner Focus [7] vs. Magma Armour [3]
Traunt [0] vs. Shed Skin [5]
Marvel Scale [8] vs. Water Veil [3]


Vital Spirit: Pokemon cannot be put to sleep.
Examples of Pokémon with this Ability:


Pickup: Items are more likely to be found.
Examples of Pokémon with this Ability:

REMEMBER, you're voting mainly on the ability, NOT the Pokémon who have it.

My Vote: Vital Spirit

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
VITAL SPIRIT ftw. Pick Up's kinda useless.

Silver Dragonair

OMG internetz
Vital spirit if it worked with rest it would own


Pick Up.
I'm currently trying to find some Rare Candies in order to be able to calculate my new born Aerodactyl's IVs more acccurately. Plus, one of these days, I'll be training a team of pick uppers to level 100 :O


Back I guess??
Vital spirit if it worked with rest it would own
Vital Spirit and Insomnia make Rest useless.

I have my Meowth squad all in level 100 to pick up TM 26, and it works wonderfully, currently I have twenty something TMs!

So Pick up is awesome!


Hope & Faith
Pick up ftw. Vital Spirit is still good but Pick up beats it because of rare candies.


Coal Trainer
I vote for Pickup.


Better than before!
Pickup. We all know why
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